Friday, November 05, 2010

Calling Jimmy Carter....Calling Jimmy Carter...

Nobody Reports: Here are Tea Party Americans, letting us all know how corrupt it is here in St. Louis.

I love these guys.

The election is now "over" but voter fraud happened everywhere. And yet, the media just lets it go as if to say, "Oh well...that stuff happens."

Doesn't bother their lives after all, does it now?

For those of you who do not know much about Missouri...the Carnahan family has dominated the high ranks of the political scene here in Missouri, for quite a few years now.

Daddy Mel was Senator, his wife Jean took his place when he died in a plane crash.

Their daughter Robin just lost her race, (To Rhino Roy Blunt) but the son Russ (who got a big million dollar wind farm from Obama) just stole...another election, as only a good Carnahan knows how.

He is now our U.S Representative. (Watch video.)

Downtown St. Louis, did this once before...John Ashcroft was running for Senator in 2000 against Mel Carnahan. Mel's plane crashed and he died, and his wife Jean took his place on a "pity" vote. John Ashcroft was winning, but the next morning it was announced that he lost.

Why? Because when the Carnahans (D) needed more votes, the ACORN workers left the downtown voting booths open until MIDNIGHT. Yes, they went out and DRAGGED people in off the streets and out of houses...and she won.

Many of us here were furious, because everyone knew it was stolen. But, Ashcroft let it go, and Bush gave him the job as Attorney General.

At the time, Missouri was one of the key states needed for a win. And some of us even thought they had known Mel was going to lose, because the funeral was a big political party. The whole Congress showed up, and Bill Clinton was all over the place. The death of any man is sad, but it couldn't have happened at a more propitious time for the democrats.

They have "war' rooms, and Missouri at the time was a big bone on the menu towards victory.

We all remember what happened next: Chads.

Anyway, it's happened again. If you want to win, bring in the buses.

Next time, just send Jimmy Carter, it's all the same.

America...We CAN compete with the best third world voting practices...and win!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Missouri, Tasmania, it's all the same.

Mind you, we have real twists.

Out last election saw the Government thrown out. The labor mob. That's your Democrats. The ' people' (hah!) voted Liberal (your Republicans) 41%, Labour 39%; Greens 20%.

So of course the Labour party formed the new Gov. Of course.

The greens did a deal in exchange for two Cabinet posts.

If that wasn't bad enough, the people wanted to get rid of the Labor mob at Federal level too. The Election gave the deciding votes to the friggin' Greens again and lo and behold the labor mob were back in again.

Bl**dy Politicians.

2:40 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Wow...and I thought WE had it bad!

Those Greens have just GOT to go amfortas.

I'm taking the first plane over.

9:35 PM  

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