Friday, October 15, 2010

Medium Sends Message to Joe Arpaio

Nobody Wins

Well, that's about how I felt tonight, in the middle of watching one of my favorite sit-coms, called Medium...I couldn't believe it. (See Baby)
Here's the basic script: A women psychic, named Alison, solves crimes every week with her good friends at her local police department...somewhere in Arizona. She has a funny husband, and three typical kids. The acing is good, and most of the time the writing is decent.
And as we are all getting so used to being brainwashed with all the liberal propaganda, it's getting so you just try to get used to it. It's so very common, you expect it.
But tonight, they went too far.
You see...we have a very favorite Sheriff here in the United States. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County. He works hard on the border, and arrests illegals who do bad things, and if they are here illegally, he puts them in jail. He gives them pink underwear. He has chain gangs...(where they don't work too hard, really.) and treats them as they should be treated. Like the law breakers they are.
The justice Department is suing Joe Arpaio, for ...racial profiling, even though he does no such thing. And since getting as many illegal's into the United States IS the main goal of both parties, Joe is a big pimple on their sorry, greedy, political butts.
He is a great guy, and a man of integrity...therefore, he has become a hero to us all, and a main target.
And tonight, they put "him", or a character who was to represent him, in the show.
"He has chain gangs!" Said Alison to her boos. "And he makes his prisoners wear PINK!"
"You watch," I told my husband. "The nice sheriff is going to end up the killer of the young girl." (the ghost of which was visiting Allison in the script to tell her she'd been murdered.)
Sure enough, at the end of the show, sheriff "Joe" killed, and raped the young girl...and he was shot and killed for being such a scumbag sheriff.
Message was: The real Sheriff Joe Arpaio is really a horrible man, and we'd all be better off if he could just shot. (At least they didn't blow up his head, like the global warming movie.)
It was such bad taste to do this to such a Patriot. Because it was "fiction" they can deny that they wanted you to compare the character to our beloved Sheriff, which makes them all the more cowardly.
I, being my frustrated nobody self at injustice, I couldn't shut up about it, and my husband gets tired of it all, thinking that you either watch it, or turn it.
But the fact that they get you hooked on good shows, then throw in all this brainwashing propaganda liberal crap at you..right when you're having a good time...gets you that much more...mad.
"I'm sorry." I said to my husband. "My old brain just won't take this brainwashing- social engineering- illegal's have a right to flood our countries and if you stand in our way, we will blow up your head and destroy your best heroes in YOUR favorite televisions programs stuff. My poor mind is just not as pliable as it used to be. It will bend no more."
Nobody Wins when we are bombarded in all our movies and TV with constant liberal...propaganda brainwashing crap. And nobody complains about it as much as me.
In MY fictional TV program, I would take all the Hollywood writers, all the propaganda puppet masters, and make them spend a few days in Sheriff Joe's chain gang, dressed in pink tutu's. I would make them listen to God Bless America, before they got anything to eat. Then, they would have to write a decent script...before they could be let out.
If they didn't...chain gang. And if they refused?
They could practice their writing in Venezuela. I'm sure Joe could find them a bus.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

I fully agree, Joy.

I like to watch a show called 'New Tricks' which is a cop show of a hard-nosed (but attractive, of course) woman boss and three old retired cop reprobates who solve unsolved old crimes. The writing is brilliant and the actors are all expert at their craft. Much humour and banter between the four make a sparking show.

But one episode just had to portray an F4J father as a wife-beater. F4J was mentioned specifically as the Father's group he belonged to.

That was totally uncalled for and villifying.

Ananaotherthing..... what is it with these American womensporn shows about psychics and 'I see dead people' people. Always women. Always with gobsmacked and supportive husbands. No doubt those husbands are all for the Family Court chop one day.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Good point amfortas...

It's all about conditioning the couples, and the men to take care of the kids, listen...put up with being more of a "friend" know, putting the woman first and foremost...the "feminization" crap.

It's a dream world....

But yeah, they get you hooked on a good show...and then...BAM! They hit you with their politically correct brainwashing.

And they think we buy it.

What is even MORE silly is all these vampire movies. All these hot looking young males...running after VERY plain looking women, and ...really. Vampires.

I guess all the gov's of the world want us to get used to having the life sucked out of us!

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Yes, the vampires. I can't quite get my teeth into that genre. But I would take Buffy in hand.

6:10 PM  

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