Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Search...and Destroy....

Nobody Wonders: Whatever happened to our forth amendment rights?

IV: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Caroline Kennedy even wrote a book about it.

They are completely gone...by the stroke of the executive pen.

And now...you cannot get on a plane without being "unreasonably" searched.

This mindset of putting every innocent American person on the search block for crimes they have not committed, reminds me of an old very unfair habit, used throughout our schools and military.

Remember how insane it was when a bully started a fight with some innocent kid in school, and the principal ALWAYS expelled both of them? Or how about when someone in the room through a spit wade, and the whole room was punished? They use that same logic in the army.

It stinks. And so does this sexual harassment against the innocent American people.

Yes, it IS sexual harassment. If this happened to you in any other area of your life, the "liberals" would be crying holy mother of the great Gloria Steinem---"He touched me!"

(Unless of course, that touch came from Bill Clinton.)

They jammed Health Care through, and now, by clever design (I suppose as a social engineering experiment from some lab at Stanford) they are forcing everyone to a persecutory search: either get some rads put into your body, or and get a nude picture they can put up on Facebook and in the NSA archives, or get some creepy guy or woman to feel you up.

How do fathers feel about this? What about their teenage daughters? Speak up you guys!

The President who has ordered this should be sued for sexual harassment. This is not protection. They could profile the criminals. They all look the same. If Israel can do it, so can we.

Oh...I forgot, we have a Hussein in the White House-- no can do. He says we can take another hit, but we mustn't offend our Muslims brothers.

If we allow this, it's going to get very bad from here on. Buildings, trains, buses...schools..

One small step for Obama, one big step towards the fall of mankind.

This nobody can think a few reasons why they are doing this:

Feel free to add your own:

1. (And the most favored by conservative talk show hosts)
The program is to get all Americans (and soon the world) used to obeying the demands of any governmental employee without question or backlash.

2. To get people to start going everywhere by car, so that they can further claim that global warming is real, and car emissions are tearing up the ozone, Also, it has been suggested that soon every mile we drive be taxed, and the gas taxes will rise again. Two more taxes to make them richer. More cars on the road means more money to D.C., and more reason to put in their electrical car and grids.

3. They are hell-bent on the economic destruction of the United States so they can let China come in and rule us, take us over, and the one world Marxist government will be set.

4. When the remaining airlines go bankrupt, the government will come in, and Nationalize all airlines, and you will have to have a government pass to even fly. And that pass will not be cheap. Like the doctors deciding whether you get medical care, our government will decide if you can fly.

And 5. (My personal favorite)

Rich people are tearing down perfectly good ball stadiums and building new ones, where the plebeians never even see them, or can come close to them. They have their own "boxes" where they can perch high above the lower classes.

While we are heading toward billions of more new poverty cases in the world, we also will have a shitload of new multi-billionaires (70 in China alone) who do NOT want to be held up at airports with all those lowly dirty people flying to see grandma. It adds hours onto their take off time.

Why build new ones just for them? Let the lower classes stay home. Clear the runways please.

Maybe Steve Jobs is going to develop a special I Plane just for travelers. And Richard Branson wants more airspace for his Virgins

Anyway, if you feel bad about the fact that YOUR child will be traumatize, your teenage daughter will get her first breast feel from a strange man, or your wife will be looking into the face of some guy from Haiti, feeling her up with a grin on his face, who just got off the plane himself...remember.. thousands of Arabs with terrible intentions are coming in from our borders. They are already here.

I doubt if they need to board a plane.

And the worst of all; We have this Presidential terrorist for two more years.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

People are taking action by the look at the explosion of You Tube vids taken by people going through the airports.

One guy recorded the whole of his 'search' including the threats made against him by the TSA to fine him $10k. He says to them, "Touch my junk and I will have you arrested". (Junk being his genitals).

Another guy I listened to simply asked 'Is your question lawful?'. They took it as a refusal to answer the questions - which were intrusive as far as I would say.

The TSA and the response to the airline security issue is hysterical. TRy visiting 'Grumpy old Sod.com and see the article there about Israeli airports. They have their act together far better.

7:04 PM  

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