Sunday, October 31, 2010

"It's the Economy Stupid!"...and much more

(That picture is actaully made up of thousands of people...standing in the shape of Lady Liberty)

Nobodys' Opinion: After listening to Fareed Zakaria's broadcast today on CNN, on just what Middle America can do the rest of their lives: after listening to three big CEO's brand us bunch of Americans as basically, not worth their time and effort: I wasn't feeling too much like a Halloween candy bar tonight.

I wrote down some ideas, and after reading them, I realized that I was filled with a lot of hopelessness at anything happening in my own lifetime, or that of my son's.

Who can fight this huge global NEW WORLD ORDER?

(Excuse me, Fareek has wisely left out the world "ORDER." He just calls it the "NEW WORLD" so as not to upset those of us who know their most fervent plans of global takeover. )

But tonight, I'm hopeful, and you won't believe why. For the last five Halloweens, I usually write a long column complaining at the loss of kids coming to my door on Halloween.

Last year... I got none. Nobody. Not even a knock.

So, I shut up my house tonight, and sat in the dark, "Go ahead world. Zombies are everywhere." And then, my dogs started barking. And barking. And barking.

The group of costumed kids were walking away by the time I got to the door, but they came back, with an "Oh boy!" as I opened the door.

The red pickup truck was parked in front, and they all came running- ten of the most adorable kids...and no one was over ten. I made them tell me about their costumes, because my lights were still off. Hearing all the proud little voices explaining who they were was such a kick: a vampire, the Green Hornet, a witch, a nurse, a spider, etc; and behind them was a big burly dad. He was laughing and he said, "Thank You" with a big smile, and all the kids ran out to the truck. I gave them my whole bag of Snickers.

Now, Joyanna, what is wrong with you? This means nothing.

I beg to differ. This meant everything. This was the America I grew up in, the one I've been waiting for...and I haven't seen it for more than six years.

Kids having fun. Parents having fun. And there it was: proof it was still there.

Tomorrow is election day. By all accounts, the Republicans will take the House, fill it with some new tea party candidates, and a lot of global Rhinos that will have to be fought. The Senate will remain in Democrats hands (so they predict) filled with Marxist and Socialists, and Obama will become the "Commander in Chief of the NEW WORLD."

Fareed's program, the one that got me so down, was on how was America going to compete in this New World? And especially when our populous is so badly educated in math and science, we can't even get out of the old world.

Yes, remember that crummy OLD WORLD in America where kids actually received great fundamental educations, before the Progressives took over and punched up Dewey's system of just socially engineering kids to "fit" in?

We replaced that old system, with one that all the communistic countries got rid of long ago.

Fareed's CEO guests were all complaining about our ignorance, and how they will find it hard to hire from our horrible schools. Bill Gates has been concerned because he only hires people with high IQs...(Did you know that?)

I hate to break it to him, but not all of the most creative people often do not have high IQs, and if you look at all the high IQs running the country, you can see the false assumption in that thinking.

Still, he is right.

Many of our children are in prisons to nowhere, and the parents are rendered impotent at every turn to change it due to government control.

Louis Gerstner of IBM, Eric Schmidt of Google, and Muhtar Kent of Coke...all told Fareek that American entrepreneurship can bring us back. The very thing that has made America great is her creative minds. And to continue to compete, they all want the "government"--- that means you and pay for their research and development.

You see, these guys have already set up their manufacturing in China, and in return for that big market base of billions of consumers that have kept them all in big profits... they have to fork over all their secrets and technology.

So, think: if "we the people" would pay for the research and development, of let's say, Nano
Technology for Google, just who reaps the benefits of that technology? Because, remember, China gets it free, courtesy of our CEO's.

We paid for it, and we have to pay for it AGAIN...and the CEO's and a handful of companies,(and those who can afford stocks) will get the rewards. The only boys getting rich will be the Harvard and Yale boys.

And while Glenn Beck likes to point out that Bill Gates was a dropout of Harvard...and still made it in his garage...he forgets to mention Bill's parents had the money to send him there in the first place, which means, Bill got a good education BEFORE Harvard.

Most of our kids don't.

But: here's our biggest problem: If you take the time to tune into Charlie Rose, you will hear all the CEO's complain about how hard it is to work in a two-party system of government where nothing ever gets down. And that IS the main message of the liberals. The company CEO's love the communist system, because one general gives everything a go ahead. It saves time, it saves money, and all control remains at the top.

And so, going by that idea, you have to wonder if that isn't the final goal: break the system, the people will demand it doesn't work, and THEN replace it with a dictatorship.

There is only one problem with this: real creativity needs freedom.

Eric Schmidt wants to find those people of creative mind, and HOST them. Give them a nice salary, and lots of awards, and then the patents and the billions belong to Google. The American dream, will be only for the man that the big Fortune 500 blesses.

So, tomorrow, the Tea Party People are going to come out. We see the stakes at hand. Our rich boys on the Hill have ignored us, blamed us, yelled at us, called us dogs, stupid, ignorant, racist, and according to Fareed--- we also just consume too damn much. We need to "invest" more.

And to get that investment money for the big CEO's he suggests we need another "research" tax...a tax on everything..

Oh, and it would be nice if we all learned to speak another Spanish.

Mussolini--- I give you--- Fareed Zakaria.

Hey...remember that slogan Bill Clinton used to get elected his first term? The one that good ol' boy James Carville made up?

"It's the economy stupid."

Yes, this election's more than the economy. It's the very future of the planet. We MUST keep alive the American Dream, for the little guy.

The fight, for the American people...begins...tomorrow.

Some high IQ's are NOT going to see this coming.

I plans to see some really great hypothalamus breakdowns.

Obama Zombies...will no longer be walking.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Fortunately (or otherwise) Oz never had a 'Halloween' tradition. But it came to us along with American Television and McDonalds and Coke.

I remember the day when McDonald was my family doctor and coke was what you substituted for coal on the fire. That was in the Great Britain of yesteryear.

But I too did the 'Dad' thing you talked about. After my divorce my ex (God bless her iron underpants) refused to let my daughter (who was 12) go 'Trick or Treat'ing with her friends. ( 'Too Dangerous!!')

So my Little Petal came to my (rented) house and asked me if she could go. Dastardly little petals, girls.

I phoned her mum of course who barely listened while I asked for her opinion on the matter before berating me for 'abusing' her. So much for joint parenting.

I, of course, told my little girl that she could go as long as I was there to keep an eye on who she met. She didn't like that ideas as I would be the only parent and simply being with them would be 'embarrassing'. So I 'negotiated' with her that I would 'follow' in the car, across the street and at least one door down. That was fine by her and her friends.

She had a great time.

1:31 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Good for YOU amfortas!!

I'm not sure if your daughter has grandchildren, but I bet, thos grandchildren will be going out too...

And thanks for sharing that memory.
For a DAD's side.

10:32 AM  

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