Friday, November 26, 2010

The Biggest Video Game in the World.

Nobody Flashes: Black Friday is finally over. Many the memory I have of running all over the city on a Black Friday, trying to get the latest video game for my son. And many a child and husband has been bored out of their manly gourds having to stand around while mom looked at purses, shoes, perfume, and pajama's for grandma.
But now...we are in the 21st century, and every American male is playing online. They are buying up games so that they can play Jorge in Sweden and blow his virtual head off. It's exciting, and addicting. But there is one thing they do not know, and I'd advise everyone reading this in America to keep it a secret...
IF you are rich...and IF you can get to Beijing,---- mom could go shopping, and for the low price of $15,000, dad and the boys could play thousands of other people on this 850 foot long video screen.
It might destroy your brain cells, but if it's the adrenaline rush your seeking...just imagine.
IF you are can always find a few chairs at Wal-Mart and tell mom to take her time. Wal-Marts are all over China.
Now, I don't know about you, but I think that musical headache that is downtown Las Vegas is getting pretty old hat. If they could replace it with one of these giant video screens, and put all the lastest games on it, like Halo, it might just save the city. Think of the millions of young men who will be flocking there to play...and of course, the girls will be standing out in the doorways to catch them all like flies on a sticky pad.
The bookies could start a whole other universe of gambling.
And this Nobody Wonders why we do NOT have one of these here?
China won't let us? Mmmmmmm...



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