Friday, November 12, 2010

Nobody Care That Everyone at the Airport Feels Like a Nazi-Jew

Nobody Cares that someone somewhere has thought of the perfect solution for finding terrorists at the airports. (See Box Below)
And Nobody Cares that our government wouldn't even consider what a great determent this would be against any man wanting his place among the virgins and destroy the evil Satan, America.
You have everyone step into a big blue box, which will detonate any explosives on your body.
If you refuse, you can't board the plane, or you blow up, you're choice. Think of all the money you would save on lawyers fees alone!
We could all keep our shoes on, and clothes on, and dignity intact, and most importantly, go on to live healthy lives working ourselves to death, without coming down with cancer from being exposed to radiation everytime we get on a plane.

And Nobody Cares what anyone wears to the airport anymore.
So, here are two outfits I suggest you can wear the next time you fly.
But there is a risk...with the "I am a walking a bed" outfit, might make you lose your flight, or you will get a free flight. It all depends on how you wear it.
As for the other looks like free gum. If they are going to grope, give them something to gum!
Once're choice.
NOTE: If you think there IS no such thing as a Nazi-Jew...remember Hilter was part Jewish.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

I like4 it !

And can we have another booth please. A soundproof one for those like me who can barely contain their compulsions to tell bomb jokes.

No detonations of course but one of those canned laughter machines could de-stress. Let it all out !!

4:46 AM  

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