Friday, February 15, 2008

Important Issues of National Concern

Nobody Flashes Anymore; Today, everyone was talking about the horrible school shooting that happened up near Chicago. Another student with a mission, (soon to be decided by about fifty people who will all tell us something different) walked into a lecture hall and opened fire. It's becoming an epidemic, these student shootings gone wild...just another problem that the American people will have to deal with.

And as you can see by this picture...all the students are very afraid. Obviously, all these young college boys thought that this kid had a gun.

The next President will have to interrupt the steriod in baseball Senate meetings to take care of this pressing problem.

On another note: tomorrow, God willing that my husband's x-box will be working, I plan to design and launch a new blog....on me luck! I will be keeping this one, just because I've written so much stuff, some of it worthy of at least a second look.

The spelling mistakes alone should give a good laugh! So, bear with me...! I will be back here tomorrow, and other places too, I hope!

Putin is getting snippy, planes are buzzing destroyers, Israel is counting sheep and bunkers, and my son needs a new car..

Nobody knows WHAT will happen. But tonight...sleep sounds like heaven.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Obama, Limo Driver

Nobody Flashes; Down in Texas tonight, this picture was taken by a man who had just walked out of Wal-Mart.

He couldn't believe his eyes! Was this really Obama driving Miss Hillary?

Will Obama win the democratic nomination as everyone in the media has declared? Or has he already agreed to be Hillary's VP?

The man took the picture, but didn't think anyone else would believe it. Nevertheless, he has posted it for everyone to make their own discisions...something that was mighty nice of the man, since nowadays in America we are not being encourage to try that dangerous practice....making our own decisions.

Some of us don't remember how it's done.

Anyway, Hillary is looking very dapper in her hat...and the black is a nice departure from her yellow canary suits, which were frankly, getting a bit glaring.

Well, I don't know about you...but I find this picture refreshing---still, I do have one question...

Where is Bill?

In the trunk?


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Puppy Spin

Nobody Flashes; If this puppy could only talk!

It might say: "Well...I didn't take steroids, my friend just misrememberd what I said to him."

Or: "I never gave that other puppy B12 biscuits"

Or: "You're the pundit...I'm just the President of the Puppy Brigade."

Or: "Oprah said I could have another one!"

Or; "I thought the rug was insured."

Or: "I did NOT lick that puppy."


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Pigs of Social Marketing

Nobody’s Opinion: Last week, in a suburb of St. Louis called Kirkwood, a black man named “Cookie” walked into a city town hall meeting and shot and killed five people---all white. He claimed the City Counsel was harassing him. The news made it “racial.”

Not long ago, in Tampa, Florida, a gang of Latino’s threw a “bomb” into a house…it was the “wrong house!” (Shouted one of the gang members to the man who threw the bomb) but the right neighborhood. A young black pregnant woman and her children lived in that “wrong” house.

And this week, I am reading two books simultaneously: “Giving” by Bill Clinton, and “Contract with the Earth” by Newt Gingrich.

So what in the world do my reading habits got to do with people going on a murdering rampage you might say?

It’s the cause and effect of social engineering, words that “Cookie” and that Latino gang did not think about before their killing sprees, but Bill and Newt do.

Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich are supposed to be opposite ends of the earth ideologically---right?

Wrong! Do not pass go…do not collect your “money rebate that was criminally taken out of your pocket in the first place” refund.

Both books say the exact same thing. They are blueprints for the agenda that both ruling parties have in store for us. They are, as Newt would proudly tell you, perfect examples of “social marketing.”

Both authors tell you how they are going to, with corporations and government working together (and lots of ‘free’ help from you and me), “save the world.”

Excuse me---Hitler was going to save the world too.

And to do this they will need plenty of ‘social marketing’.

“Social marketing” is just another word for government propaganda, or brainwashing--- concepts that Hitler was very good at. Bill and Newt are no slouches either.

As Newt says in his book, “Much of the effort to advance social causes such as the environment is based on principles of social marketing.”

To which I say, hey, “How was your social marketing experience today Mr. and Mrs. American? Mine was just peachy.”

Newt gives his admiration to two marketing gurus Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman who wrote: “A social change campaign is an organized effort conducted by one group (the change agent) which attempts to persuade others (the target adopters) to accept, modify, or abandon certain ideas, attitudes, practices or behavior.”

Feel like a guinea pig yet?

Have you seen the picture of the polar bear looking for a decent chunk of ice to climb onto? Have you seen the dirty face of a young Mexican girl, with no shoes on, looking for food in a dirty river? Are you tired of opening up your local newspaper only to have to worry that people are starving in Ethiopia, while you are made to feel guilty if you own more than one remote control?

Have you noticed that a majority of the movies made in the last decade have shown black men and women (of all races) being the top bosses in every situation, whether it was chief of police, top doctor, top union man, top electrician, or American President? The white man is very rarely put in that character anymore.

Do you now except that polls and contests mean the real winner is the deserving person who is always the best choice for America? As if all these past contests were just the warm-up for the big contest of American President?

Did you watch last night’s episodes of Jericho on Sci-Fi, where an entertaining sitcom tells you exactly what to do if a nuclear situation hits you town? How to duct tape your windows, share food, and take care of yourself? This show coming on the same day that Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, said he is afraid of a nuclear or dirty bomb hitting us soon?

Well, that my friends, (As John McCain would say) is excellent social marketing.

On the other hand, have you seen any real pictures on TV reporting that hundreds of our inner cities, and small towns---towns like Tampa and St. Louis, look as if they’ve been hit by dirty bombs already?

No…that was done by our government’s policies. They don’t want you to think about that. Like the pictures of any successes by our brave soldiers in Iraq, you won’t see the footage.

But Americans have slowly watched their schools fail, their cities decay, their jobs go overseas, and their retirement dreams go out the door. For over fifty years we have heard lots of promises from both parties. The problems not only remained but got worse, no matter who was in control.
Now, you see destruction from tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards---total fear of each raindrop. They are busy “socially marketing” the fear of the weather destroying us, in order to modify the guinea pigs behavior.

Yes---save the Grand Canyon, the people of Africa, India and Iraq, but the citizens of the grand canyons of our own devastated, dilapidated American cities and towns can go to hell.

So, do we, the American ‘socially marketed’ guinea pigs warn the world? Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich couldn’t even save their own country, let alone the rest of the world.

I suggest they both join up for the book they should write--- “Contract with the United States of America” before we hand over any more of our socially marketed lives over to them

Save America First…that’s my ‘guinea pig social marketing concept.’

So---shall we tie them both to some chairs and make them eat McDonalds until they’re forced by their piggy power gluttonous concepts of “social marketing,” to finish the book on saving America?

Naw…Why a waste a Happy Meal.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Hillary Has Got a Ride!

Nobody Flashes: Dick Morris, that guru of political savy, a man who once helped Bill Clinton get elected to the White House, announced today that Obama will beat Hillary and become the nominee for President.

All his past predictions were wrong.

And since Hillary has been pretty down in the dumps lately....a few of us who want her to go down in style have sent her a fitting limo for her last few days of having to play the victem.

A ride where she can really ride in style--- and this is no pimp ride...oh comes with a bed of roses in the back. There is lots of room for Madaline, Chelsea, and all those past women advisers who just got fired---May they rest in peace.

After all, it's the least we can do for a woman who cares so much!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nobody Reports On a Monday: Tumorous Questions

Nobody’s Opinion: This bright and cold Missouri morning I woke up to see the lopsided face of Republican ‘conservative’ (and don’t you forget it) nominee John McCain, on a local channel. He was really dressed up in a black suit with the American flag pin on his lapel.

He seemed so intent on convincing all of us in Missouri just what a true ‘conservative’ (you’d better believe it) he is and always was.

This may seem like a rude comment, but it’s not meant to be. I can’t help wondering, why, instead of us picking on John McCain about his age, we aren’t concern with something that’s a more serious concern. Some of us that have had relatives (in my case my father) who had melanomas (skin cancer) are wondering just what that huge protrudence in his left cheek is. John has had many a “cancerous tumor” cut off his face, near that very spot.

So, what’s going on? What’s likely to end his life first? My father started out with melanoma on his face, and like John, had them taken off. Still, cancer cells can travel, inside to the brain. He ended up dying from a cancerous brain tumor, which caused a massive stroke.

We all see John’s bulge on his face, but so far, no one dare ask.

That’s how much the media is controlled.

Even a small tumor inside the brain can affect your behavior and thinking---your closest family members may only notice slight changes in behavior at first. Many people have spoken out about John’s angry outbursts lately.

But for a President who has the power to start nuclear wars…I’d say the American people deserve at least a clean bill of health from him, or an explanation to his “big bulge in his cheek.”

Just a thought…

Right after that, an interview with President Bush from Camp David came on FOX. He was all spruced up in almost the same exact suit as John, with his pin flag lapel, and a beautiful blue shirt---my, he looked dandy!

And speaking of flags…did we see enough American flags last week or what? Candidates were drowning in them. Many of us were wondering…hey…when did they become patriotic?

After all, Hillary and Bill have gone around apologizing all over the world for America. Obama was caught in one photograph refusing to hold his hand over his heart at our National Anthem. (Go ahead; just try to find that photo again.)

Anyway, Bush was plugging John McCain, as a real ‘conservative’ (and don’t you ever forget it) and in his opinion, Obama is a lost cause. Hillary would be a better President. He also made a point to tell us all he could care less about what we think, but only what historians will think of him one-hundred years down the road.

Makes you feel real comfy, doesn’t it? The fact that he doesn’t care what you think?
Yeah, me too.

So, what else can this mean except that the top guys who pushed McCain down the good people of America’s throat are a bit scared, so scared that they brought out Newt Gingrich at their convention last week to tell us that John McCain was a ‘conservative’ (and you’re an idiot if you don’t support him) and a third party was the last thing that America needs, said Newt.

Newt said that because it is the very thing everybody wants. We are completely fed up with our two-party system of pandering, greedy, arrogant, corrupt liars.

And we all know who they are. The one’s who have been there forever need to go.

The more they keep insisting that we all just need to rally around the new ‘conservative’ John (Patton) McCain, and that talk radio is no longer a power---the more you can be sure, that the opposite is true.

The Republicans want a McCain/ Hillary contest. Whether it’s because they think McCain will beat her, or lose to her, is hard to tell, they don't seem to care.

This nobody thinks it’s not going to matter who is President. The FDR WWIII to relive a depression scenario, will play out as planned. The merger with Mexico will continue and America will be downsized and merged for the “good of the globe.”

Think I’m crazy? They don’t hide their intentions anymore. All you have to do is listen to what they say and read their books.

Nobody’s Perfect: President Bush made a couple of comments to Christ Wallace Sunday. He said “This is a dangerous world.” Of course, if he really believed that, he would have closed our borders after 9/11. I guess he forgot.
He also said, “We didn’t wait for International opinion when it came to the war.” Poor Bush--he forgot he waited more than nine months to do anything besides talk in a bullhorn. He had to go to the United Nations for permission--- I guess he forgot. He’s got an awful memory.

When Chris asked him a hard question his answer was, “You’re the pundit; I’m just the simple President.”

I guess the gig is up on that one.

Nobody Knows---that Midwifery is quickly being promoted as an answer to real doctors delivering babies in hospitals. Why? Too much electricity being used waiting for the birth in the labor room? Or is this to help the Mexicans who are popping them out in record numbers? If there is no record, they can stay to reproduce another day! Viva Mexicano!

Nobody Cares; Have you seen the new U.S. Cellular commercial? The one where the girl says her dad did not know how to write a check or pay his bills, and a person at the US Cellular store helps him do it each month?

What? Why didn’t his own daughter help her father out? She spoke perfect English!

Does this mean that the Mexicans aren’t paying their cell phone bills because they can’t read? You got me. There’s a point to this commercial, but I have no clue. What if the people at US Cellular can't read either?

Nobody Wins: When Hillary starts taking about putting people to work building solar panels on homes, ask yourself how much all these solar panels are going to cost? I’d rather they fix the schools…wouldn’t you? Socialism doesn’t work. Never has, never will.

Solar Panels…in New York? In winter? In blizzards? Right.

Nobody’s Fool: Hillary keeps saying she has been to 82 countries and knows lots of people, that’s why she should be President. McCain says he should be President because he was a POW and we are going to always be at war. Obama’s claim to fame is that he is a great talker, and we will have someone new to look at. (He has a point.)

And I have to clean out my kitchen closet tomorrow because I’ve got little bugs in my pancake batter, therefore I should be President.

In fact, I bet any person reading this right now could ask themselves, would you be a better President than any of the candidates?

If you said yes---then you are no fool. Therefore, go ahead and ask some tumorous questions yourself...we need all we can get.