Friday, January 08, 2010

It's the Skunks!

Nobody Flashes:

To Whomever reads me...all two of you.

On December 27, 2009, as I had told you, my computer crashed. I bought a new one, and that crashed too!

So many times, I've stopped counting. Just about every ten minutes to be exact.

Well, at least something in life is consistent!

As you all know, since writing is my therapy, I am going through a rather bad time at the moment. I bought one computer, but cannot afford three.

I have talked hours on end to everyone, taken it back to the "shop" (this is the new one) three times, and today I had a man come out...and everyone has a different take.

So...I will continue to try to solve it...but, if you happen to visit here and find nothing...know that I will continue to try to get my puny little computer up--until I give up. And I don't give up easily.

I'm sure it's just something very simple like maybe the government doesn't want me to even post! (HA! I wish I was that good.)

Anyway, don't know much, but I do know, sometimes life just plain stinks.

In the meantime, take care...and come back time to time...I might get lucky.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Do NOT Miss, History Channel's 2100...

Nobody Reports: If you want to really get a taste of some of the best propaganda scare tactics ever conceived by the global warming the History Channel's...2100. They literally rewrite the history of saying...that every single great civilization on the planet died because..of...get ready...the effects of man abusing the planet.

And the earth, and that includes YOU... is doomed to die. It's very scary this one...a very impressive work of pure brainwashing.

Rome fell because it couldn't feed it's people, the Mayans starved and ate each other due to drought. (So, what excuse did the millions of cannibals in the Congo have?)

And in the future, all those poor Mexicans will be rushing over the US border begging for food and water, and will be shot in cold blood by cruel border patrols.

Whoever wrote this crap should be sent to the nearest Mexican border town for life.

Go ahead. Watch it, then stick your head outside and search for that global heat. It makes Al Gore's movies look tame. You will ALSO find out that John Podesta held a "mock" meetings of the United Nations in 2015, while he was over in Copenhagen not too long ago. And WE all thought it was about today! It was the most pathetic grab of power I've ever seen, next to Obama's speech today.

The History channel...has become your short journey to the Global Twilight Zone. And because, as we have all been witnessing, the beginnings of another ice age, the brainwashing and fear I guess has to be speeded up, before anyone figures out what they are doing.

When you do watch it...please notice...the Chinese are all drinking COKE, which plans to control all water on the planet if at all possible.

Think I'm kidding? I heard the CEO say it myself on Charlie Rose.

God, they show us their plans for us.



Will America Survive Globalization?- Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows if America Will Survive Globalization

By now you've seen the news: Some guy in St. Louis went nuts, walked into the plant he had worked at for most of his life, and started shooting. One minute, you're shoveling snow, and the next minute-- tragedy down the street.

Most everyone is going to make this a "gun" issue, or an "economic" issue, I say it's just one more to blame on our politicians, past and present.

When I woke up this morning, I instantly recognized the building where the shooting took place...ABB.

Not too long ago, last year, I was amazed to see it at all, for the simple reason that while just about all the big businesses in St. Louis had been destroyed. To see a brand new, and rather humongous building go up in the middle of this terrible economy was simply amazing.

"Wow...look at that brand new building! ABB, what's that?" I asked my husband as we drove past it one day to go downtown.(No one with any sense goes downtown anymore.)

"I have no idea."

I was surprised to learn this morning, that an international company based in Switzerland owned it, which explains it. No one in America has the money to build anything here now, I should have known. It was only last year that our biggest employer, Anheuser-Busch, was sold to an international brewer overseas. One wonders how international companies get such sweet deals. Just what kind of tax breaks are they getting? Usually, it's the locals who end up paying for it.

Anyway, it seemed the man had been upset over his "pension" and how the "pensions" were being spent, and had filed a lawsuit some time ago.

Well, he's dead now, and not before he took some others with him. All they say is that he was "disgruntled."

Really, ya think? What's he going to do...sue his boss in Zurich?

I was reading just this morning about how that big "NAFTA brings in Chinese goods, superhighway" that was going to be built from the ports in Mexico, up through Texas, then onto a port in Kansas, and up through to remember... that sweet SPP deal pushed through by that great Texan, President George W. Bush, don't you? Well, an international company from Spain paid Texas $1.2 billion dollars for the long-term rights to build and operate it as a toll road. It's not a myth, it's a done deal.

Nevertheless, instead of hearing about our pimp politicians selling off American and its infrastructure like some cheap whore, all we hear about now is the upcoming election where the Republicans will take over and clean up the whole system.

And if you believe that great fallacy, then I've got a bridge to sell you in Zurich.

And speaking of Zurich, here's a few facts of ABB's global electrical manufacturing reach:

• World’s highest substation from ABB powers world’s tallest building
ABB wins $17 million power order in Kazakhstan
ABB wins metals order in Saudi Arabia
ABB wins $70 million power order for London Underground
ABB wins $15 million power order in Vietnam
• Complex wiring made simple
ABB wins $54 million order in South Africa to improve power plant efficiency
ABB wins $15 million power order in Chile

Toyota will survive, the International Companies will survive, our rich and crooked politicians will survive, China is already on a roll...but middle-class Americans...are not expected to.

And many of them, when they realize what's happened, are not going to be too happy about it.

Some of them, like the man working for ABB, will go down blasting.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nobody Cares About Discrimination

Nobody Cares: Here's a question: Most of the people who witnessed Umar Farouk Abulmutallab get off the plane that he failed to blow up over Detroit, said that he was escorted out of the plane, with no pants on and just a blanket wrapped around his bottom half. He was calm, with no expression.

Anyone else who had just blown up their private area would have either been passed out, or screaming in pain, right?

They also said flames were running up the side of the outer seat where he had been sitting.

Now, common sense says this guy would NOT have been able to walk anywhere, even if he was just burnt...he would have to have been burnt pretty badly to set the side of the plane on fire.

OR...did the Danish guy reach down and get that underwear and throw it against the side of the plane? ( A vision I'm trying hard not to let enter my delicate cerebral cortex) OR...did Umar reach down and pull his underwear off like some magician's rabbit trick and throw it against the side of the plane?

Enquiring minds want to know.

AND speaking of enquiring minds...

Why is a REPUBLICAN senator crying out for the draconian suggestion that ALL passengers in the United States be put through total body screening when it's the conservatives that are suppose to be guarding our privacy rights? this senator just too scared that some plane he is on is going to be blown up?

The CAIR people (people who care about the rights of jihadists to be able to go anywhere) insist that profiling Muslims is discrimination.

So, here's a suggestion. Let's all just where paper bags over our heads....


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Keeping Score

Nobody's Perfect: Which one of these men handled the revelation of how many women he has bedded in his life the best?
Well by all accounts, Warren Beatty revealed to the world last week, that he holds the record, at 12,775...and he says that's not counting quikies, drive-bys (What did he do, drive by and hop on?) and stuff like that. And I have to wonder just how good that sex was if he took the time to count every single one. Frankly, I think he was tired of Gene Simmons holding the bragging record, and the competitional sex trophy was just too hard to resist.
As for Gene, according to him, he bedded 4,897...but I bet that is probably an underestimate since he is a very smart man living with a very beautiful common-law wife...
Both these men put the image of "sex" machine out early in their careers, their "imperfections" to women, are seen by many men as "sexual perfection."
It all depends on how you look at it.
And now we come to Tiger Woods. So far, less than twenty have come out of the Tiger Woods Club collection, and I'm thinking, maybe it's time he just start bragging like the other two. I would just come out and say...well..."I've been with over 24,000 so far, and that was not counting the orgies I had before playing the MASTERS!"
At this point, if I were Tiger, instead of trying to morph himself into the "rapper, gangster-bad-boy-golfer image" I would just put a big sense of humor on the whole mess.
Admit he's had sex with both Warren and, admit they all had a party in Las Vegas one New Year's Eve and Tiger actaully scored the most, for obvious reasons...he's in the best shape, and always comes out ahead on sudden death playoffs.
After all, it's best to put your weaknesses (Or some would say not) before the whole world...right up front...then you never have to apologize to anyone.
Who's the most perfect SEX machine?
Let's ask Angelina Jolie.


Monday, January 04, 2010

Gorilla's VS Gore Update

Nobody Reports Update:

After much debate, the mountain Gorilla's have requested that, when found guilty, Al Gore just be thrown into the Virunga Volcano.


Nobody Flashes: Mountain Gorillas to sue Al Gore

Nobody Flashes: Mountain Gorillas have taken out a lawsuit against Al Gore.
They are crying discrimination due to the fact that Al Gore is trying to save the polar bear, of which there are by most estimates, over 25,000 on the planet, but ignoring their plight of sorrow.
The Mountain gorilla has only 700 remaining on the earth.
The famous lawyer, Alan Deterostoski has agreed to represent the gorilla's case, and says he has a good chance of winning since the only known predator of the gorilla is man. (Not global warming.)
You can't pick and choose who to save he will argue, just in order to milk mankind of trillions of dollars to be used for your own pleasure! Besides, gorillas live near a volcano in the heart of Africa...a place a LOT hotter than the North Pole!
Alan says he will prove in court, that another reason Al Gore is NOT trying to save the gorilla is because he knows that they happen to have almost the same DNA as man...99.6 percent of DNA genetic code is in common...therefore, Al Gore not only is discriminating against gorillas, but some of his own family...(including himself.)
AL Gore, therefore, hates man so much, that he is afraid that men will unit someday with gorilla's and mess up the planet for the polar bears forever.
Al Gore, driven by racial discrimination (and dreams of global profits out the polar wazoo) wants the polar bears to take over the earth.
The lawyer is asking the court to make AL Gore live with the polar bears for ten years if convicted. The insanity plea will not be allowed, unless of course, he agrees to be committed for life in his local Tennessee penitentiary.
(Nobody Makes this stuff up)


Predatory Genius: Bill Gates

Nobody's Opinion: In the year 2000, I was sitting in a large room at Epcot Center at Disney World and very excited to be among hundreds of "entrepreneurs" and "inventors" who had come to an inventors meeting in hopes that some company would license their ideas. Once a year, our Patent and Trademark Office puts an Inventor's Convention on, and I had just gotten my third patent, so I went. Nevertheless, I felt way beyond my league sitting in a room with all those creative minds. Not only was I one of the few women there, I was the only one in shorts and a cowboy hat.

No wonder no one talked to me.

I didn't know it then, but at these meetings your chances of "licensing" your idea were about as slim having Vladimir Putin send you a birthday card. These "conventions" are mostly just money makers for the resorts and government officials who put them on. They are also a great place for big multinational companies to "steal" your ideas, while pretending to be interested...but that's another blog.

The main speaker that day was a guy whose whole theme was how Thomas Edison's invention of the electric light bulb did not even compare to the invention of some newly invented computer chip. He swore this very little chip had changed the world in more ways than Thomas Edison could ever dream of. Thomas was a mere autistic child compared to this genius---who's name escapes me now.

Being the nobody that I am, I wanted to argue that without electricity, the "chip" would have never been born. But then, being a nobody, I kept my thoughts to myself.

While most inventors are creative people, they have the business sense of a cow from Jersey. But, sometimes there are people who possess the combination of genius with predatory capitalistic business guru, like Bill Gates.

Bill Gates...let's all just take moment and pay homage, then put up our dart board.

Don't get me most people on the earth, I love my computer. Carbon paper was not exactly a fun thing. And information at the click of a button is certainly more exciting than turning on a light bulb. Not to mention all the extraordinary and exciting ways it has given birth to a whole new world.

BUT...despite the fact Bill Gates made the desktop computer available to millions, thereby closing down newspapers, and helping small hungry children all over the world get their malaria shots while looking at the wonderful food they will never get online...I am getting tired of Bill's predatory ways. Yes, Bill Gates...the carnivorous computer eater, in this sad economy, is causing the poor nobodies of the world a big pain in the hard drive derriere.

And as Bill would say: "Life is not fair, get used to it."

You see, last week, my computer just crashed again, for the very same reason all five of my other past computers crashed.

I downloaded something from Microsoft.

Boom. Computer destroyed. And replacing a computer is not exactly cheap.

Coincidence? Of course not. To get to be as rich as Bill Gates, you must practice the ruthless predatory tactics of making sure your product has the self-life of a gerbil.

And to be fair to Bill, all the big companies practice it.

If you're really good, you get the government to help you "force" people to buy your product. You outlaw a perfectly good light bulb with one full of mercury, thereby making all the multinational drug companies very happy at the same time. Governments are the experts on predatory behavior, it only makes sense they work together!

It's called predatory capitalism...combine that with predatory lending and you have a sure fire road to the next world of Corporate Controlled Governmental Fascist Complexes.

It's the real reason communists have such big fodder to work with right now.

In the old days, when America had integrity, a company's best selling point was good quality, and lifetime guarantees. America was the leader in fine products.

When did that change?

Nothing new...I know. But I'm really mad at myself for not following my gut. I should have suspected something was going on when every single talk show host I listened to was sponsored by CARBONITE---a company that will back up your files for just fifty dollars a year.

Everyone...from Glenn Beck, Mark Levine, Rush, Laura Ingram, Kim Komando---you name it...the warnings of computer crashes were everywhere.

I didn't listen.

Put in the bad economy, and you have Windows 7 not doing too well. Many of us would have stuck with XP for another decade.

So, how do you get everyone to "update?"

You make sure you crash those old ones.

That's ridiculous you say. Bill Gates would never do such a thing. And General Electric would never "FORCE" us to change our light bulbs. And they would never "FORCE" you to throw away those old albums, which played fine, by taking all records off the shelves, and we will never "FORCE" you to update to the new green products...

It's all in the name of progress!

Every time I talked to a President of a company to try to license my idea, the argument was always, always...the same. Make your product a cheap throwaway. If it's made to last, we don't want it.

I refused to make a cheap product. I was actually concerned about filling up landfills! Therefore, there was no deal. I have no money to buy a new, like most Americans, I charged it.

The banks are ecstatic!

While all these guru's of predatory capitalism are telling us we are trashing the planet, they are actually the ones causing this "trashing" by forcing everyone to throw out billions of tons of trash for the new technology.

Where are they going to put all those outdated car batteries and computers?...Mars?

How about Bill Gates back yard?

New Technology is great. But, some people don't want it, just like we don't want Universal Health Care. Forcing one to buy your product is...predatory.

It was predatory lending that destroyed our economy they tell us. I wonder when we will hear that it's predatory capitalism (not to be confused with a fair capiltism) that is destroying not only the green planet, but pushing the whole world into some kind of Corporate Fascist One World Al Gore Wonderland of Human Consumer Predators.

That's why I'm going to paste a picture of Bill Gates face over my movie poster of Jurassic Park... and throw darts.

Many would say, I'm wrong. It's evil bin Laden computer guys trying to destroy all the computers in the world...just sitting at computers just for the sheer joy of destroying all the nobodies world's data. I'm not saying they don't exist, but, really, they can't even brag about it.

I might buy that if the computer world had more than one Bill Gates in it.

Bill Gates may be a genius, and we all are thankful certainly... but..he's not very nice.

Speaking of nice...have you seen AL Gore's computer? My's almost beautiful, and I bet he got it free....

Where's my darts?


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Nobody Remembers Medical Diagnosis

NOBODY REMEMBERS: I, like millions of Americans, were happy to hear that our favorite warrior for conservatism, Rush Limbaugh, survived his horrible death by Wikipedia last week. We were also glad to see that he was rushed to the hospital and that all the many tests revealed that he is well and in good shape....HAVING SAID THAT...what he did say was very revealing: They couldn't tell him what happened and why he was in so much pain he rushed himself to the hospital.

And why not? Aren't they doctors?

I don't know about you, but for years and years, in every single emergency situation and health care problem that has happened in my family, we ALWAYS got the same old sorry answer:

"We don't know what's wrong, we don't know what caused it, but here, take this pill, or go see this guy, and this guy."

So...either-- 1: All doctors are just pill pushers...2: All doctors really have no clue to what is wrong with anyone, unless of course you die, then they can diagnosis it: or 3: The power of medical lawsuits has gotten so out of hand, they dare not even make their "diagnosis" for fear, if wrong, being sued out of a job.

I don't know about Rush, but "we don't know" just ain't enough. Doctors are starting to sound like our politicians. One wonders if this "we don't know" is going to get better, or worse.