Tuesday, November 30, 2010

STOP...in the Name of Love

Nobody Cares: Driving home in my little quiet neighborhood tonight, I saw it---a big white electronic sign flashing "Speed limit...25." This little sign alone must have cost a good $800.00. I know most of the people here. They drive around 5 miles an hour, and it's completely unnecessary.

This is a sign that you would see on a freeway...not near a corner where you never ever see another car, or kids. Most days, I bond with the nearest tree it's so lonely. Sometimes a cat crosses the street out of sheer boredom.

But..Obama, who spends money faster than a Dubai hooker, feels the need to spend more..so in the name of "just cause I said so" we must all have the same signs on every corner all across the United States. And this is going to cost..plenty. Street signs must all be the same.

It's official. He's gone off the edge. He's officially gone meglo.

Today, the top financial experts came out and basically said: We are in very deep doo-doo if we keep spending money.

Okay, they didn't say that. But much like their climate change scare tactics, they warned that America is on a precipice of no return. If our government doesn't stop spending money---we are cooked. Nada. Forget it.

("Leeet meee introduc yu to mii leettle friend." )

His experts...you know, all those guys who have been hanging around for lifetimes, and basically helping to destroy America by saying "We are getting better...but we are doomed." are in a panic.

So, what does Obama do? He ordered all states to tear down the old street signs and make them all universal, and bigger, and...don't you wonder whose getting a kickback from this? Whose company has contributed to Obama? What and who is going to make these signs?

And will each bolt cost $50 dollars?

This will cost cities and states millions that they don't have. They will pass the cost onto the taxpayers.

Someone is getting a stimulus and it's not us.

And who has he promised the old signs to? China? Africa? Saudi Arabia?

You'd think his vision of an electrical car grid, filled with cameras and scanners, would be enough, but no...he wants..signs. Millions of signs. And you have to wonder---are there camera's in those signs? Some kind of device to track all the cars that have all the new trackers in them?

The technology is there.

One small step for Obama---One large step for some friend of his.

Now, how many of these signs will have Spanish on them?

Yes, Barak Obama Street: It's his way or the highway to hell.

Do you get the feeling that he doesn't ...love us?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Hahahaha. From 4" to 6". Bigger is better, they say. When it is all done and the mexican signwriters are again out of work, then the reeeealy BIG one will arrive.



None of this 6 inches bizzo. 152 millimetres. 152 is so much BIGGER than 6.

Texas has already been selected for the trial roll-out as they just love things to be bigger down there. They may even go for 154 mm.

2:44 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...


Not that!.............!!!

Americans can't add!.......

We can't spell either!

12:22 PM  

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