Monday, April 18, 2011

Charlie Manson VS Van Jones: Great Criminal Minds Think Alike!

Nobody's Perfect:

If you have not had a good laugh today, then welcome to the "future absurdity" in these two men, who spoke out this week, and agreed on the future of the planet in word, and thought.

One's in jail. The other one should be.

Let's start with Charlie Manson, the psycho who brainwashed a bunch of young stoned idiots into going down and butchering a house full of "rich pigs." Charlie was very jealous of the "rich," remember? Eight innocent people were butchered 40 years ago, by a man who had the gift of gab and the art of mind control down pretty well. Charlie's followers were so messed up the night when Charlie sent them on their mission, that they even butchered a very pregnant Sharon Tate, and bragged about it.

So, what does this master brain manipulator psycho finally say after 20 years of silence?

Everyone’s God and if we don’t wake up to that there’s going to be no weather because our polar caps are melting because we’re doing bad things to the atmosphere. 'If we don’t change that as rapidly as I’m speaking to you now, if we don’t put the green back on the planet and put the trees back that we’ve butchered, if we don’t go to war against the problem...'

And then he lets us all think-- that he will send another FAMILY out to kill us all for destroying the earth.

Really Charlie...when was the last time you got near a tree?

Charlie Manson CARES about the planet everybody..are you touched?

And then there's Van Jones (Obama's old czar) who says," Civilization is fueled by death."

Yes, according to Van Jones, we are using DEAD things to run our greedy lives.


Have we no feelings for that poor dead oil? What about that dead coal, that we dig up, with our greedy hands, tearing it from its beds in the nice comfy soils and KILLING IT! The crimes of humanity! And what do we do to this poor oil and innocent coal! WE BURN THEM! We send them all to torture and burn in some machine! Hitler could not even have imagined such a holocaust!

No, Van Jones says we should turn and get the Saudi Arabian energy, which he says is up in the AMERICAN sky...just look up! You will see it!

I ran outside very excited to see Saudi Arabia, but sun..lots of tornado's, rain, clouds. They sure could have used Saudi Arabia's help this week down in the Southwest. Really. I mean--- I know that Van Jones and Obama love the Muslims, but trying to say that Saudi Arabia is as pure as the SUN and it's in the American sky?

You know, Van Jones...they really NEED you in Cairo.

Charlie Manson, may be stuck in his own coo-coo land, but he has a lot in common with Van Jones and Al Gore. They all believe in redistribution of wealth, global warming, mind manipulation; They all have visions of death, and they all think they are God.

Nobody says that this is proof that sick minds think alike, so I'll say it.

Van Jones is one hundred times more dangerous than Charlie Mansion, because he has Obama and a vast network of greedy politicians wanting to "steal" from the rich, (and redistribute the money to themselves and the Muslims) and send the poor blacks out to work in their "redistribution" camps of inner cities slave farmers, and solar panel constructors.

We don't have cotton plantations anymore...but we sure do need solar panels built ya' all! We will have a plantation of Wind Mills for you to work on too! Forget those poor oil and coal, let them stay dead and in peace, for god's sake...leave them be!

Look up! It's a bird, it's a plane...NO! It's Saudi Arabia looking for just one soul to be enlighten by Van Jones's future.

So, I'd say, Van Jones, if you're looking for that soul to help you sell your global warming warnings all over the globe...Charlie is waiting, with his own inconvenient truth.

Go ahead..let the Saudi Arabian sunshine in, and go see him, before some solar flare hits you real hard and knocks you right into a pile of big, black, and very dead coal. You...surrounded by all that death?




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