Friday, September 01, 2006

The Spelling Test

Nobody’s Opinion; Once upon a time, in the grand land of the disappearing middle class known as Middle America, Mr. and Mrs. Smith lived with their daughter, Amy. (Her name has been changed of course, to protect her identity, but probably known by the FBI anyway through the Disneyland fingerprinting system.)

The year was 1992, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith (who looked nothing like Brad and Jolie) were just happily going about their happily daily struggles when their cute little third grader came home with her week’s spelling test.

“How’d you do on your test?” said the Momma Bear, Mrs. Smith.

“Great!” said little Amy, who skipped away to go and play with her little girl friends across the street, doing the things that little girls do, which is…hang around and be silly.

Momma Smith, being a mother of great curiosity, decided to go through Amy’s backpack, and it’s then that she found…the spelling test.

To say she was shocked is an understatement. Not only did Amy miss over twenty words on the test, she was given, by the teacher a 98% for her efforts.

Visions of little Amy working at the local strip bar, with dancing $10 dollar bills being stuck between scanty underwear came into Mrs. Smith’s numbing head.

How could a teacher make such a gross mistake?” thought Mrs. Smith. How was her daughter going to grow up and be the Nobel prize winning scientist she envisioned if she went through life thinking that the word harder was spelled “hrder?” That the word head was spelled “hede” or that the word remember was spelled “Remder?”

Would she even remember why she went to school?

Mrs. Smith was outraged, because you see, unlike the other mothers in the neighborhood who would have ignored the fact that their child was going to grow up as ignorant as their pet turtle…the other mothers who would have been ecstatic that the teacher had obviously made a mistake in given the child an A, best not to say anything--- Mrs. Smith was not going to take this lying down.

And so, after an hour of ranting with Mr. Smith, they made an appointment to go and see the teacher.

Now, the teacher, a lovely woman, looked at the paper said, “Oh, its okay. You see, all the children did badly on that test. I realized that maybe they had forgotten a lot over the summer vacation, so I gave them all A’s. I just felt sorry for them.”

Mr. and Mrs. Smith agreed that the teacher was one of the kindest teachers they had ever met, but still, they believe she was a danger to the future of America.

So, they arranged to meet with the principal of the school…who at the time was being treated (by the taxpayers) to yearly trips to Washington D.C., to have dinner with Bill and Hillary Clinton in rewards for, of course, having such an outstanding school.

The principal, a woman dressed impeccably in a printed tent of humongous size, leaned back on her chair behind her big desk and said, “Oh, this teacher is very new. She will get the hang of it after a year or two. There is nothing wrong with this paper; she really is a wonderful teacher. You have nothing to worry about.”

Once again…Mr. and Mrs. Smith got out their shotguns and glocks and shot her dead. (Wait, that’s the movie!)...No, the real Mr. and Mrs. Smith went home, in complete disbelief that the head of the school stuck up for the incompetent teacher that was sending kids out into the world with lots of love, but completely stupid.

Considering what to do next---they headed for the top. This was serious. They made an appointment to meet with the Superintendent of the whole city school system (whose salary was over 250,000 a year, in 1992). Surely, being a man, he would come down on these women who did not care about the children learning how to spell.

The teachers would have to pay.

They even took little Amy along to see how justice can be done, and told her how important it was that she learned how to spell, and how it was up to the teacher to give her an honest grade, and the teacher was wrong in what she did.

The superintendent was nice also, his office was huge. Mr. and Mrs. Smith presented their case with calmness, and logic. They showed him the spelling test. Holding their breathes in anticipation, for surely a man would be just as appalled as they were, they waited for his wise decision of undeniable justice.

The superintendent leaned back on his comfy leather bound chair…looked at the paper and said….

Nothing. Not a word. He just shrugged. He could do nothing he said.

Daddy Bear Smith, Mamma Bear Smith and Baby Bear Smith, were speechless.

What did Mr. and Mrs. Smith do? Well, they didn’t have money to move, so little Amy stayed in school. She later went to live with her grandparents during the school year so she could get a better education in another district…but that was a public school too.

She did not go to college, she did not pass go. She now works in a bank as a teller. She is really good with numbers because Mamma Bear made sure she knew how to add and subtract at home. Mrs. Smith made sure she knew how to read, and she loves to do that.

But, like many of our children in America, she can’t write a complete sentence.

But then again, neither can some of the teachers.

Amy’s spelling test is above, and it is real. I’ll let you decide just how badly the school system needs to be overhauled.

Or do you feel like Mr. and Mrs. Smith did…helpless?

Nobody’s Perfect; Parents no longer have any say whatsoever in their public schools. President Bush has tried to do something, but the NEA is so powerful in our country, that no one can fix it. To his credit, he has tried. The next time you hear all the teachers complaining how unfair all these tests are, remember, the less your children know, the more likely it is they will be living with your forever.

Nobody Knows; Today in the news it was reported that China is completely erasing Mao and the effects of communism in their school history books. They are putting in Bill Gates, and JP Morgan.

When young students aren’t taught the difference between a republic, a democracy, socialism, and communism, then they end up completely ignorant and the rulers can sell them whatever system they want.

Nobody Cares; AND this is why the movement of getting California to vote on the “popular vote” and getting rid of the Electoral College will go through. Because in this country, they, at least in my time, have never taught the difference between a republic and a democracy…that’s why they can say China is a republic because it’s called “the republic of China.”

The main difference is that in China, the students actually know how to spell it.

Reconquista Las Vegas

Nobody’s Opinion; I’m waiting for it…I’m waiting for the Mexicans to demand the City of Las Vegas to be handed over to them.

They will place the Mexican Flag up on top of the fake Eiffel Tower, and bring all their extended families to live in the hotel rooms.

“Ricardo!...Com in an eat now! Lucia!...get off that ship!”

By now, picking fruit in California is getting old, and Las Vegas is so much more fun. The little Ninos and Ninas could play at the pool all day! The games changed to pesos.

I’ve never been to Las Vegas, but I’m dying to go. I don’t gamble and I don’t drink much…I just want to see all those giant, goofy hotels. I want to witness the good old American ingenuity and imagination of our finest engineers. I want to toast Tom Edison, while dipping my feet in some exotic pool, because frankly, he has been purposely wiped off our American Hero’s lists, and somebody has to keep him alive.

Besides, I figure my chances of seeing an actual Pyramid are pretty slim. And why go see the actual King Tut exhibit when you can see the exact replica, which probably smells better, and has better lighting?

Nobody’s are always having to make a choice: Hot dog or Tuna Fish? Burrito, or egg roll? King Tut or Elvis? Las Vegas or Vegas Reconquista?

I’d better hurry.

Yes, I’m waiting for the Mexicans to claim Las Vegas because in 1829, a Mexican trader named Antonio Armijo camped out there for a little while and named the spot, Las Vegas, which is Spanish for “the meadows.” (meadows?)

Never mind that the Anasazi and the Paiute Indians were there first, long before the Mexicans, long before the white Europeans.

To stand around with nasty signs and claim the whole southwest as their land is pretty funny, when there were millions of Indians all over North America before the Mexicans even set foot here.

The Mexicans must not have wanted the Southwest too much back then because the French claimed it. The French did not have a welfare state at that time.

But the French didn’t want it either, Las Vegas was just cactus. Jefferson bought the property from Napoleon in 1803, for $15 million.

Still, the Mexicans wandered around as they tend to do. They weren’t about to fight the Indians for desert, but they did get pissed off when some white guys moved into Texas. Big fight at the Alamo, and Santa Ana was victorious. Okay, we lost. Davy Crockett had to die somewhere.

But we came back, and kicked ass, and fought the Mexicans in the war between Mexico and the United States, and won the territory back. (And gave them another 15 million)

We defeated Santa Ana and even went all the way to Mexico City and captured the city.

I suggest they give it back.

If you go by the logic that the first people on the land should always own the land, then both of us should leave. In fact, the whole human race would have to move somewhere else.

But---and this is important---most of the civilized world developed the concept of private property. And if you go by that, then we paid for that land, we fought for that land, and therefore, we own it.

And now our own government is giving it back to the Mexicans. They are encouraging this invasion. They are selling us out, just like the black men who sold their own black brothers in Africa into slavery for guns; our government is selling out the American people, for the benefit of the few and the slavery of the many. They could care less about us or the Mexicans.

And this tells you we are being ruled by arrogant tyrants.

Now--the loudest voice of reason against this right now is Pat Buchanan. Whatever you think of his last statement about how he likes the old white country, he is correct in saying that the Mexicans will take over.

Is he raciest? Yes. Are the Mexicans racists? Yes. Are the blacks racists? Yes. Are the white racists? Yes. Are the French racists? Yes, yes, yes…bored yet?

Oops…am I racist? If you say that I am racist because I don’t want America to merge with Mexico, than I am racist. Because I believe America is superior, otherwise all those millions of people would not be risking their lives to get here.

And it’s American to want to be superior..although they are trying like hell to drill this concept out of us. The elites that are managing this believe that only they have the divine right to be superior, the rest of us just have to get over it.

And if you go by the last World Soccer matches, it’s natural for every country to want to be superior. Its human nature, and they are having a terrible time getting rid of this.

They might have to clone it out of us.

Should I even want America to remain American? And lets think about this…is America at this time all white European people?

Even if all the white people went back to Europe, are the Mexicans going to send all the blacks back to Africa? All the Chinese back to China? The Mexicans just want half the country, to start. But, since they are younger, they think we will just die off, and then they can have the rest.

Wow, Vicente Fox is outsmarting our leaders. He is conquering the United States with the greed of our own leaders, without a shot.

I bet he’s in Las Vegas at this very moment celebrating with Chavez.

The Mexican people are being manipulated, because they are desperate. Just as the poor people of the jihads are being taught to hate us. Just as we are being manipulated to think our leaders are doing what’s good for us with this merger.

The elite go to elite schools to learn this stuff…how to manipulate the masses. Then they go to Las Vegas.

The Mexicans are certainly racists in their demands that we get out, and Pat Buchanan sounds racists when he wants a white America to stay. What he wants is the white culture of the English to not disappear off the earth, which it will.

You can’t blame him. The United States has been the most successful enterprise in the history of the world. The white people did good, and hating them for it makes YOU a racist.

What he is also saying is that the most important thing for us all, Mexicans, American, Chinese, serial killers, (just kidding) are the American documents of the Constitution and Declaration, to be preserved-- maybe updated (with term limits) and continued.

It doesn’t matter that the men that wrote these documents were white. They could have been black or orange, and the results would have been the same. No nation on the earth ever came close to its magnificence, and that’s why everyone wants to come here.

And if the Mexicans come here, and get rid of all the white people, the men who control Mexico will then be in charge, and their lives here will become just as miserable as they were in Mexico…but worse, because they will have the remains of all the people here they hate, like blacks and whites.

The real problem is Vicente Fox, President Bush, and the Clintons, and the elite CEO’s who have decided that the 1% of the top who own 40% of the wealth, now want the 1% to actually own 70 % of the wealth, and by merging the two countries, we will be fighting each other so much, we will never overthrow them.

The more we throw around the word “racist” the happier they are.

What the Mexicans don’t realized, is their one last hope here in America will be gone, because what they will get, when they put the flag on the white house is more of the same…poverty.

What they should be saying is; “I want to be an American, god blesses the white guys who thought of this concept.”

The way things are going, the Reconquista of Las Vegas might come in my lifetime.

I’d better hurry…the Mirage in the desert might disappear.

Nobody’s Perfect; Okay, most of our politicians are rich, self serving, tyrannical, lie a lot---they no longer give a damn about America. It’s going to be up to all Americans to dig up the old documents, go over their rights, and start organizing to overthrow them. The whole system from the top down needs to be thrown out. Washington is a cess pool of elite idiots.

Nobody Knows; Why we were in Vietnam? Why can’t we put men on the border? Why do they keep putting our attention on some stupid scandal when our country is being invaded with the careful planning and intention of our top government official? Do we really care if Katie Couric picture was touched up?

Nobodys Cares’ I love a good burrito, and I’m a real sucker for the Spanish guitar. The Italians blended in and gave us pasta, the Irish blended in and gave us great bars and police officers, The English gave us our great political system, the Germans blended in and gave us great beer, the blacks blended in (after much struggle) and gave us great music, now…if we could just get the Mexicans to blend in.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nobody's Aburdities, No. 12

Nobody’s Opinion; It’s about time for life’s not so little absurdities which come, as usual, in no particular order, because that’s how life in the United States feels right now; as if we are going the wrong way on a one way street, and somehow missed the sign.

It’s not as funny as when my grandma used to do it in her Model T.

Labor Day, is coming, probably the ONLY day where Americans don’t work. But don’t tell that to our politicians who insist that we are all lazy and would refuse to pick a grape even if it meant we’d get free medical care for the rest of our lives. Actually, I bet if you gave that option to everyone over 65, you would see millions of old people in straw hats invading California, going …where’s the grapes? And since the Mexicans are getting free medial care now, we know that this would work, because it’s already been tested!


Our new Iman, Sheik Mohammad Ayatollah al-Carter wants to meet up with the former President of Iran, Khatami, the man who created Hezbollah, and show him around the country to all the universities where he’ll fit right in. Khatami, a known terrorist of the worst kind, is being welcomed by our State Department, to come over and be wined and dined by al-Carter and all university professors of the idiotic schools of “never got it, never had it, don’t want it” comrades in hate.

Oh, and he doesn’t have to be fingerprinted, because it was his very Allah self who thought of a reason to get himself over here…it was he who suggested that the U.N. make 2001 the “Year of the Dialogue among Civilizations.”

The Democrats want to pick this guys brain for more ideas.

I can tell you I wasn’t too happy to hear that Sheik Muhammad Nur Abdullagh, the Islamic Society president, was just replaced by Ingrid Mattson, a Canadian convert to Islam, who was probably a room mate of Hillary Clinton’s because just about every woman in power in the World was Hillary’s roommate.

And Abdullah was head of the St. Louis chapter. Great---my Muslim neighbors have been gone for three weeks, and a woman has been left in charge.

Anyway we have the awful habit of giving visas to just about any jihads who wants to get into our country for study, mostly to learn those important things that seem to be on the al-Carter agenda like… how to learn how to fly planes into important landmarks, how to take pictures of nuclear reactors, (Jimmy can certainly help out there) and how to make complete fools out of the United States by getting the democratic leaders to attack their mutual enemies---the Republicans.

As in the case of Ali Muhammad, who work for the FBI and then went back to the Middle East and trained jihads pinheads for bin laden, you would think with all this talk from our administration about how much danger we are all in, Khatami would not even be invited to a board meeting of the ACLU.

But no,---he is going to talk at the National Cathedral, where I’m sure, he will support Hamas and Hezbollah, and mention that Israel should not exist, (which is what he believes) and every single politician in our country will be ordered to attend.

I’m hoping Jimmy wears his robes. A man who helps get Chavez elected, and goes around the world siding with people that want to cut American throats for fun, is beyond criminal. Maybe Ayatollah al-Carter has a secret wish to get to that virgin hotel in the sky…after all, he’s a big luster.

And I’ll bet you my non-union card that Hillary will be there with some sort of black lace on her head, because she simply could not pass up this wonderful opportunity to get votes from Catholics AND Muslims. Hillary, always duplicitous, will have everyone wondering if she is honoring Christianity or Allah.

I can’t wait for the spin...” All religion of all races must be respected.”

You tell me… is this insane? As Lois Lane said once to Superman, “You got me…who’s got you?” Who’s running this country? Iran?

If Donald Rumsfeld shows up, then I’ll be going into labor pains.


Speaking of Donald Rumsfeld, he upset all the democrats today by using the world…fascism. That’s their word, and he had no right to steal it. The people that have been calling the Republicans Neo-cons for the last 4 years said, “Debate in our democracy (cough, cough) is based upon respect, not vilification” That out of the mouth of Madame Pelosi.

Since no school in American has ever used this word because not to educate the masses what their rights were, has always been the rule-- I give you the dictionary version here;

Fascism; a totalitarian governmental system led by a dictator and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

Rumsfeld said we were fighting a “new type of fascism.” And to the liberals, all points of view, if not theirs are wrong, which shows that they know the true meaning of fascism and have practiced it to perfection. That’s why they are sticking up for their fascist Islamic friends.

He also said some were suffering from “moral confusion.” What he failed to mention is that the democrats in Congress have no morals to confuse.

Speaking of confusion, Michael Brown(x-FEMA head) today finally figured out the reason he messed up with Katrina is because the Bush Administration had not given him enough money in the first place to take care of the problems before they happened. I guess he has a point. Bush was confused when he appointed him to the office, because his only experience was in horses.

If horses had been drowning in New Orleans, there might have been action.

Nobody’s Perfect; Warren Steed, our current hot polygamist, was caught today not far from Las Vegas. I bet he saw those pictures of Jon Bonet all over TV and went to look for her. Poor guy---caught because he’s been too busy with his harem to watch the news.

Nobody Knows; Hillary today wants more money given to the Woman’s Hall of Fame. She wants to make sure there is enough money to pay some artist to make a two story statue of her to be displayed in the entrance as the most important woman to have ever lived. There will also have to be enough left over for Chelsea’s monument.

I’ve never been to Bill’s Library, but I wonder-- just how much of her is in it? Anyone?

Nobody Cares; a man called up a radio station today, completely shocked because the company he works for told everyone to learn Spanish, due to the fact that they were going to be bringing 40 extra workers up from Mexico, and even give them housing. It’s all legal, of course.

So, now you can’t even teach the person who is going to replace you in English. I suggest all workers teach their replacements some few choice words in English, and tell them to say these words to the boss whenever they don’t understand what he wants.

And if they say these words, they will get it.

And it’s not even a full moon.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What You See Is Not Always What You Get;

Nobody’s Opinion; Good Lord…there was so much stuff on Katrina today that you would have sworn that no time had passed at all. Every single cable station and radio station was reliving Geraldo’s Oscar winning performance.

I almost went outside to look for incoming water.

It was obvious the media was more than happy to get off the John Karr embarrassment. Once again, our keystone cops with it seems, our more usual than not incompetent justice system, arrested a guy without checking out any facts at all. (John Karr)

We can’t do anything right it seems. O.J. was bad enough---9/11, well, supposeively no one had a clue. Most of us can agree we haven’t seen real justice in quite some time.

In fact, it seems to only happen in the movies.

The former past few weeks monolithic news obsession with the Middle East war, and the depressing but obvious fact that Israel and America caved in to the sensitive thugs at the United Nations, was getting us all down. It was demoralizing to hear Iran and Hezbollah parading their peacock victory rants on every news station.

So the Jon-Bonet resurrection was actually perfect timing. I don’t know about you, but that guy looked just a little too confident that he was going to be released no matter what he said. And then we had to watch him being wined and dined, after admitting to a murder. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought he looked like Oswald--a patsy. It’s not going too far in thinking that this was a story thrown to the frenzied media, to get us to look the other way; to cover up the war.

After all, it was the John Karr story that saved us all from hearing over and over about the defeat of Israel, which has emboldened all of the Islamic World to go into a feeding frenzy for the destruction of America and all Jews.

Better we are focused on that pretty little girl, than the terrorists wanting to kill us.

In the meantime Mayor Ray Nagin, the puppet pimp for the Democratic attack machine, has been for the last few days attacking everyone Republican about the reasons the dikes broke, why the people were stranded, how the Federal Government was responsible for everything that happened, etc., etc.,

But that’s what the Democrats do…when guilty, they attack. Like the lover who has been caught in lies, the best defense is the offense, and nobody does it better then the liberals.

President Bush gave a speech in New Orleans today in which he looked like he was on the verge of a complete breakdown. He can barely read, let alone sound optimistic. He is so bad, that even the usual Bush haters are leaving him alone.

Actually, the big and ominous news from Iraq today was the very subdued story that the great Iraq Army went out with our guns, and…joined the other side. They don’t want to go beyond the street in front of their houses to actually go shot anyone.

The free guns, money, clothes, and pay were worth the training though.

Sure, everyone wants freedom. But they have to know what it is before they want it. Iraq hasn’t seen freedom in over 40 years…and that’s just the men. The women have never seen it.

America was free for over a hundred years before King George started getting tyrannical.

So… why do we keep arming our enemies, and teaching them how to fight? You’d think they’d have learned their lesson after arming bin Laden and the Taliban.

But, I got off the subject…sorry.

I was thinking about New Orleans today, (how could I not help?) and just how one little story, can affect the attitude and even economics of a whole nation. A story I witnessed.

Most of us have been to New Orleans, just to experience Mardi Gras. I went once when I was eighteen with my brother to visit a friend of ours, who played bass for Al Hirt’s band.

Now Al Hirt was not only a great and fabulous musician, (the triple tongue King), but he was also a great patron of the parade, and dearly loved all over the city. The man was a legend not only in his music, but in his generosity. Al Hirt and Pete Fountain (anyone under twenty-five, substitute your favorite musicians.) put Beale Street on the map. After their hit records, the tourists starting pouring in to New Orleans from all over.

Now New Orleans has always been a town of whores, musicians, and a port for the sailors, even before WWI. Louie Armstrong describes it pretty well in his autobiography. The whorehouses alone were known all over the world.

After the 1960s, it became haven for the gays. It had the reputation of a garden of hedonism and drugs, and it’s no wonder it was Bill Clinton’s favorite American City. (My Life)

But during the time I was there, it was considered pretty safe for tourists.

You can imagine how excited I was, being out of town for the first time in my life, and being allowed for the first time into a bar. The story starts the night before FAT TUESDAY, and Al Hirt was feeling no pain, as he got up to perform that night in his club.

Al was totally smashed, his picture from that night with me and my brother is above. His lip was swollen up as big as an apple. You see, the story was going around in the city that someone in the crowd had thrown a ROCK at the float that Al Hirt was on it, and it busted his lip up pretty bad. But the real story was that Al had had just a little too much beer and fallen down and cut his lip on a beer can. Rod, the bass player told us not to tell anyone.

So that’s the story that came out all over the nation. New Orleans was no longer safe to visit; Mardi Gras had lost all control. Al Hirt had been viciously attacked. For many years after that, Mardi Gras attendance went down substantially. Everyone then thought it was a city of violence. Who knows how much that story cost the city in lost revenue?

And it was all because they didn’t want to hurt Al, which could be expected. BUT, if the media had thought (hmmm, is this true?) or maybe not even reported it, maybe New Orleans would be more like a Las Vegas now.

Now, I don’t think Al drank much, and I say that because anyone that drank a lot could never have gotten so smashed. And Rod said that he never drank when working.

But that night, was an exception.

What is truly amazing is that the man played from 8 pm until about 4 am in the morning, with a lip that must have been killing him.

He never missed a note. Not one. Jumbo was a giant.

In fact he told us at 1 pm. “I’m going to lock you all in and play the rest of the night, so leave now if you don’t want to stay. “ It was the biggest night of Mardi Gras and he was not going to let us down.

No one left. The music that was made that night was almost beyond human. Dixieland was alive and well…the spirit of New Orleans was kicking Creole…and I, lucky soul, was witness to a concert never repeated.

Many will miss that spirit if it doesn’t come back. So far, it doesn’t look to hopeful.

But back to the point; the competition in the media is so great for ratings now, that anything goes. We all thought the Superdome was a hotbed of gangs, rapes and murders.

Now, it is reported, it wasn’t. I don’t think anyone will ever know the truth.

Frankly, it seems to this nobody that the news is more and more an engine to control just what THEY want us all to be focusing on…telling us not only what stories they think is important, but filling us with disinformation only to come back and change the story.

While the real stories that are going on are never told; like, just why is our President falling apart before our very eyes. Since no one will report it, we can only guess.

Someday the truth is going to come crashing down on us all. When that happens, Katrina I fear will be just a mild warm-up to what we didn’t know.

Nobody’s Perfect; Right---time and time again we heard that the neglect of the city after Katrina was Nagin’s fault, that it was the governor’s fault, that it was the President’s fault, that it was FEMA’s fault. There was so many at fault for Katina, it seems almost planned.

Nobody Knows; Will the population of New Orleans come back? Will the Mexicans move in instead? Will the rich come in and build some outlandish casinos and homes?
Will Mayor Nagin put Sin City up on his computer sometime soon?

Nobody Cares; Tonight on Fox news with Sheppard Smith, he was standing in front of a newly build million-dollar looking home with a Mercedes in the driveway, and down the street was the levee.

The funny thing was that was the only house on the block. All the other poor shacks were not even fit to live in.

I just wonder if that rich guy is going to want the poor people to come back and get into his neighborhood.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Cruise By Viacon, Pass By Ford

Nobody’s Opinion; All last week, besides the “crypt keeper pedophile from Thailand” story, which will be milked until that cow explodes of gas, we kept hearing about Summer Redstone firing Tom Cruise.

There have been all kinds of speculations on this subject by everyone; His last movie did not do what was expected, it’s all about the money they said. But that’s not what Summer Redstone said.

No, according to Redstone, the CEO of Viacom, that great respectable multinational media empire who controls the mindless propaganda of MTV and Nickelodeon, (but who couldn’t control Dan Rather)… Tom was fired because of his off-screen antics.

Yes, VIACOM is a real respectable organization; God forbid Tom Cruise hurt its impeccable image.

Let me see... Viacom puts out MTV, where kids can learn about pimps, how woman are whores, how to hate cops…and how it pays to be a rapper and promote that culture of do nothing but rap all day about how you want yours…NOW. A fine example for the future kids of America. No, don’t be a scientist, or excel in school, instead, quit school you moron and rap! Then you will get on “MTV Cribs” and buy lots of gold chains.

That show alone is enough to cause a class revolution. You watch and you think…some of these people are morons, with no talent, no brains, and they are making millions, while I have to work two jobs, and he has five cars, some with hot tubs in the backseat.

Nothing like pushing the class envy button, which is precisely the thing we are always hearing…40% of the money is owned by one per cent of the people. (Notice it’s always the rich that tell you this.)

The message here is; Hate the system, make a record talking about how unfair it is, then make millions, while doing drugs the rest of your days while riding in limousines, which pull up to beach front property and dancing orgy’s in Miami.”

Thanks Mr. Redstone for promoting that message. And that’s the older kids. Summer, (or is it Sump-pump?)who voted for John Kerry, wants the younger ones brainwashed too, and not just here.

Nickelodeon now is the number one kid show in China.

So, maybe, just maybe there was another reason for Tom Cruise being publicly fired. Tom cares about kids, he is against the schools drugging the kids with Ritalin. He’s even gone to Congress to testify.

The liberals kill me. They are all bellying about how “offended” everyone was, including Oprah, when Tom jumped up on her couch and said “I’m in love and very happy!”

For this episode, he is being vilified? For being in love? Love is a crime now?

Now, I bet, I just bet, if Tom Cruise had jumped up on that couch and said “I’m gay!” he would be on Time Magazine instead of Hillary, and everyone would be so proud and saying the most wonderful things about him.

But since so many are upset…let’s take the argument about money, logically speaking.

If big CEO’s were so concerned about money, then why hasn’t Harrison Ford been “fired.”? He had five flops in a row. FIVE. This was right after he said some real vile thing about President Bush. It was so vile and dirty, I wanted to forget it. I swore I’d never see another movie of his again. I haven’t and I won’t.

But because I purposely forgot, now I can’t find it anywhere. (okay, stupid)

I looked for that quotation on the internet for over two hours. It’s been erased. When you have Al Gore on Google’s board, it’s no wonder. It’s been replaced, because he is coming out with a new movie about Fallujah, No True Glory, in which he plays a general, Jim Mattis.

Something tells me this is NOT going to be a positive film about our boys. Harrison has said; “I am very disturbed about the direction American foreign policy is going.”

So his RECENT quote is “I don’t talk about politics.” Right. He learned his lesson after his five movie bombs. He wants you to see this film. He hoping you have forgotten that nasty comment.

But Tom hasn’t made any political statements that I can remember, but he is against drugs. Scientologists don’t believe in drugs. .

You would think that the liberals, who are against religion, would LOVE scientology, because it isn’t Christianity, and it has that word they love, “science” in it. Go figure.

Also, some of the media are still mad about the Brooke Shields statement. I didn’t take it that he was trying to put Brooke Shields down, in his mind; he was trying to help her. He was just saying that many depression drugs do not solve the problem, they just mask it. And he’s right.

Where he is wrong, is that there is such a thing as chemical imbalances, but there are other ways to deal with them than the usual Prozac, and not just scientology. But hey, he was NOT trying to harm Brooke Shield with that statement.

The usual drugs like Prozac just numb your brain, but, in post partum depression, sometimes you may need to numb your brain, if the choice is suicide.

In fact, Andrea Yates should have been knocked out, and put on double dozes of Prozac, the kids would have done a better job taking care of her.

And even if Scientology is considered odd by many (including me) , it has helped Tom Cruise, Kristie Alley, and John Travolta, so why is that so bad? What--- we can tolerate Islam, a religion that enslaves all women and believes all infidels should die, but not scientology?

No, scientology is a threat to the pharmectiutcal business because they don’t believe in drugs, and there is big money in the pharmaceuticals, and big companies seem to have bought many of our politicians from both parities.

Tom Cruse said. “It’s how you degrade a society, by drugging the piss out of it.”

It’s no wonder Nicole and Tom got a divorce. His x-wife is now a member of the New World United Nations, and Tom wants to think for himself. He has stepped off the global “do as we say and you will be rewarded” merry go round. Good for him.

Think about how silly this is…Tom Cruise jumped up on a couch and said he was in love. For that he gets fired? What does that mean to the rest of us?

Never say you’re in love in public? Saying your wife is going to give up her career and take care of kids is something we must never mention to our boss? This is NOT on the liberal family agenda. Nickelenon is promoting love with multiple partners and gay families, and vists soon from Larry Flint coming with candy.

When Harrison Ford once said "I’m in love, I guess I’m happy,” he was not attacked. They kept it pretty quiet. Love is not being promoted. We found that out with Bill and Hillary.

He also said “Any kind of rubbish goes on the internet and it can have a @%*&king life of its own.”

Wow…I believe Harrison Ford is talking about me. I think I’m in love.

The lesson here is that sheer idiotic news can be presented in such a serious fashion, and repeated as gospel by all of the media, and then it becomes truth.

They have gotten propaganda down to a fine art.Tom Cruise has been destroyed by both parties for being in love, and talking against drugs. When Redstone joins hands with Rupert Murdoch, then I suppose we will have a nation of pimps and drug uses, and unwanted children...uh oh…..we already do.

Bill Cosby has a lot of work to do.

So daily I cruise by MTV, and take a pass on Harrison Ford.

But, I will go and see Tom Cruise again, especially if he does another love movie.

Nobody’s Perfect; Harrison Ford, like Bill Clinton, was a draft dodger. He supports gay marriage. He once ran his car into a post and told everyone he was putting his seatbelt on. He does not wear a wedding ring, but during his menopause stage, he put on an earring. (This made him look really stupid, but don’t tell him.)

Nobody Knows; Harrison Ford once said, “I think something should be done to help alleviate the conditions which have created disenfranchised and angry factions in the Middle East.”

I suggest Harrison get together with Celine Dion and send those poor people some money.

Nobody Cares; Tom Cruise once said “There are people that just want to hate, period.” Remember…liberals…”All you need is love… (Dum... da, da a da.) Love is all you need, love is all you need…love is all you need, and love is all you need…”