Saturday, December 04, 2010

Invictus Maneo!

Invictus Maneo!
(I remain unconquered)

Nobody Wins: Here's the deal: While we sit wondering if "Bush's" tax "cuts" are going to be left in place, during this lamest of a 111st cesspool called our Congress, they have gone into gridlock, so that in just a few days, all of us will be selling off our old Nike's to try to keep up with the deeper depression and the truckload of new taxes coming our way.

Obama has played his typical class warfare card out: It's just not right that all you poor people have to pay for us rich folks.

Well, for starters, you can stop flying around, Obama. Next time you want to talk to somebody---pick up the phone.

The Republicans say: If we tax the rich, we tax all the small businesses, the only thing left holding up the pay of all you government employees, and the house falls.

And that's true. There's only a few remaining small businesses left to conquer. Getting rid of all small farmers, small businesses, is the job of the big boys. It's the way it works... right?

Wiping out that little guy...that's why they spend millions to the cesspool of the well.

So, how convenient for them both. When nothing is done, each can blame each OTHER.

If neither one gives in, then we ALL pay big-time next year, which will basically be a great thing for both of them, as they desperately need the money to keep all their big jobs...and keep the global plans going.

And there is nothing the multinational companies would like better. They've already got a 'Get out of jail free card.' GE, Verizon, Toyota, and I'm sure the list goes on) were handed billions just to keep that stock ticking.

So what happens to us?

There is good news! Obama just announced today that he has signed a trade agreement with...hold your breathe...don't get too excited... South Korea!

We can protect and defend their country from China...and we can send

I'm sending my crabapples by UPS..along with instructions on how to can crabapples and make crabapple jelly. Hey, it's the least we can do for Monsanto.

How about You?

(Yes, if you must know, I'm genetically programmed to be crabby.)


Friday, December 03, 2010

Nobody Flashes Some Real Joy!

Nobody Flashes: Well dog-gone it, I've been in a huffy mood lately, but I just had to post this to get myself out of my own funk.

Enjoy! (Thanks to Tom Beebe!)


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Charlie Rangel -Tells the Truth

There is something wrong in a government where they who do the most have the least. There is something wrong when honesty wears a rag, and rascality a robe: when the loving, the tender, eat a crust, while the infamous sit at banquets.-----Robert G. Ingersoll

Nobody Reports: Charlie Rangel was all over the news today, bemoaning his innocence to the Congress and the American people for the unethical crimes he has committed against the People's House.

It is unfair he said, that he should be humiliated for the crime of not paying income taxes for 17 years. After all, he writes the taxes.

To Charlie, who never met a sucker he didn't's almost a crime in itself.

BUT, Nobody Reports that there is a good reason why he has lied and made excuses, and basically acted like the untouchable mob boss of Harlem.

We have just discovered he has the soul of Frank Lucus inside of him. A soul he picked up at the Punta Cana Yacht Club, while doing a voo-doo dance one night with Maxine Waters. He blacked out, woke up, and there was Frank...telling him what to do. So he just did what Frank said.

And Charlie gave us this picture of Frank (as you can see, he's been inside Charlie for quite some time) as proof.

Poor Charlie. I suggest he honor Frank's soul, and go to jail for his crimes, like Frank did.
It's the least an old soldier can do for his country.

Oh...I forgot. Charlie can't go to jail...he couldn't take his Mercedes.

Nobody Reports One last tidbit: Charlie also has something in common with Bill Clinton: The Rockefellers helped both of them kick- start their careers.

One was 'impeached' by Congress, and the other has now been censured by Congress.

So, who or what is in THEIR souls?


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It Takes Real Class to Make Mommy Bush Do It

Nobody Knows just how cleverly the put-down of the tea party and Sarah Palin was done by the Bush family.

And the more I think about it, the madder it makes me. Listen to this again,...You can't tell me that Daddy Bush is that ignorant about politics and that the tea party is Mainstream America, instead of a bunch of kids just playing around.

He plays the sweet fool, and the act is convincing. That makes it all the more upsetting.

They want Jeb to be President, and that's okay, BUT...while we had to listen to George W. say again and again that he refuses to bash anyone, especially Obama, putting himself on some kind of "I am SO above petty politics" platform, it's perfectly okay for Barbara Bush to say something really nasty and condescending about Sarah Palin.

The leading conservative family: bashing another conservative, while they gush and goo over the communists in office at every turn.

Self serving, as always...and typical.

They let you believe they can't control what Mom says. Come on. You don't make it in Washington until you watch every word that you say, and pay big bucks to make sure every question and answer to that question is well rehearsed. Mon and DADDY Bush had that statement planned.

So, instead of being honest men, they put good old mom up to fight the tea party and make nasty statements about Sarah, to keep the established Bush and his family in power.

And Jeb agrees with mom.

Cowards, all three of them.

Read my lips Mr. Presidents: REAL conservatives do not respect any man that makes mom say the unpleasant things that they want to say, but can't, because it might lose some tea party conservative votes.

I can't see Sarah Palin making her husband say nasty things about Jeb.

She'd say it to his face.

But, hey...the Bush Plantation is just warming up.

And I'm so sad, that they have all grown to be such a big disappointment to so many of us who once fell for the "act'.

So, CLASS? You call what mom did...CLASS?

Joe the plumber has more.

Yeah, I'm still mad.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010 the Name of Love

Nobody Cares: Driving home in my little quiet neighborhood tonight, I saw it---a big white electronic sign flashing "Speed limit...25." This little sign alone must have cost a good $800.00. I know most of the people here. They drive around 5 miles an hour, and it's completely unnecessary.

This is a sign that you would see on a freeway...not near a corner where you never ever see another car, or kids. Most days, I bond with the nearest tree it's so lonely. Sometimes a cat crosses the street out of sheer boredom.

But..Obama, who spends money faster than a Dubai hooker, feels the need to spend in the name of "just cause I said so" we must all have the same signs on every corner all across the United States. And this is going to cost..plenty. Street signs must all be the same.

It's official. He's gone off the edge. He's officially gone meglo.

Today, the top financial experts came out and basically said: We are in very deep doo-doo if we keep spending money.

Okay, they didn't say that. But much like their climate change scare tactics, they warned that America is on a precipice of no return. If our government doesn't stop spending money---we are cooked. Nada. Forget it.

("Leeet meee introduc yu to mii leettle friend." )

His know, all those guys who have been hanging around for lifetimes, and basically helping to destroy America by saying "We are getting better...but we are doomed." are in a panic.

So, what does Obama do? He ordered all states to tear down the old street signs and make them all universal, and bigger, and...don't you wonder whose getting a kickback from this? Whose company has contributed to Obama? What and who is going to make these signs?

And will each bolt cost $50 dollars?

This will cost cities and states millions that they don't have. They will pass the cost onto the taxpayers.

Someone is getting a stimulus and it's not us.

And who has he promised the old signs to? China? Africa? Saudi Arabia?

You'd think his vision of an electrical car grid, filled with cameras and scanners, would be enough, but no...he wants..signs. Millions of signs. And you have to wonder---are there camera's in those signs? Some kind of device to track all the cars that have all the new trackers in them?

The technology is there.

One small step for Obama---One large step for some friend of his.

Now, how many of these signs will have Spanish on them?

Yes, Barak Obama Street: It's his way or the highway to hell.

Do you get the feeling that he doesn't us?


Monday, November 29, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Jeter VS Johnson

Nobody's Perfect: One thing that sports has in common with politics is that, in order to play with the big boys, you have to have a thick skin.

That's why this week's pick needs no serious cerebral interaction.

The two guys this week in the news for making waves are heartthrob, Derek Jeter, and "butterfingers" Steven Johnson.

If you want to compare which one of these fine gentlemen is worse off this week, it's pretty easy.

In the game last Sunday, Buffalo's Mr. Johnson, fumbled the football just before scoring the winning touchdown, giving the game to Pittsburgh.

And it seems, that wasn't the first fumble of his game. He had about five.

After the game, he tweeted God, blaming him for his mistake.

Many thought his tweet about his fumble was to God, wasn't. It was to Obama. He is tired of making excuses and sticking up for Obama, and I can't blame him. Read his tweet again.

Many black people that voted for Obama feel, betrayed, and who can blame them?

Hope and Change meant that all gas would be free, all bills would be paid, and all passes would be caught. It's been a big letdown for many.

On the other side, Yankee Derek Jeter' s only imperfection is that he had been getting paid too high a salary for much too long, which is really not an imperfection at all.

He is in a fight with the Yankees to renew his contract at $45 million for three years. But the general manager basically has said: You getting old, and not exactly worth it.

So what does this nobody predict?

The Yankees will get rid of him, and the fans will be outraged. He'll go to another town, get the money he wants, and play for a few more years. I've seen it happen too many times in sports.

The men who build the stadiums, usually get traded at the peak of their careers.

Jeter has had a long solid career, and many say he will be back. I don't know. I wouldn't want to piss off New York.

Johnson, on the other hand, shouldn't be blaming God for anything, in fact he should pray that he keep his job.

God...I mean Obama, is taking numbers.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blackwater, Babies, and Turkey Talk

Nobody's Opinion: The big news of the day is: Obama is playing a lot of basketball, as if he is just passing the time, waiting for something to happen.

I don't know about you, but if I were President, with a war developing in North Korea, a War in the Middle East, and an economy that makes Russia's economic fall seem like an unpaid parking ticket in comparison: and with a missile warning sent by China (most experts agree) to show that one EMP across the United States could be launched off a vessel right off the shore of California..I would NOT be playing a lot of basketball.

An EMP would cripple the United States and send us all back into a REALLY bad time. China would fly in to "help," and Obama would...still be playing basketball .

And on that thought: Here's some nobody opinions about various turkey happenings.

Nobody's Opinion --Monsanto, seed lord of the world, just bought Blackwater, the biggest private military operation in the world. I guess getting patents on their genetically engineered seeds wasn't enough. The plan: a platoon of big burly scary- looking dudes comes up to the farmer (Any farmer in the world.) and says.."Go ahead. Touch my seeds...make my day."

So, who controls who?

I don't know, you tell me. Why does the biggest seed company in the world need to buy the biggest private military in the world? (paid mostly by the taxpayers)

They were hated so much in Iraq they are now banned from the country. That new however, did not make the front page.

Neither will this.

Nobody's Perfect Speaking of the front page, this did: Obama got busted in the lips while playing his basketball. I'm waiting for the beer session in the garden.

This is another first by a President. No other President while in office, got stitches from playing basketball.

At least he didn't fall on a pretzel.

Nobody Knows why Wikileaks can release, with the help of the New York Times, thousands of military secrets and secret documents, putting hundreds of lives in danger, and making our position more vulnerable in the world (now that Obama is disarming all our nukes for Putin) and not one liberal really thinks it's a crime.

BUT...when just one women was "revealed" under Bush, they had to make a whole movie to express their outrage.

So, what's one life compared to thousands? Aren't they the "great equalizers?"

Where's the left's outrage?

On the basketball court.

Nobody Cares if John Kerry wants to throw a party for himself at the Boston Symphony Hall and charge everyone $4,800 just to come. What we do care about is the fact that you won't read anywhere just who or why anybody showed up, or what will become of the money raised.

Kerry, like his fellow members of Congress, owes us money.

Nobody Wonders how Robert Gates can be so concerned about Russia becoming an oligarchy, and not see that his own country, is going down the same "undemocratic" road.

Somehow he does not see the hypocrisy, and neither does Putin.

Nobody Wins: If I hear one more Clinton puppet on TV say, "Why, only one percent of travelers complained about the searches at thanksgiving! People know it's for their own good, and we can all just sit back and see that there was a lot of complaining about nothing." I'm writing my Congressmen.

Okay, I'm not writing my Congressman, I'm passing out from too much honey.

Nobody's Fool Prince Andrew and his lovely bride are already ordering baby this Moses baby basket, covered with Swarovski crystals--- a royal bargain at only $11, 370. And it's pink.

I'm planning of sending them this picture of this puppy, and tell them every little girl needs a pooh bear, and for only $500,000, it can be hers. I'll even throw in the stuffed toy.

Nobody also wonders at the audacity of the Royal family. In order to appear cognizant of the poor suffering of their people, they have announced with great fanfare that they are footing the bill for the wedding, the taxpayers are only paying for security,

And when you realize that their money comes from their poor people in the first place, you just have to wonder---Who is paying for this again?

So, nice of them to chip in, don't you think? An extra pot of honey for them all.