Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Deception of Closet Democrats

Nobody’s Opinion; When exactly is Dick Morris going to come out of the closet? In an article this week on NewsMax.---Gore and Giuliani, Spoilers for 2008--- he was reporting that Al Gore and Rudy Giulliani were going to be spoilers for the 2008 elections. Just by using the word spoilers he is injecting the notion into your head that if you vote for Gore or Giulliani you will mess up a good thing. Of course he will say it’s just his professional opinion.

He is really scared of Giulianni, because most conservatives (and quite a few democrats) would vote for Giulianni over Hillary, due to the fact that he did a tremendous job in New York on 9/11. Most Americans of both party feel that if we were to be attacked again, Rudy might be the one person who could be counted on to actually lead the country and stay in the White House, instead of running and hiding in the Colorado bunkers.

So Dick is starting early to effect the elections if he can. Look for him to be doing all kinds of damage from now on up until 2008.

Dick is using his very astute and well-honed manipulative skills to entice you to vote how he wants you to vote, and if you think his way, and vote as he suggests, Hillary will win. As I have said before, Dick is still working for the Clintons, and if not being paid, he still believes the left is right. He is just in disguise. (a democrat in the closet)

He wrote the book suggesting Hillary run against Condi Rice. That was step one; to get the American public used to the idea of woman running. He has to make sure that we, the American public believe that he is a republican.

But he’s not, and if you read and really listen to him it’s pretty obvious.

Dick Morris is always on Sean Hannity and Fox News with Bill O’Reilly. He obviously did a great job in getting Bill Clinton elected. But now he is poising as a savior of the Republican Party. He does his polls, and tells the candidates just how to proceed to win the elections. But, whose side is he on?

He says the front runners are Hillary Clinton and John McCain. But another recent poll not done by him says the frontrunners are Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giulliani, which makes more sense. After all, John McCain did not get far running against President Bush.

Most liberals are having an orgasmic love affair with the one Republican they can always count on to render to their causes, and if McCain (another closet democrat) were to run against Hillary, Hillary would win. And let’s say McCain actually did win (which he probably wouldn’t) he would be just an as liberal a President as Hillary. Every time you turn around he is on TV with the most radical of the democrats helping them achieve their liberal’s agendas. So, they have a win-win situation with a Hillary/McCain ticket.

But the way Dick Morris talks about McCain is pretty hard to take. He says “The problem is that McCain probably can’t win the Republican nomination. He is too independent, original, creative and populist for his party.”

Are these not wonderful words? He knows everyone is sick of both parties, so independents are going to be coming out in full force the next election. So, at the end of the article he suggests that McCain run as an independent, “a race he could win, thereby reshaping American politics forever.”

Come on…John McCain winning on an independent ticket? He looks like a turtle.

Oh wait…what if Al Gore ran on the Green Ticket…would he be reshaping American politics forever Dick? How about if Giuliani ran on the independent ticket, would Dick say the same thing?

I doubt it. Dick sees a good chance for Hillary with a spoiler, (and McCain is perfect for that role) because, then like her husband who would not have won without Perot taking votes away from the Republicans in 1994, McCain would take just enough votes away from the Republican party and Hillary might have a chance then to win.

It the same logic, it worked before, it would work again.

Dick knows this. He thinks you don’t.

Oh, and he just loves Huckabee, (he is not putting all eggs in one basket) as does Bill Clinton. Both of them can’t say enough about this Republican from Arkansas. Dick says he is “a tremendous speaker with a clerical past and a galvanizing presence.”

Right---just who we would want as President, a cleric who speaks well.

One thing you will notice about Dick Morris, he very seldom says what his own personal feelings about his very liberal leanings.

Dick pretends to work for the Republican Party, but clearly, he is trying to set up the election, in order for Hillary to win...and this nobody wishes he would just come out and admit that he loves the liberals. But then, that would spoil it all, wouldn’t it?

Will Dick ever come out of the closet? If Hillary gets elected…we might see the real Dick again.

But right now, he is in the perfect place…pretending to work for the party he is trying to overturn, hiding in the closet of deception.

Nobody’s Perfect; Paris Hilton backed up and smashed into a Honda Civic today. Now I can say I actually have something in common with her. I have backed up into my own cars in my own driveway, not once, not twice, but three times---and no paparazzi were chancing me. I just had my mind on other things. Good thing I wasn’t driving an SUV. As my husband always says.” It’s a blond thing.” Of course, my husband has hit other people’s cars, so I could say about him,” It’s a blond thing.”

Nobody Knows; Why all these records of the government are being stolen? Let’s see, they stole the records of 1,500 employees of the country’s nuclear weapons stockpile; personal information of about 2.2 million active-duty National Guard and Reserve troops and the data of 26.5 million U.S. military veterans. What is it all for? Are they running out of social security numbers for the Mexicans?

Nobody Cares; Hillary said today that she was glad that Al-Zarqawi was dead, because she saw personally what they did to that wedding room in Jordon. Bill and Chelsea were there with her.

What’s the matter Hillary…didn’t you see the beheading he did on TV? How about everyone else that he and his merry bandits have killed in Iraq? Do you think that real patriots are impressed by you saying that you are glad he’s dead that we think you will be a good President? No, you wanted to send a freebee out to your very important connections in Jordon, and also make the public aware that you still have a family with Bill and Chelsea. Please. You need to call Dick Morris up and get a few more tips how to be more convincing. He is actually pretty good at the art of disguise.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Cervical Terror Alert!

Nobody’s Opinion; Thursday it was reported, a brand new vaccine was approved by the big guys on the federal level, that will protect a woman from getting cervical cancer, and warts.

I’m sure the name and trademark were well researched because they came up with the name of Gardasil…get it…it will guard you? It might protect you from cancer, but your still at risk for Aids, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, and many bad boyfriends. You are much more likely to get these others, but they haven’t got around to a vaccine for these yet.

These are the same guys that approved Vioxx, which everyone now admits was a big mistake. Oops…lots of people died, and the company that put it on the market Marck & Co. Inc., is still reeling from lawsuits. This same company now gives you Gardasil. They really need a hit right now for the bottom line, and probably those CEO retirement pensions, so they decided to release onto the world, a wonderful vaccine to be given to young girls, preferably at the age of nine.

Never mind that in a country of over 360 million only, of which lets just guess half are women, only 3,700 actually die from it a year.

For this clear and present danger, they are thinking about making it mandatory for all American school children.

Gee, can’t you just see mom taking her young daughter to the family gynecologist and trying to explain to her the concepts of stirrups and a needle that goes into a spot that she needs to protect…from what…toilet bowls? Just what is she going to tell her?

And she has to go through this not once, but three times?

Also in the small print is the fact that 80% of cervical cancer occurs in third-world countries, probably the ones where prostitution is the main occupations of woman who would not eat if they did not serve some pimp.

Bill Gates has already jumped on the bandwagon; he’s going to get the $300.00 vaccine for little girls all over the world, to sell at the bargain price of $5.00. Bill is famous for getting vaccines to the world’s children.

Well, one must do something with all that money.

Sometimes I wonder if Bill Gates didn’t just settle that big lawsuit bought on him by Bill Clinton when he was President. His payment…Bill Gates donates millions to buy the vaccines for the entire world. He seems to be at all of Bill’s global imitative specials, right up there with Bono.

Two Bill’s and a Bono…sounds like a bad rock band.

There are some experts that actually don’t think all these vaccinations are doing us a lot of good. One is a guy named Neil Z. Miller, a vaccine investigator, who insists we didn’t have cancer in epidemic numbers, that autoimmune ailments were barely known, and childhood autism did not exist before mass vaccinations programs began fifty years ago. Come to think of it, he has a point. And here we thought it was McDonalds.

I don’t know about you, but it seems for the last 20 years the government is trying their darnest to get everyone vaccinated. And coming up with new diseases to vaccinate is getting harder.

We had scores of men quitting the military service because Clinton made the anthrax vaccine mandatory when he was in office. Lots of guys were getting sick, and did not want to risk it.

After 9/11 we had the smallpox scare. We were told that the government was spending billions to get ready for the likely smallpox terror attack.

Then we got the West Nile Virus, which was going to sweep through the country and kill all old people and their pets. We were again told to get vaccinated.

This one scared my neighbor so much; she wanted me to get rid of my little backyard above ground pool. She was convinced she was surely going to get bit and die. I wasn’t going to tell her she could get bit outside her backyard, but I didn’t think she would take that information too well. Only my chlorinated pool was filled with West Nile.

She is still alive. For some reason, she wasn’t concerned about me.

Then Sars came along, and went. That terror lasted about a nano-second. And have you noticed lately that the bird flu, which the President was doing his best Al Gore scare tactic with, again ordering vaccines to be stocked up quickly----sort of disappeared?

What happened? As I write this, the news of Gardasil was just announced on the radio… being sold with as much American corn-porn marketing as can be mustered.

After all, there is an economy to save

I don’t know why they don’t just put up a vaccine terror alert on the news each night---
Sort of like that color-coded terror alert they used after 9/11.

“And now, for your vaccine alert….Today, you have a chance of getting run over by a car, infected with road rage, bit by your dog, sprayed with a chem. trail, spit upon by an illegal alien, coughed on by some kid at a grocery store…you could have a stroke, get a headache, develop painful corns, or have a fatal heart attack from listening to the news. As you know, there are federally approved vaccines for all of these dangerous conditions. Please go to you local Wal-Mart for your pick of what you might need. Don’t wait. Better to be safe than sorry. And now… the weather.”

Anyway, most people I know who have ever gotten a flu vaccine always got sick.

Yes, President Bush has been vigilant in getting all those vaccines in production, and he is sure to tell us there is never enough. Since he knows that all the diseases are going to come in from Mexico, he wants, I guess to be prepared. He knows that all those immigrants coming in from all over the world are not being checked for diseases.

So what’s going on?

Why…the more diseases the better! We have lost all manufacturing base, but there is great money to be made in the vast medical/pharmaceuticals/ world of stock options. It’s been actually wonderful---we now have the mumps back, tuberculosis is on the rise, and meningitis (which has a vaccine) has made a strong comeback. Even measles is getting stronger, all the diseases that all the children got vaccinated against are making a big comeback.

Got to be good for business.

Did you know that since polio was eradicated, the only polio cases reported were actually caused by the vaccines?

Vaccines can be good…as least the old ones were. But making a nine year old girl get a vaccine for something that she probably will never develop, unless she decides to drop out of school and work at the Chicken Ranch, borders on stupid.

So, where is that stupid vaccine? Now that’s one worth paying for.

Nobody’s Perfect; Some lady today, right across the river from me, got mad when her puppy died. She went to the lady who sold her the puppy and started beating her with it. I’m expecting Mreck to develop a dead puppy vaccine soon, as it is obviously needed.

Nobody Knows; Vaccines are made from cell lines, some of which are derived from cancer. Many researchers believe that HIV was introduced into gays during the experimental Hepatitis B vaccine trails when thousands of gays were injected in Los Anelges, San Francisco, and New York during the years 1978-1981. Also the WHO (World Health organization) sponsored a vaccine program in Africa in the 1970’s--- a smallpox program which unleashed AIDS in Africa. The vaccine was contaminated. Smallpox is an excellent virus to use for the genetic engineering of new multi-purpose vaccines. Mmmmmm…

Nobody Cares; Nobody seems to care that our children might be at risk with all the vaccines (at least 22 before school) that are being forced on our children. Some even think that the rise in autism, asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and ADD is due to vaccines. If this cervical cancer vaccine is mandated for young American girls before they can attend school, then we should insist that every teacher have it also, or no dice.

I think I’ll take my chances. I’m more worried about getting hit by a Mexican truck driver. Which makes me wonder…are the insurance companies going to cover this?
Another mmmmmmm...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's a Knockout

Well, this may be a little risque, but it goes with the story below.

This picture is proof that not all Mexicans are hard workers. This picture shows that, if they keep on invading America, they will take on our worst habits...which is having the proclivity to lie around on beaches, doing nothing.

This Mexican obvioulsy is waiting for the next showing of the Movie "A Day without a Mexican" or the next stiff wind.
Read on to find out what happens. Which hat is likely to blow off first? Was this picture taken in Mexico, or down the street from Barbra Streisand's house? Can anyone identity this man?
If so, send information to the FBI. He might be a Kennedy....on ambian. In that case, he needs help.

No, I take that back, leave him alone and send me another picture.

Mexicans, Hillary, Ann Coutler...A Day For A Fight

Nobody’s Opinion; I was trying to find something to write about tonight…I was leaning toward the fight between Hillary and Ann Coulter. It’s so silly because if you have ever read anything that Ann Coulter has written and then anything that Hillary Clinton has written, you would understand why they are all attacking her. Ann Coulter is a genius. Hillary’s writing (and reasoning) compared to Ann Coulter’s laser logic and irrefutable, out of this universe intelligence, is like seeing a third grader trying to swim the length of a pool, and an Olympic medal winner do it.

No wonder everyone is out to get her…Ann reveals it all. In fact, I vote we put Ann Coulter on a Wheaties box and make her the “Breakfast of Champions.” for 2006.

But, that was boring compared to the movie I watched tonight on cable called, “A Day without a Mexican.” directed by Sergio Arau. CNN is in on this, and it was the 2nd highest box office hit in Mexico.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t.

Here it is in a nutshell; In California, one day, just out of the blue…all Mexicans disappear. Poof, they’re gone. All the white and rich people, (making you think that all white people in California are rich) are depicted in each scene as bigoted, racists, ignorance, helpless, stupid, and mean …really suffer in very lives when the Mexicans vanish, and end up begging the Mexicans to come back.

The border guards are depicted as mean and stupid. But in the end when the Mexicans come back they are just so happy to be able to keep their jobs. Without Mexicans they will not eat because they will have nothing to do. They can’t get other jobs, because they are too stupid.

After the Mexicans disappear all the people in California starve because there is no one picking the crops. Los Angeles has no traffic; tomatoes become as valuable as drugs. Trash is everywhere making you think that it’s only the Mexicans picking it up.

This is really funny, because Mexicans when not working leave trash everywhere. Just ask the people on the borders. Mexico City is the cesspool of the world. So, just to get out of the trash, I can see why they flock here. They need to trash new territory.

Truly, instead of English, maybe Al Gore could give them lessons in recycling.

In the movie there is a young white lady who is married to a Mexican musician but when he disappears we learn that she has been fooling around with her neighbor and has his child, and the innocent Mexican man has no clue…right.

I can’t give you a plot, because there was no plot. Everything was bad, the acting, and the script…even the camera work.

In actuality it was a very poor piece of propaganda, and meant to “wake” up American to just how much the Mexicans would be missed if they weren’t allowed to come into this country. They so desperately want you to know it.

I have a feeling that it just might backfire. Especially at the end, when they show a gang of Mexicans pushing up a latter in a fruit field, replicating the soldiers at Iwo Jima and the flag.

For all the people whose fathers served in WWII in the Pacific, that was it. OK…someone is really trying to pick a fight.

Wait…were those really Mexicans at the Revolutionary war fighting the British? Were those Mexicans on the shores of Normandy? Did Mexico free the black slaves? Was it Mexico that made California into the state it became? Did the Mexicans go to Vietnam? Did the Mexicans invent electricity? Did they invent the airplane? Did they invent the computer chip? How about the television? Or the telephone that they so love to use?

Well, according to this film, we Americans could not survive a DAY…not one, without the Mexicans.

What really takes the cake is this… what in the world is this doing on a movie channel, disguised as a “comedy.”

Ok, who owns STARZ? Vicente Fox?

All through the film you get these little “facts” thrown up…like “60%” of all crops in California are picked by Mexicans.

And…California, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona...etc…were once inhabited by Mexicans.
(Therefore making you think that it belongs to them.)

They are selling this to the Mexicans, and the Mexicans are buying it. Hey, a lot of Americans who don’t know any better are buying this.

On top of that, today President Bush was telling Spanish people they should learn English, but he was speaking to them in Spanish.

Well, why the hell should they? If the President of the United States can speak Spanish to them, then everyone else should too!

Oh…did I mention that all the Mexicans in the movie are just wonderful, caring, sweet and abused? No drug lords…no prison gangs…and it was even suggested that we start learning Spanish so that they can forgive us for being so mean. At the end of the film, the mean and bigoted Senator does just that, learns Spanish.

It’s bad enough that we have to get ALL sitcom actors spewing lines in Spanish...think about it. I’ve seen almost every television show trying to make the Americans learn Spanish by having their favorite TV idols speak it every week, somewhere in the show.

It’s gotten that sad.

This is sold as a comedy folks, but it’s not funny. At the very end of the film, you find out just who is behind it, because the very last thing that is heard is, “They never did find the weapons of mass destruction!”

The film was so absurd, I even wonder if it wasn’t meant to start a fight, in fact, some reporters should ask Hillary Clinton and Ann Coulter what each ones thinks about the movie and give them something else to fight about.

We know the end to this. Hillary, the coward that she is will just say “I haven’t seen it.” And Ann Coulter would say…”It’s trash.”

And the winner….Ann Coulter…by a knockout.
This nobody’s advises everyone to see this film, and then…go have tequila and cuss in your own family’s favorite dialect.

Nobody’s Perfect; I’m sure Hillary has not even read Ann Coulter’s new book Godless, it would be way above her reading level.

Nobody’s Knows; Why is it that when white people go to church in America and believe in God, they are depicted as idiots, religious fanatics, and morons in leftist movies, yet when Spanish people light a candle and pray, they are depicted as good and righteous, as if God prefers them over others? The left is going to have a hard time with this spin in the upcoming elections.

Nobody Cares; I don’t get it. All the liberals have been doing since President Bush has been in office is calling him every vile and vicious name in the world. BUT, Ann Coulter, is taking out of context and says something about the widows of 9/11 (which seems to be true) and even the right come after her. I didn’t see many coming to her defense. Gee Ann, you can’t win.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's All In the Family of Meatheads

Nobody’s Opinion; Rob Reiner, known to most of America as “Meathead” wants to get the children of California into state nanny care as soon as possible. Kindergarten is no longer good enough. By the time they get to the age of five, their little brains have already been programmed by whose knows what kind of horrible parents.

He has introduced Proposition 82, which would tax anyone who makes over $400,000, a year, with a goal to collect 2.4 billion a year for the poor suffering little children who are not old enough to go to school, and are at this very moment being taught unforgivable and anti-liberal things daily from some idiot parent…things like:

1. Daddy is a man, mommy is a woman
2. It’s ok to fight back, if someone hits you.
3. George Washington was a great man.
4. Do not cheat on your tests.
5. Animals and trees are not as important as people.
6. If you need help, ask mom or dad.
7. Next to George Washington, Ronald Reagan was America’s favorite President.
8. Always ask questions if you are confused.
9. There is a God.

It’s just killing him that all these children are-- god forbid, being left alone with their own parents, thereby making them impossible to “control” once they get into school. He is on a “save the children crusade”, which I am sure he hopes takes him to the White House.

This is why I’m suggesting right here, a very logical and if I must admit, very generous nobody’s wishful conspiracy theory;

Hillary Clinton should get rid of Bill Clinton, and marry Rob Reiner. She would actually look better in the eyes of the world and still wear the pants in the family--- a family of meatheads. It will save Rob Reiner some time.

You are welcome Hillary. I’ve found your perfect match.

After all, nobody in the United States believes Hillary and Bill are man and wife anymore (not that they ever were) and she would impress many of the feminists, who would see a wonderful man in Rob Reiner. This might get her a few more votes for President.

Hillary loves the subject of pre-school. In face, in her book “It Take a Village” she was in awe of the French state nanny system which gets the little bugers as young as 2 weeks old. She thought it was the most wonderful thing since Hillary’s Health Care.

Hillary and Rob know that the brain is still forming during the first years of life. You can put the propaganda that will influence a whole lifetime into those developing synapses. This is also when the “bonding” occurs. And bonding children to the state according to these two meatheads would actually save the world from hunger, pain, and poverty.

The experts agree that it is estimated that half of all our knowledge---our life’s knowledge—is locked in during the first year. During the second year we learn half as much as we did during the first. Now, get the kid when he is four years old and just learning to talk and reason, and there is no limit to what you can do to mold their little minds.

They could raise a whole nation of obedient liberal meatheads. The schools are doing pretty well now, but just think of the possibilities!

Of course, like affirmative action, there will be casualties. All the low to middle income women who run nearly all the private care centers would have to get a bachelor’s degree and a one-year certificate in early childhood, at their own expense. They would be paying higher wages to people whom they would have no control over. All teaching would be state mandated. Many minorities and woman would be driven out of business, but you won’t hear that mentioned.

They don’t care about the rich or the poor here. What are important are their grand plans to control the whole history of humanity.

Long ago, by surprise, I found a book in a parking lot that had something to say about this subject…and believe me, it was rare find. It was called the “Dairy and Observations” by Thomas Edison, who preferred the Montessori Method of learning.

In 1948 he wrote; “Our system of education is a relic of past ages. The trouble with our way of education as generally followed is that it does not give elasticity to the mind. It casts the brain into a mould. It insists that the child must accept. It does not encourage original thought of reasoning, and it lays more stress on memory than observation. It breeds fear and from fear comes ignorance.”

You won’t find Thomas Edison in too many of Time Life's books. This dumbing down of our children has been going on since before Edison. Hey, I ought to know! I’m still pissed off at my sixth grade teacher who insisted I was crazy in front of the whole class when I told her that the “New Math” made absolutely no sense.

Years later, Richard Feynman (Nuclear physicist who worked at Los Alamos) lead a national movement to get it taking out of all public school system saying the same thing.

Wait! UPDATE…I just heard on the radio (l a.m.) that the taxpayers, despite the fact that their children score 47th among the 50 states on national tests, have just voted the proposition down.

There is life in California!

That does it--- Hillary and Meathead will now have to get married in order to save the children and to get their visions of state nanny and state medical fascism into the national mandate.

And if Hillary loses the election for President, and Bill Clinton replaces Kofi Annan at the United Nations, he can make home schooling illegal and mandate all children to be taken at birth to be put in home schools. This means she will have to stay married to him.

Sorry Hillary--- a meathead would have been preferably to a hound-dog…

You should know by now that when you hang around with meatheads, you can never tell which way they will roll. (….oooobad--- throwing pasta’s at nobody’s not allowed.)

Nobody’s Perfect; Rob Reiner is forgetting that every human being also has genetic proclivities that can override any “environmental” teachings you may try: just ask Jeffery Dalmer’s parents.

Nobody’s Knows; Meathead got his liberal proclivities from his liberal father Carl Reiner. I don’t think anybody cares if this was a liberal gene passed down, or if he just hung around too many of his father’s Hollywood friends. Science says!...Probably half and half.

Nobody Cares; Meathead says he got interested in child development when he got his first divorce and found out that he was personally screwed up from the time that HIS parents got divorced when he was small, therefore making him a very screwed up Meathead that he obviously has not gotten rid of. (whew!)

Nobody’s Fool: Like the “path to citizenship” we have not heard the last from Meathead and his “path to little meatheads.”

The Titanic 666

Nobody’s Opinion: Boy, it sure is hard to be jolly these days. For the first time in our history most of us feel like we are on the U.S. Titanic and our leaders having already gotten off the sinking boat. We were all just going along our merry way, when one day, we turn on our TV’s and see what seems to be half of Mexico marching through our streets demanding their rights. To some of us, this came as a great surprise. We were having a hard enough time with the cannonade of mounting problems: from an attack on our own soil, to another long war in the Middle East, high gas prices, insecurities about retirement, and then this invasion of Mexico. This iceberg is as large as ten states, and the mass flood has already caused the sinking of at least four of our states. We are already going down, and there are not many lifeboats waiting for the natives.

Can you cry “help!” in Spanish?

Then we find out…surprise! Your Congress and your President think that we should bypass all laws and invite these poor Mexicans, to come on in and hop on board. In fact, the treaties to make a North American Merger have already been signed. The plans of the merger are to be completed by 2010.

Karl Rove says don’t worry about it. Most of these Mexicans just want to come here, get rich, and then move back to Mexico. What he forgets to tell you, is that…this enlightened Mexican might move back to Mexico, but he will leave his wife, ten kids, and all his other relatives here.

Forget your representative government. They know the time has come for the implementations of this planed invasion. They have secured their seats for years, and they know, short of a revolution, there is not a thing you can do about it.

The rich and powerful will be in the lifeboats watching, while the rest of America goes down, bit by bit, screaming and kicking until the last man drowns in despair.

Yes, it’s hard to be jolly. Pathological leaders seem to want to actually put in motion the beginnings of some sort of Biblical apocalypse. They know the power of these prophesies of long ago, in the psyche of men, and like a blueprint to be carried out, they have decided it can be an excuse for all kinds of power grabs.

Whether you believe in it or not doesn’t matter. The mark of the beast…666…is in modern times the microchip in our hands…and if you don't have this microchip in your hand or forehand, you won’t be able to buy or get paid.

Hey, guess what? They are a reality. They even have a small chip called the ‘Momdex’.
Most everyone trusts mother.

Just twenty years ago we could not have even imagined this. But after 9/11 our perceptions have changed.

O.K., we can all see this happening…every day we are told that there could be suitcase nukes right here in the United States. We are being told to stack up on supplies. And maybe in the aftermath, we will all have to be ‘tagged’ so that everyone can be tracked.

According to the Bible, 3 billion people will lose their lives. Jesus will come down and take the ones that believe in him, which means you will be happy to die because you won’t want to stick around for the bad stuff. Not exactly a good way to get believers.

But, most of us are not superstitious. An intelligent person knows that superstition ain’t the way because, well…Stevie Wonder said so…(just kidding) no…we know that black cats don’t bring bad luck, walking under a ladder is kind of fun, and throwing salt over your shoulder usually just gets the person behind you mad.

Unless of course you are a ballplayer, then wearing your jock strap and never washing it--- actually does work, and gives you home runs.

On the other hand there are enough of us that have seen too many unexplainable things in life, not to mention witnessing the insanity in our own government recently, we are thinking that maybe we should actually pay attention to these warnings.

Like the warnings of Al Gore, who is already broadcasting the end…

Then the real question is;… just who is the anti-Christ?

Some people have thought Bill Clinton fits the anti-Christ. Some people think its George Bush. Some people think its bin Ladin.

Many have suspected Simon on American Idol.

We must remember if any of these men are evil in disguise it’s because they have gotten too much power and have become megalomaniacs completely immersed in the belief that only they have the answers to the world’s problems. They’ve had too many rides on Air Force One.

It certainly wasn’t anything supernatural that gave them this delusion of grandeurs. They got there all by themselves.

Besides, the beast is suppose to have a severe head injury and recover, then wake up from a coma and demand a cashless society---and mandatory marks on our wrists. Anyone who refuses his mark will have their throats slit.

And I thought cable rates were bad---reminds me of a Manson concert.

Maybe we should pass an amendment saying that all elected officials, including Presidents should spend a day once a month in different cities helping the garbage men pick up trash , to get them a sense of prospective.

Even better, they should be made to lead men into battle, like George Washington did.

My guess is, tomorrow will come and go, and all of us will be going through the day looking to blame any bad luck on supernatural events beyond our control, instead of blaming ourselves for being human and making stupid mistakes.

I certainly plan on doing it.

And anyway, you might as well have a good time, especially if you are a soldier right now in Iraq and you believe you are living in a hell on earth, because you may be right.

Like the musicians on the Titanic, who played up until the great boat, went under, if we are actually living in the times of the apocalypse, we might as well have some fun.

What else it there to do? So…have a happy 666 day, and remember what T. S. Eliot said;
“This is the way the world ends/ not with a bang but a whimper.”

Nobody’s Perfect; Then again, if something really bad happens tomorrow, I will be feeling once again, pretty stupid and have no one to blame but myself.

Nobody Knows; The beast and the anti-Christ, according to the experts, will be a really good looking man, so that leaves out Bill Clinton and George Bush. George Clooney comes to mind…or Brad Pitt. Hey, this could be good news…I can’t think of a single person alive that is totally to die for that everyone on the earth will think he is the next savior. So until Angelina Jolie gets a sex change, we are safe.

Nobody cares; Have you noticed that nobody seems to care that President Bush is trying to get an Constitutional amendment passed for marriage between a man and a woman? Could it be because we are not being invaded by gay men?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Is This Man for Real?

OK...I don't know what year this was..probably 1994, but this guy is still there and has great plans to take over the world. He wants to be President and send us all to Alvin Toffler's school of the Third Way.

Remember, Alvin once said "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, or relearn."

Well, I'm not going to unlearn how to drive a car, I don't care what they say.

I guess this means you don't have to read or write, but you must learn to accept homosexuals as normal, communism as a wonderful way of life, and how to stop complaining about your government, because, with Newt at the helm, you will become great citizens of the world.

And why is that you say? Because the King of the Hill commands it.

And if you think just because this guy goes around saying he's a proud American, and then hangs out with marxists and thinks you are so stupid you won't know the difference, that you will still want him to be your President--- then go have another drag of whatever drug you are on, and be happy that you won't have to worry anymore.

The one party of The Third Way is coming to your home soon, and I suggest we nuke it. Read on for details......

It's Your Way, The Highway, or The Third Way

Nobody’s Opinion; This weekend on C-Span, Newt Gingrich interviewed Alvin Toffler…author of Future Shock, The Third Wave, and the just released Revolutionary Wealth, which I’m sure is going to explain to all poor people in the world just how unbelievably even richer some very choice other people are going to be in the future…not that we need a book to know that.

Newt was pretty silly, not even trying to hide his absolute worshiping of this little Marxist, who had the face of a benevolent grandfather. Newt, who is supposed to be a conservative, was fluttering and flushing with excitement. You would have thought he was talking to the inventor of cybersex.

When a man beams and says he reads the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times every day, and says that the United States is “decadent,” while the Asian countries are NOT…then you wonder why in the world would a man like Newt Gingrich gush and blush all over him?

Why? Because Newt, like Clinton, Blair, and most all of the New World Order leaders of the world believe in the “The Third Way.”

In fact, Bill Clinton mentioned it in his 1998 State of the Union address. “My fellow Americans…we have found a third way.”

We all thought he was remembering his last three-some---somewhere in the Oval Office.

Alvin bragged about how his book, The Third Wave was the second bestseller in China the year it came out. He did not make a dime off it, but he didn’t care. Both Newt and Alvin are convinced that his book helped revolutionized China leaders into understanding how to get rich…how to work capitalism into communism. In other words, how to make the peasants work harder to make more money for the leaders at the top of the communist party. America was then swamped with China’s products. Our government did not ask or insist on equal trade, gee thanks guys.

And when you think about it, we the American people are not too far behind the Chinese worker. We also work very hard to enrich the millionaires at the top of our government.

But that’s another road.

I figured that, now that we are getting a new slave race of peasants from Mexico, Newt and Alvin think that maybe we will catch up to China. They are hoping to be the ones to control the merging of Canada, Mexico, and America, into a New Third Way.

And China is now finally letting in our big international companies. Our politicians think free trade will eventually turn the Communists on to democracy. Well, maybe the people will want more freedom, but, the people of China do not have a chance it seems.

China thinks that with The Third Way, they will become rich enough to destroy us. In the meantime, with all we owe her now, she pretty much owns us.

But Newt and Alvin do not care, as long as they stay rich and in power. It’s pretty much that simple. They can tell themselves they are making the world more equitable all they want, but basically, they are both control freaks.

In The Third Way, you can forget the old constitution, even the parities. We will be talked down to by all politicians and CEOs in the future. We will be scolded and told that we are backwards because the change will be good for us. Don’t fight it, children, or you will certainly end up on the road to devastation. So sorry to tell you.

Now I looked up the third way. The goals are:
To retrieve the power of government, not to deny the power of government
Reconstruct all public institutions. (And that includes the family)
Deconstruct markets; get rid of rampant consumerism and inequalities.
A strong welfare state and redistribution has to be beefed up and controlled.

And Newt, a Republican, thinks this is a good thing.

What is so nauseating about all of this nonsense is that Alvin acts as if HE has studied the world, it’s people and it’s history, and has stood on the sidelines analyzing us like ants, and is now telling us that the family is certainly NOT necessary at all, and that if we don’t get rid of churches and our old fashioned values from the “20th century” the social changing that is coming will hurt us much more than Katrina. Why, can’t we see that in order to come into the 21st technology century, we have to learn to change?

Get ready for all democrats to use the word “change” in every single speech. They will act like if you don’t want to change then you are really stupid.

Capitalism will soon be attacked... Bill Clinton said that our government was into “crony capitalism..” just last week.

Maybe Bill is having to pay for it, now that he is not President.

And what is even more despicable is Alvin has the audacity to act as if this change is a natural evolution of the human being; instead of what is really is…a systematic attack on the institutions of the family and religion in order for this new form of communism to take over. Oh…but it’s not communism, it’s a new way! All the current world leaders (which includes Newt) are in on this, they are the new Revolutionary Rich.

This nobody suspects that China and some of our top leaders have come together to form this New World Order or “Third Way.” They just have to be careful how they sell it. It seems to merge the wonderful system of communism, but keeps in a little capitalism so that the ones at the top can get even more rich and more powerful

They are just so excited they can hardly contain themselves.

Oh, but they won’t forget you. They will make sure you get free health care. You will just have no freedom, but they figure you don’t really need it, as long as you have the latest cell phone, computer, and new gadgets to make you happy.

Get off the farm you bumpkins, and try sex with more than one goat. You might like it.

I remember seeing Newt not too long ago talking about how our government was experimenting on certain “social” programming in our prisons. I was shocked. I thought it was against conservative principals to try to “brainwash” an individual, even if that person was in prison.

The Third Way endorsers will come right out and tell you they want the world to be reconquered by the left.

Fathers and mothers will no longer be the norm. In fact, we are almost there already.
And I’ve got to hand it to them. They have done a good job making the public think that it’s just natural events that have gotten us to this point instead of what it has really been; a systematic planned destruction of the Great American Republic.

And that road has been long and paved with many American Traitors.

Watch out for Newt to go down the third way road towards the Presidential nomination.
After all, he will have Alvin Tessler supplying the gas.

I for one hope they have a flat.

I suggest the American people get out Frank Sinatra’s famous song and sing as loud as we can…:”I did it MY WAY.”

And Newt and Alvin can play it on their I-Pods on some permanant road to China. After all, they prefer the Asians, they should just stay there.

We’ll even pay for the gas.

Nobody's Perfect; I must admit, the only Alvin Toffler book I've read is Future Shock. I read it years ago, and quickly forgot it. Even though I would like to read every book ever printed, I realize that this would be impossible of course, and will settle for just one more, if I must...

Nobody Knows;Alvin did mention that Karl Marx had called him...actually, how old would that make Alvin? Who does his hair?

Nobody Cares; Clinton has been hanging around with some billionaire named Belinda stronack, a politician in Canada. She insists that the rumor is "A Republican plot." Wow, you would think they could come up with a new soundbite.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dogs Beat Politicians

Nobody's Opinion; This picture reminds me of the one thing that politicians have in common with dogs. They can make the biggest mess if you leave them alone.

I'm sure most American would agree, dogs are to be preferred over politicians because unlike our politicians in Washington--- dogs are loyal to their masters. Dogs protect their masters property with the vengence of a Marine. Dogs appreciate the money you spend on them, and you can always count on them to be there when you are down.

I'm thinking most Congressmen could use a few dogs in their offices. They would help with the shredding of the evidence. When a dog shreds's gone. They can put back together the paper from the shredding machines. That just shows you once again how they can waste our tax money.

Last night my monitor crashed, so I had to do something else besides rant on with opinions. I actaully got some things done, like picking up the mess that my dog made.

Have you ever noticed there are some people that like dogs, and some people that like cats? There are many dog lovers that hate cats? Why is that ?

I can find turtles amusing. But, I do love my dogs. In fact, I have no idea how anyone would want to go through life without a dog of some kind. Even though they are impossible to potty train, and sometimes chew up your stereo system, or pee on your bed, the unconditional love they give you is worth any minor setback.

Anyway, the good news is, I went out and got a brand new monitor, and now I can actaully see all my typing mistakes.

Does this mean there will be less?

Only my dog knows for sure.

And by the way...the dog in this picture is not mine. I have no idea who he (or she) belongs to..but he is cute just the same. He is just being a dog.

And a politician can't help being a politican and screwing up our lives.

Tomorrow I should be back on track...I had a whole day...of enjoying the weather...(sorry AL)

And after listening to Newt Gingrich interview Mr. Alvin Toffler on C-Span today, I am more than ready to pontificate on their "third way" power trip. My dog patiently listened to my opinons on these two self-important bloviators and agreed with every thing I said.

And that 's why dogs are superior to Congress. If the dogs were ruling...we'd be in better shape.

See you on Monday.