Sunday, April 17, 2011

How About a Trump/Palin ticket?

Nobody's Opinion: You gotta admit, last week Trump dominated the airways. Everyone is now focused on the Donald, which has given a much welcomed distraction from those nasty and violent tea party people. (Nobody says with a laugh.) The White House has released its opinion, and everyone was repeating it on every station, like the rudderless parrots that they are: The opinion is that Donald Trump has zero chance of becoming President. It's the old "repeat it enough and it becomes fact routine." Carl Rove, who ALSO dishes the tea party candidates whenever he gets his little copy-cat Glenn Beck blackboard up off his lap with his pudgy little fingers, says Trump is a joke. You know, no matter what you think of the guy...he HAS accomplished quite a few things in his call him a joke shows us that Carl is scared. Carl needs to work on his vocabulary. Jesse Ventura, who wants to be VP to Ron Paul, says he thinks the Donald is just doing it for his ratings. Lou Dobbs, reflected that he wouldn't trust Trump the rich man, because it's the rich elites who want a global government, and he hobnobs with them all. Throw in a million jokes about his hair walking by itself, and you get the picture...nobody wants Donald to run. Glenn Beck has been especially vicious to the guy. He's got Allen West on his mind. Allen West is a good pick, but how is he on finance? Foreign affairs? Is he ready for prime time? Ann Coulter is going to probably cut her long hair, and disown God, if New Jersey's governor ....doesn't run. Right now, Lassie could run and would probably get enough votes in Iowa to beat Obama. So, the ONLY supporter Donald seems to have at the moment is Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, and Rush is the guy you want to be behind you if you do run. I find it very disingenuous that conservatives fight tooth and nails for capitalism, and yet, when a very rich non-politician wants to run for office, they attack him for only wanting to be President to further his own agenda. And yet, what are Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney? Are they not rich men? What is Mitt's agenda? Is there a law that says only a politician can run for office? The critics have condemned Trump for hanging out with all the rich and powerful. Are you going to tell me that Mitt Romney hangs out at the local McDonalds? His father was a senator. Here is a man who worked hard and "made" it by the system, and they don't trust him. And then there's Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin came out in Wisconsin with a rousing speech last week, and many of us were glad to see her get in more of a fighting spirit under her skirt. I found it funny how she has changed her position on the tea party. I watched her say on The Glenn Beck Show, that the tea party people simply must come into the Republican Party. BUT...In her speech, she went after the GOP, and their pitiful budget demands. She is back courting the tea party people, which makes you wonder if she knows that the GOP going to pick Mitt to run, leaving her out in the cold? The GOP, who have already, I'm sure, picked their man.. was quick to let everyone know the fact that Donald Trump has hired Obama's campaign manager, insinuating that Donald is running on behalf of the Democrats. Well, gee, the guy DID get a man who's name sounded like our worst enemy elected, didn't he? He beat the Clintons' political machine...didn't he? Do not true capitalists get the best man for the buck? Here's what I really like about him. Both the Republican party and the Democratic party are trying to find ways to "pay off our debt" and that is a pipe dream. The Republicans want all Americans who are working their butts off, to "pay" for all those Wall Street Criminals, who along with the Clintons, Bushes and Obama, demolished America--- our hopes, our dreams, our fortunes, and sent the money overseas....We pay for their vast 'mistakes' or more to reality, their vast theft. If WE don't pay their bills, our children will. What a scam! Donald would not punish the American people for the crimes of the elites, so he says. He will help pay off the debt by getting the money from the Chinese and OPEC instead of us. The older generations wouldn't have to suffer. And why should we? Sarah has Alaska. But we have a fight, not only with the Muslims, and the Chinese, but with our own greedy politicians who are basically working for the Corporations of America, and the radical left dreams of Soros and his communists. Sarah could stand up to the problems in the Congress and Trump could concentrate on the global stuff. He really does have more experience in that area, and isn't afraid to admit we have a Muslim problem. Sarah is always careful not to offend. They'd make a good pair. Good cop, bad cop. (Maybe Allen West would consider VP. He would be good at fighting Congress.) And then, god willing, if they both clean up the house, Sarah would then get a good shot at being the first woman President. It's a tea party dream ticket. Make Ron Paul head of the Treasury. You know, if the GOP want to lose, they will run someone they know will lose. They ran McCain to lose, and Dole. Come on...even a regular citizen would not have run such lame contenders. Why would they want Obama to win you may ask? They want Obama to do another four years, because he is doing a good job of furthering the globalization of the world by collapsing the US which has to be done in order for the New World Order to fulfill its final destination. So, they will run Mitt Romney. (That's why we call them Rhino's.) SO...why don't Donald and Sarah run together? A strong man with a strong woman? If the Republicans run on another ticket. Trump will get enough democrats to vote for him that he would win. Nobody Knows if Sarah would even consider being VP again...but Nobody can dream can't I?



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