Sunday, October 24, 2010

Which Came First: The Doctor or the Lawyer?

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The earth has just too damn many of them. And what good are they?

I was thinking about this while researching health insurance companies on the Internet...and the question arises: just how did the great medical system America had long ago...get so out priced, and completely messed up to the point where now, most people won't even go into a hospital for fear of dying?

Yes, nowadays, hospitals can kill you--literally. I know. I've spent too much time in them.

I have a friend who's husband lost a leg recently due to an infection he caught while in the hospital. And you might as well just accept the fact that you have a pretty good chance of catching pneumonia there. It's almost as if the bugs are in the very beds themselves, waiting for the next victim.

And doctors: With the gradual building of the NEW WORLD of giant corporations, which have pretty much gobbled up all the small entrepreneurs and family businesses, farms, restaurants..(And I'm not talking Burger King Franchises) .etc, the family doctor exits no more.

Universal Health Care is government controlled, and they will decide who lives and who dies, not your family doctor

What will the lawyers do now? Sue the government?

They claimed that the costs will get lower. Tell me, do you really believe that the government will charge you less?

Growing up, we had one family doctor who treated everybody in the family. His name was Doc Salerno, and he knew us all: grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, brother, sister, and all the children. He knew every one's quirks, our proclivities, and our history, He would take one look at you, and most of the time would give you his opinion right on the spot. Ninety- five percent of the time, he was right. To make sure he would take some blood or send you for a test, but pretty much he know how to treat you. He knew every disease, and then some.

And if your neck was out of whack, no need for a chiropractor, he was an osteopath too. When you already felt better. Doc was there.

Not only that, but he would pile you up with samples of the drugs you needed, saving you money on your pharmaceuticals.

He was also your psychologist. Once, asking me why I was so anxious, he told me my husband was probably a drug addict. Since I did not do drugs, I had no clue why our furniture smelled like crap, and why my husband never seem to sleep and why he slept so late in the morning. He told me that drug addicts are very good at hiding their habits.

In other words, he knew. Can you even imagine some doctor telling you that today?

And you know what? He turned out to be right. The marriage ended up in a divorce, which although painful at the time, was in the end, a god-send.

And now, the doctors won't tell you anything. You go through endless tests, and they almost will NEVER give their opinions about anything. And why is that?

Because of lawyers. The price of their insurance has kept many doctors unable to diagnose or give an educated opinion, always afraid of being liable for a mistake. Therefore, millions suffer, and needless tests are run because of the fear of lawyers.

Recently a woman I know, her husband passed away---instantly from a stroke. He was a young man. She said that he had been feeling a tingling in his arm, and didn't see a doctor because like many of us who are tired of going to doctors, he said, "Why bother?"

And since the HMO, which were sold to us all as a great deal because of the price of an office visit being reasonable, the tests the doctors put your through can cost you an arm and a leg, even with insurance. They won't commit to any diagnosis unless it's confirmed by a zillion other doctors. It's ridiculous. We now pay much more than we use to.

The rich, can afford all those tests. The poor get free care, But for the average sap that works for a living, he will just have to suffer in pain, and maybe even die, because the system is broken from the top down.

And it's going to get ten times worse.

When they "say" that we have the best medical system in the world, they are wrong. We used to have the greatest system, but no more.

The real insidious question is: Did they destroy the system in order so that the American people would cry out for reform, so that they could ObamaCare?

You already know what I think.

Dr. Salarno was made to retire at 80. Sure, we all knew he was getting a bit forgetful. But, we also knew, he would always get us back to health again, that knowledge was still there. He might forget which room he was in, but the knowledge of medicine would come back as soon as he looked at you. I miss him dearly. In his lifetime he was the quintessence of what a doctor should be: a healer of body, and mind.

So, what are the lawyers going to do now? So many people will die because the government will deem them too old for some's now the law.

And as we all know, you cannot sue the government. Just ask Bill O'Reilly. You WILL lose..

The future for the sick looks bleak. We will have less doctors. But we will also have less lawyers.
So, while you may think: finally.. that's a good thing, right Joyanna?

Think again. Most politicians...are ... lawyers. Less lawyers...more politicans...

Pass the drugs Doc...I think I'm going to be sick.



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