Saturday, July 15, 2006

Baseball, Bonds, and CEOs on Steriods

Nobody’s Opinion; There are few mystery’s in the world as exciting as the home run. It is the high-light of baseball. The moment everyone hopes to see. To see a man hit a ball as far as the eye can see is a truly marvelous experience. It seems to defy reality, but you know its real, because you witnessed it. We may not believe our politicians, our teachers, our lovers, our children…deciphering what’s real and what’s not can be a daily chore. But a home run is as pure in reality as one can get. It shows what a man can achieve through sheer strength, years of hard work, and incredible concentration.

So, seeing Barry Bonds crying on TV about his recent troubles is very un-nerving.

Baseball, like everything else, reflects the times…and in that respect, I feel very sorry for Mr. Bonds. I don’t like him as a person, but it seems like he has a catch 22 going on.

The issue stared out with him lying about taking steroids.

I mean, what’s a guy to do? Take steroids and be a champ, or don’t take steroids and slip into mediocrity?

Even those on steroids have to hit the ball first, don’t they? Just to hit a pitch coming at you from all kinds of different pitchers with all kinds of different styles, at unbelievable speeds…you have to be at least in the 1% of the bunch just to make it to the top…right?

And in this world of always topping the last season, it’s easy to see how all the steroids use came about to be the norm.

The players during the 1960s starting doing drugs. Not much was done. The owners and coaches turned a blind eye. Actually, the whole country was infiltrated with drugs all through the Vietnam War years, and they’ve never left.

After the longest strike in sport history, (1994) baseball lost a lot of fans. We were disgusted with both the managers and the players. People were NOT flocking back.

They had to do something to get the fans back, so they brought the lines in, and also fiddled with the mounds. So many home runs were being hit, those of us who followed the game wondered about the bats.

The strike zone even changed--- and then out of the blue came Paul Bunyan and John Henry, alias Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds, and the greatest home run derby in history.

The whole country was flocking back to the parks.

That year, was of course, probably one of the best years in all of St. Louis history.
Of course, most nobodies like me couldn’t even get tickets, but we were proud.

Mark McGuire we thought was a player in the old sense…like the Babe, like Joe DiMaggio. He seemed honest, and beyond question: American to the core.

The whole thing came off as a well rehearsed play, and everybody thought it was real. We just ignored all of the home runs even the pitchers were getting. We needed our fix. The whole country wanted it to be real.

Then we saw Mark McGuire claim the 5th during his questioning before Congress. Mark got out of the game. He didn’t have too. But, Mark knew what was coming. And after seeing Barry Bonds sobbing on TV, its obvious Mark was smart to get out.

Mark McGuire is no longer the hero he was here, not because he maybe took steroids, but because like Bill Clinton, he wouldn’t own up to it.

We know how the President and Congress feel about the whole thing. We know that steroid’s are illegal, bad for you, and make all records null and void. But whose fault is it? Is baseball just entertainment? Or is baseball something much more?

Having seen the rest of the World literally close down during the World Soccer Cup matches, its obvious that sports is used as a battling ground for people everywhere to get a chance through their representing teams, to feel superior to another group of people.

It’s seems this need is a very important need in every person on the planet.

Why it is so important, I don’t know. But it’s the real reason the religions don’t get along, countries don’t get along, and the basis for most fights.

So that makes all sports very important for all governments.

That’s why the Olympics are so important for the Chinese. They intent to show the whole world their superiority. Short of killing people, it’s the next best thing to proving how superior you really are.

What will happen to Barry? Well, Babe Ruth will always be considered the best slugger in baseball, historically speaking, no matter what Barry does. The game has changed.
All around, the Babe was probably the best player who ever lived. .

One thing that doesn’t seem to change is the people’s need to see their hero’s do the impossible…just for them. We need our warriors. And we want them to be real.

But the truth is in this world of CEO’s on steroids…as long as baseball players draw the fans, the owners will say nothing. It’s always about the bottom line. And despite the slamming of the few, it will probably remain so.

Nobody’s Perfect; Untill Marvin Miller organized the players into a union, the owners treated the players pretty much like their slaves.

Nobody’s Knows; Curt Flood said “I am a man, I live in a democratic country, and I believe I am entitled to participate in a free enterprise system.” This man helped to get the concept of free agency passed. Remember, Curt was NOT an illegal immigrant at the time he said this.

Nobody Cares; My favorite slugger of all time was Jack Clark. If I could see a Jack Clark home run one more time, I would be a happy camper. (sigh!)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 4

Nobody’s Opinions: Okay…God is up there looking down on the Middle East and saying to himself, “There they go again….” Israel tries to please everyone, Hamas picks a fight anyway. Israel kicks ass--- Israel is condemned to world purgatory for being smart enough to build bunkers for their people, being able to feed their people, and being militarily superior. Not fair, says the New World Order…you should give up your land and get out.

What picture do you see over, and over and over again? That big blowup of an Israeli direct night-time hit in Beirut. It makes such good propaganda.

Reminds me of the original Shock and Awe night-time photo’s of the bombing of Bagdad. The news editors are giddy with cool explosions.

Yesterday was filled with absurdities, so once again, this nobody will rant on the events of the past few days, starting with the one that I find the most incredible, (besides the lopsided reporting of the war) but about as surprising as Dick Cheney being sued.

Last week, there was a guy on Coast to Coast a.m. (I will not mention his name in respect for his age, he could be senile) who said that the world was surely at the end times, but he, being the wonder that he was, had a way to solve this problem. We must genetically engineer all future babies on the planet to only grow to a height of no more than three feet tall. That way, more humans could fit on planes, and land…they would eat less, drink less…it was the only way to continue the human race.

Somewhere there are baby pygmies waiting to be cloned and harvested to save us.

This nobody laughs until I notice that stupid car they keep trying to promote here…you know the one that looks like a glorified golf cart, the one that would be flattened to the size of a quarter if hit by a Mexican truck? It’s just about the size for a three foot person. The question is, have they told the Mexicans yet?


And speaking of Mexicans…I’d like to thank that colossal comedic and astute observer of human nature, Doug Powers, for bringing to my attention Angela Magdaleno of Los Angelos, who said after having quadruplets to match her triplets;

I don’t know if I’m sad or happy. I’m happy but, I don’t know how to explain it.”

Which means, she’s sad that she only has a one-room apartment in Los Angeles to raise all these babies in, but she’s happy that she has two older daughters to raise them.

How do I know this? Well, I once knew a Chinese woman who ran a very successful Chinese Restaurant. She had eleven children and I asked her how in the world did she do it? I was having trouble with one. She told me eleven was harder than one because, “It’s simple. The oldest children raise the children for you. If you have just one, you have to raise it.” Oh…okay.

Angelano, having had all those new U.S. citizens, will not have to worry because you and I will support them! We’ve already paid her hospital bills. I’m expecting her to have quintuplets next. What a patriot!


Speaking of patriots, we should all send the Mayor of Hazleton, PA, Lou Barletta, our personal best, because he has decided in his town to be one of the few elected officials in the nation to actually enforce the law of, “If you are illegal, or hire illegals, you are breaking the law.” The vilification of the good Mr. Barletta has started on the news. He was using “Nazi” tactics it was reported. (Of course it wasn’t mentioned what those Nazi tactics were.)

This could start a roll! I was excited the day before when I heard another mayor in New Jersey pissed off at McDonalds for putting up a road sign in his town in Spanish. And we all remember the guy in New York who owned a restaurant and asked everyone to order their food in English.

God…I love these guys. If more of our men would follow their examples, who knows what we could do!

Personally, I plan to boycott McDonalds (well, as much as I can) until I hear they have taken that sign down. They have been trying to get the Americans used to the idea of a bi-lingual country for some time now. We see it on all directions, hear it on all phones, it’s printed at all the banks, and now, in our movies and television programs, the stars are speaking Spanish.

Karl Rove just loves the immigrants. Excuse me Karl Rove, may I remind you that you speak English, not Norwegian like your ancestors.

Maybe someone should file a lawsuit saying that all other immigrants are being discrimmiatied against because their languages are not on all the ATM’s, TV, in directions, and McDonalds signs. Imagine having to listen to “if you want Spanish, choose one; if you want Chinese, choose two: if you want Hindu, choose three: If you want German, choose four: If you want Norwegian choose five: etc…

Just how long would the Spanish people put up with it? After all, they are asking all other immigrants to take second place. If I were a lawyer, I’d go for it.


And speaking of multinational companies, the EU is fining Microsoft 357 million dollars a day or 5% of their total global revenue, for not handing over their “secrets.” Now, even this nobody admits that Bill might be the poster boy for the word megalomaniac, but this is a bit unfair. Why don’t they fine Coke- Cola the same for not giving up its secrets?


And that leads to the revealing of “secrets.” Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are being sued by that “I either-wanna-be-famous-or-an-old-girlfriend-of Bill-Clinton,” Valerie Plame and her husband Joe Wilson.

She used to be a secret agent, and her husband was so proud he even put that fact in Who’s Who…but they don’t think that counts.

After all, it’s okay for the New York Times to tell all our enemies just what the government is doing to protect us, and point out where all the “torture” prisons are all over the world…which puts thousands of U.S. soldiers lives in danger---not to mention all of us sitting here, but they want YOU to think that Miss x-agent Valerie lost a career that she was no longer in? okay.

How DO they do it?

This nobody thinks that with all the obvious cosmetic work she has had, starting with those blinding teeth, she already has a new career on TV…just watch. Don’t be shocked if FOX hires her. Which brings me to---


Nobody’s Perfect; Just what was George Bush Sr. and his son, President George Bush Jr. doing giving such loving praise and obvious heartfelt sorrow for a convicted criminal, who robbed thousands of trusting Americans out of their hard earned retirement? Wait, I'm having a flashback...

Can you say "savings and loan scandal?"

President Bush said Ken Lay was a “good guy.” And then the Priest at the funeral compared Ken Lay's legacy to Martin Luther King, Kennedy, and Jesus Christ? WHAT?

And they want us to think that they believe in truth, justice, and the American way?

Notice also that not one word was said anywhere about how strange this was. mmmmm

Nobody Knows; Barbara Boxer has suggested that Colin Powell and Madeline Alright go over and solve the Middle East war. They, of course, will just tell them to stop. Why she didn’t throw in Bill Clinton, Wesley Clark, and Jimmy Carter, is beyond me. Oh, I forgot. Bill only goes to photo-ops in safe places, Wesley Clark is a general who stays behind the lines, and Jimmy Carter’s specialty is elections. I suggest Barbara Boxer go to Beirut, and use her vast caring and concern to stop it all, and take Hillary with her.

Nobody Cares; Dick Morris is so funny. I get such a kick out of him. He has now nixed the thought of Lieberman running as a third party, and has decided that Mike Bloomberg should run instead. He would win the White House he says.

If Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination and a staunch conservative like Virginia Senator George Allen defeats John McCain, or Rudy Giuliani for the GOP he could run as an independent and win.” Well Dick, this nobody says…what are you smoking?

And it’s only Thursday.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Checkers or Chess?

Nobody’s Opinion: Today the world was like a chessboard, which of course was screaming at this nobody to sit back and just watch and wonder. So, under a full moon I gaze at the indestructible determinations of big rulers, little rulers, and a world board full of dispensable pawns.

The big news of today was that the Big war seems to have finally started in the Middle East. I say this with tongue in check because actually the war in the Middle East has been going on for quite some time now… it only takes breaks.

Let’s see if I can get this straight; Israel dragged its poor people in their nice houses out of the Gaza strip and said “Here you go…take it back.” Then some Hamas, the newly elected Palestinians terrorists (who are really the pawns of Iran and Syria) on June 25, 2005, dug a hole, popped up, and grabbed an Israeli solder. They said they’d give him back on the condition that the Israelis released 1500 of their soldiers.

Not exactly a fair trade. Israel attacked... 23 dead. So what, rook takes castle? Somebody help me out here.

Then today, rockets from Lebanon were fired into Israel by Hezbollah (Shiite) pawns of Iran and Syria, killing three Israeli soldiers and kidnapping two. Israel struck back and cut off the electricity, and bombed some key points where terrorists hide, hurt some key people and the liberal media here was right on it---that mean bully pawn of the United States named Israel, was attacking, starving, and killing innocent civilians, forgetting to mention that the terrorists care for their own families so little that when they have their meetings, they make sure to have at least four or five childrene nearby to be sacrifice to the American media. They also make sure the press gets into all the hospitals.

Now, when looking back and thinking how cruel it looked when the Jewish leaders forced their people out of their homes in the Gaza strip, I see now that, if looking at it militarily, it was a very smart move. It’s just sad they can’t tell the people that when they are doing it.

“Step into my trap, said the spider to the fly.” And boy, it did.

In the middle of the chessboard, America helps India get nuked up, and then India’s trains get attacked. Two hundred pawns killed in that one.

We hop the board to the other side of the World where North Korea (a pawn of China) is going to show the United States that it can hurt us by launching missiles. Japan and the United States get together and worship Elvis…a funny way to warn the Chinese that the United States will back Japan, who really isn’t a pawn…but could be a horse. (I don’t play chess, can’t you tell.) North Korea who is getting pretty close to our queen due to some very lousy plays by our last President who gave them plutonium, continues to attack the queen.

Coming from behind, Chavez (a pawn it seems of Russia and China, the King and Queen of red) is working to corner our queen with as many South American nations as he can possibly bribe. He is going to take down his beloved CITGO gas stations here, so take that!

We lose a pawn.

Mexico in the meantime, is so close to taking our queen, but our queen is acting like she wants to be cornered. She is leaving herself open on all sides, her pieces are scattered all over the board, and leaving her it seems, defenseless. Now--- in checkers, these pieces could be taken and used to crown to make more kings. (As soldiers)

Maybe the United States is really playing checkers. I don’t think you can put captured pawns back on the table…can you?

Is this going to work? We play checkers, they play chess?

Ok...somebody finish this scenario for me…is there a move in chess where the Queen of the United States (ruled by our Kings) can not be captured? Is this a fake out?

I’m not even going to think about it, the moon is still full, and the G-8 is meeting at right this moment deciding just how to play the rest of the game. One thing I do know, it was the Arabs who invented the game of Chess. The Israel just bombed an airport, it's their move.

Nobody’s Perfect; The last time I played chess, it was with a six- year-old autistic kid... I lost. In fact, he beat me in any game we played, it was his special talent. Nothing like a five-year old to make you forget the rules of the game. Now I play computer solitaire.

Nobody Knows; Speaking of rules of the game, notice how the democrats like to change the rules and declare that all rules and all things in life are relative? That way, like a typical kid who wants to win but can’t, they will just change the rules of the game to their every advantage and always win. The only way to beat them of course is to declare the rules from the start and hold to them.

Nobody Cares; Zidane came out today and apologized for his remarkably rude behavior at the world cup. He said that Materazzi was insulting his mother and his wife. Well, he may be the greatest player in the whole world, but he is not a very good liar. I suggest he take up hockey.

Truth is the cry of all, but the game of the few—Siris (1744)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pirates of the Heart

Nobody’s Opinion: Well, hurray for Disney! I can’t tell you how relieving and fun it was to go to a movie and not feel like I was getting a politically correct brainwashing, wrapped inside a plot, innocently disguised as entertainment! The Pirates of the Caribbean had nothing but fun.

And movies are supposed to be fun. With all the political nonsense and news blasted at us 24/7, all the terrorist and sadness of more people dying everywhere, a person can get overwrought with hopelessness.

People go to movies to escape for awhile, to imagine, and to feel lighted. A really good movie, can give you an escape from reality. It can actually have a medicinal tonic on a whole nation.

It’s no wonder that Pirates of the Caribbean outsold all records. It was lighthearted, and romantic, with great special effects, and wonderful characters.

Why in the world don’t they do this more often?

Movie makers have always known this. Shirley Temple was the great joy during the depression. She was a walking little genius of joy and love, reminding you constantly what really mattered in the world. Shirley Temple got millions of Americans to forget the miseries of their own world and go to a move and enjoy life.

Disney, the genius that he was, saw the need people had to be uplifted. Just why did a mouse start an empire? Because he bought so much joy.

And movies have always had their “politics” propaganda in it. It’s nothing new.

Still, there were better stories back then, and the stars did not talk about their hatred of America in real life. What stars don’t realize is that when people hear the nastiness of remarks from them on the news, then go to see them in the shows, no longer can we escape and pretend that these people are actually the characters to take us away. No matter how well they act, we are being reminded of real life…and the “escape” is gone. The thrill is over.

Johnny Depp, either because Disney put it in his contract, or he just got smart, stopped putting down America. Remember, he moved to France because he didn’t want to live here anymore? He took it back before the movie came out.

After all, he has talent…why deprive himself of creative work and we of his talent with some political remark that makes him feel better for a couple of days on the news?

They may not like it, but the profession they have chosen, to which they make very good wages, is in creating dreams. And if the customer doesn’t buy the dream, then lots of big money is lost. Just ask Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg

After watching some of the shows on television this week, I was beginning to think that Hollywood has lost their way.

Have you seen “HEX?” The BBC sold it as a supernatural story. You get teased with cool special effects of a devil guy…but at least 80% of the show is about the sweetness of lesbians. You keep waiting for the “supernatural” fun, but it never comes.

Then on the Dead Zone this week, we got a liberal lecture inside the story of a white raciest supremist who was filled with hatred for a homosexual Arab.

What do they do? Does the writer come into a room and say, “Hey, we’ve got orders from the top to write a story this week showing that white people shouldn’t hate Muslims and homosexuals. We’ve only got an hour, so let’s just make the Muslim a homosexual.”

I hate to tell them, but there’s only so much of this stuff America can take. No wonder the reality shows are so popular.

Disney has gotten back on track. (Thanks to Roy Disney) Michael Eisner, for all his worth as a great money-making CEO, was not Disney. Even the Disney parks were starting to look like just another theme parks…Walt Disney’s would have winced in pain. In fact, the ride the young boy died on last had not a smitthen of the magic Kingdom. it was in my opinion, a ride worthy of a six flags, not even worthy of the great Walt.

Well, to be fair, I am a bit prejudice. Years ago my favorite ride in Disneyland was “Pirates of the Caribbean” They can now update it…the magic is still there.

And that’s good news.

So yo-ho-ho…pass the rum.

Nobody’s Perfect; Now in case no one has told you, you might want to think twice about taking really little ones. Some of the bad guys in this movie are excellent nightmare potential.

Nobody Knows; I’ve often wondered just whose decision it was to build Disneyland in Paris. How many years did it lose money before they fixed it?

Nobody Cares; Walt Disney, it is rumored is on ice somewhere…just waiting to be cloned or resurrected. Hopefully, before they resurrect him, they will go into all the gift shops and throw out all those stupid looking pink, yellow, and lime green Mickey Mouse dolls, or more than one Disney employee would be walking the plank.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Master Bill

Nobody’s Opinion: I just hate it when Bill Clinton has to put his face in the news, because then, it’s just too hard not to talk about him, and frankly, I wish he would stop picking at the world and let it heal.

But, it’s against his nature. He just has to start up fights. He thrives on it. He loves it. He can’t seem to get enough of it. He’s like the kid who starts the fight on the playing field and then walks away, while everyone else gets in trouble.

“Massser Bill, you issss the best.” And he knows it.

I love the way Bill talks about other people, especially other leaders in the world. He treats them all like little children who have to be put in line by him (the father figure) or praised. He is showing you his superiority…to say he is a legend in his own mind in an understatement…more like a God. Consider this statement he made about President Bush:

I’m proud of him for doing it and I thanked him for doing it.”

He’s talking about President Bush wanting amnesty for all illegal immigrants.

He said this to the nation’s largest “civil rights for Mexico to come into America and demand all our money and jobs group"--- La Raza, which means “The Race.”

Doesn’t this sound like a father commending his 16-year old for filling up the family car, and washing it? Bill always talks like he is the “father knows best” of the world and is condescending to most everyone that walks the planet.

So he starts out soft…then it gets better. He says, “It’s hard to demonize people if you know them,” which is a suggestion that anyone who doesn’t want the Mexican invasion is “demonizing” the poor Mexican laborer.

But President Bush is on the same globalist page as Bill Clinton. Much to utter distress of those of us that voted for the man, when it comes to the New World Order yes, sadly, Bill and George on the same page.

But, Bill Clinton has work to do. There are a few in Congress that are trying desperately to hang on to the last thread of sovereignty of our beloved America. Bill has to “demonize” them.

Hey, he thinks you are all stupid, all idiots.

He says “They (meaning all in Congress who support closing the borders) support a “financial elite” because they favor “concentrated wealth and power.”

This doesn’t make any sense whatsoever; because most of the people who oppose the invasion are most of the Americans who are going to lose their jobs and future hopes because of it. We are hardly concentrated wealth and power. In fact, we eat mostly at McDonalds. Not only is this invasion taking our pensions, but our children’s hope for any kind of decent living.

In fact it’s a bold faced lie. The truth is that it is Bill Clinton and President George Bush who support the “financial elite” because it is that segment of Americans who want to make America into a third world country, so that they can build their factories in the United States and Mexico with the merger of the two countries. This merger that Clinton wants so badly will mostly benefit the wealthy.

Bill Clinton has always worked for the rich…and for the Council on Foreign Relations. (Who have planned this merger for many years) They were the ones who plucked him out of the drug mafia in Arkansas and put him into the New World Order of Georgetown, Oxford, and the international bankers who control it all. Just read his book. It’s all there.

I mean, who else would send his Cocaine addicted brother as an ambassador to North Korea and have it not reported in the major media? Bill Clinton is protected.

Then he goes for the throat. “They believe in a government that is secret, unaccountable and that maximizes its own power. They really believe the world works better if they run it and we keep our mouths shut.”

Can you say hypocrite?

Bill is still trying to get democrats back in power, because he still controls most of them.

This coming from a man who put just about every man or woman he ever met in positions of high political office, whether they could do the job or not. What was important was their complete devotion to him.

You need proof? Look how they all come running whenever he calls.

On his first day in office he fired all the federal judges to be replaced with his own. He leaves office and everyone that used to work for him gets put in high positions as congressmen, on multinational Corporations, heads of universities, ambassadors, and on major television shows. He pardons terrorists and drug addicts. He even starts his own global organization to control the whole world.

Bill Clinton intends to run the world and makes no bones about it. He was upset that FDR got to serve four terms and he had to leave office. And secrecy? His administration just shredded every document of every illegal action ever committed by him and his people. He is so powerful that he sends his cronies like Sandy Burger into the National Archives to steal documents, and no one dares touches him or his men.

Then to suck up to La Raza he says “You literally reshaped the political landscape of our nation; we can still see a (communist) movement blooming before our very eyes.”

Yes, LA Raza is backed by the communists. Did you think having the protests on Mayday, the day that all communists all over the world celebrate, was just a coincidence?

The real answer here is not only will the multinational companies like Ford and GE love this merger of the three countries, which is being done by Bill Clinton and President George Bush, but it is also being done to keep the power in the hands of a few people at the top, and concentrate that power, without representation of anyone in Mexico, Canada, or the United States. And if Hillary becomes President, then just who will have power again? Just who is she married to? What’s his name again?

Actually, I prefer to see Bill Clinton and his propaganda on every news cast, even though I said I hated it, because when Bill Clinton is out of the country in hiding, I always suspect the worst, and wonder just what he is up to.

Remember, he was in Australia on 9/11, playing golf with the rich and powerful.

And until the major press starts showing what this man is really doing and the ungodly power he seems to have over the entire world, we will continue down the road to the end,
and Bill Clinton’s vision of world power.

I actually think George W. Bush will be retired after 2008, but Bill Clinton will still be around long after he is gone, and calling him out like a dutiful son, when he is needed.

Nobody’s Perfect; Nicholas Bartha, the man who blew up a whole building so his wife wouldn’t get it in a suicide attempt, failed to actually kill himself with the attempt.

Nobody Knows: Just what it was that Sandy Berger stole from the National Archives, but many think it was Bill Clinton’s connection to 9/11.

Nobody Cares; Nobody has even mentioned that if this guy Zidane, (French soccer player)who said that the reason he head-butted the Italian rival on the field because he insulted his Algerian background by saying that he was the “son of a terrorist whore”--- if he was a Muslim. In that case, he was stupid to fall for that old trick of “make him lose it.” I’m expecting that soon, he will be on a NIKE commercial, and have a whole new career.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 3

Nobody’s Opinion: Well…another weekend of many conflicting and interesting tidbits of absurdities were in the world…so here we go down the black hole of my own curious nobody’s reflections---

There was a very, very short snip in the news of a dinner in Aspen (another global-op) last Friday. Colin Powell was having dinner (or attending the same dinner, but they made it seem that he was sitting with him) with that man of the “World Soccer Please Photo-Op me for future World President”….Bill Clinton. Colin Powell got unexpectedly sick and went to the hospital. The reason was not clear, something about altitude sickness.

Of course, just last month, Dr. David Millstein (who?) was found stabbed to death in his Mountain home in Arkansas. Millstein was married to Lois Parks, a widow of Jerry Parks, who handled the bodyguards during Clinton’s Presidential campaign. Oh, did I mention Jerry Parks was murdered too? Now, if you reflect (as this nobody does) that it’s has been recorded as a fact that over 60 people who have worked for Bill Clinton have died mysteriously, you are happy that Colin Powell has NOT worked for Bill…yet.


Speaking of World Soccer, (and whether a man named Zidane will actually live another day) Matt Drudge tonight was having a hard time figuring out why America doesn’t have soccer fever. It’s not like they haven’t tried very hard to make it popular here with all the soccer camps for the kids. Basically all the people who called in to Drudge got it right, it’s too boring. But when Matt complained that we Americans didn’t have a long attention span, I beg to differ…he forgets the many millions that sit through whole seasons of long and boring baseball games. In fact, the game has changed so much since the 1994 strike, that now, if you don’t have a home-run slugger on the team, time can really drag. Soccer would actually look exciting about the seventh inning.

But look at the good side. If we had WON the World Cup, we’d have even more people hating us than we do.


Oh sure…we don’t have an immigration problem….when Arnold Schwarzenegger wants 51,000 new prison beds. He wants to send 5,000 illegal’s to other state prisons. And he also wants to reduce their drinking water, and give them less water for the toilets. Arnold is getting tough. Instead of closing his borders, he is just threatening them with less water rights in jail. Maybe he should stop giving them water when they are crossing the border, then he’d have more room in his jails.


Wasn’t it a coincidence that the New York FBI just happened to announce that terrorists plan to flood of Wall Street plot on the anniversary of the terrorist’s subway attack in London? Was it me, or was this a well-planned media blist to get more money from the Feds? I mean, they could have revealed this any other day but that day.


Now that China and Russia do not want to bother North Korea, I find it very interesting that the very next week President Bush wants to get going on Nano-technology research and get some people here in the United States that can actually know how to use develop it. Our kids need to know math he says! China is way ahead of us in nanotechnology, which is a much bigger threat to the world than global warming. President Bush asking for money for more math and nano-technology was NOT a good sign.

This nobody wonders…just what have they been waiting for?

Speaking of global warming, Tom Brokaw is going to put on a special documentary on Global Warming and push our emotional buttons once again with the “poor polar bears are going to die.” It helps that his wife Meredith is Vice President of the Environmental Organization Conservation International. Maybe Al Gore and Tom should get together and start a zoo just for polar bears.

Speaking of global warming, my husband and I were passing by some really great corn fields tonight coming home from dinner---does it make sense to you that if this global warming really exists, why in the world would they want to develop an alternative fuel out of a crop that will be affected by global warming, which would cause another fuel shortage? Or is that the point? Mmmmmm


Lots of people…seem to think that Ken Lay has not died…and of course I thought, “How ridiculous: Elvis is dead. So is Jim Morrison…people are just silly.”

But then, when I watched the interview on Larry King with President Bush, and Larry asked the President about Ken Lay, you would have never known that Ken had died by the look on the President’s face and the way he talked about him. It was like the moment after 9/11 when he just sat in front of those kids. Of course…this non-reaction alone was enough to make this nobody really wonder…since Ken was such a big player in world affairs with both parties, and so well liked…maybe…he’s on an island some where with Elvis.

Speaking of Elvis…boy, did I feel foolish falling for that photo-op from Japan’s Prime Minister Junichiro when he was thanking the American people for Elvis. What? We had nothing to do with giving the world Elvis…that was his mother’s and father’s legacy.

I think Junichiro knows that he will need the American soldier pretty soon, and was doing his best to stage our affection. Gee…just when you take something at face value…look what happens.

Nobody’s Perfect; It was reported over the weekend that a 62-year old woman gave birth to a child. I guess just because she was a child psychologist we were suppose to think she was really smart for this decision. Since she is a doctor she will be able to help the poor kid when he is made to feel bad, when all his or her friends ask where the real parents are.
Nobody Cares; It was reported that for years our own government has done countless drug experiments on U.S. Citizens without their knowledge. And that is the main reason most people are afraid of vaccines. Who knows what’s going into our foods.

Nobody Knows; Let’s just say, that not enough people know that Bob Parks is going to run for office in Massachusetts! How great is that! And I have all the hope, that this very wise, and honorable man will be elected, and the state of Massachusetts will come back to some kind of sanity!

God knows that state needs help. Good Luck Bob! You can do it! Let’s all give the man support! Send in your money! And if you have no money to send…then pray!