Monday, May 09, 2011

Nobody's Perfect: USA VS Pakistan

Nobody's Perfect: This week, we found out that the country we are giving billions to help us deal with the Al-Quada in Pakistan, betrayed us by hiding the man we wanted the most---bin Laden. To say that they did not know he was there would be like Lady Gaga saying she does not know where her false eyelashes are at any given moment in the day.

In response to Obama "blaming" them for this act, Pakistan's Prime Minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani, warned parliament on Monday that, "Pakistan reserves the right to retaliate with full force." ---that is if we dare to come into the country with our forces again. Gilani also said that China is "a source of inspiration for the people of Pakistan."

Gee...that's nice to know! I'd say that's rather a big slap.

He also said, Americans created the Taliban...and for that fact, he's right. We funded those guys to fight Russia, and gave them all the weapons they could possibly dream of. Bin Laden was our baby gorilla in the room. Nevertheless, they have been getting very well paid to NOT harbor terrorist haven't they?

America has given 14 billion in security assistance alone to Pakistan since 9/11, and another 20 billion to...whoever. There has never been any sort of monitoring system on this cash cow, and many believe they have been using it to fortify themselves against a war with India.

When are we going to stop funding our enemies?

Pakistan hides the guys who kill our boys in Afghanistan. That's a fact, and yet, we keep giving them money. Why? ---To keep their nuclear weapons from getting in the hands of Al-Qaeda? Gee...if they would let bin Laden hide in the country, then how can you trust them to not give a few nukes to Al-Qaeda?

Not many remember that in 2008, Senator Joe Biden, said he wanted a monetary package that would triple the amount of American non-military aid to Pakistan, and was aiming to "redefine" a bilateral relationship. So one could say, Joe is to blame for much of this stupidity..but he's not the only chump in the room.

It is said, that Bush and Musharraf (who is hiding out in London) had a deal that we could go in any time to get bin Laden if we wanted to. They now deny this.

So, here we are, with John McCain leading way to getting "funding" for the Taliban in Libya to help them get rid of Gaddafi. There seems to be a strong urging for some of our career senior politicians to throw money and weapons to arm our future enemies.

This throw money to our emimies foreign policy is getting old.

They keep telling us, that it is necessary to pour billions into countries that really don't like us in order to protect the citizens of the United States from future attacks.

Right....and then they turn right around and tell us every single day...we COULD be why are we throwing all these billions down some big sucker hole?

Somebody must be making LOTS of money. I can think of no other reason, can you?



Blogger Diogenes Sarcastica said...

I always wondered about those sharp handmade suits Musharraf was always wearing. The US taxpayers were paying for them!

1:25 PM  
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