Thursday, October 14, 2010

And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth...

Nobody Reports that yesterday, we witnessed a great lesson from another country on how great men and their leaders should act in the face of the world. God gave us a freebee.
All 33 miners...saved.
Just look at these two leaders...singing the National Anthem of their country. Everyone was so proud to be a Chilean. Men...loving their country...something we are being told daily not to do in our own.
Picture if this had happened in the United States of America...say, somewhere in Kentucky.
Picture President Obama standing side by side with the last man out of a mine.
Picture Obama and Michelle standing for hours in the cold night air, waiting for the miners to come out of their hole, not trying to claim the limelight like they usually do, no, just waiting like everyone else.
Picture President Obama singing the American National Anthem with all the men who worked on getting the men free, celebrating OUR country with great pride.
I can't.
And yet, it was the American men, from NASA and companies here in the United States, who left their own lives to rush down and put up the equipment to SAVE those men, good men.
Funny, If Michelle Malkin hadn't of reported it on her site, I wouldn't have even known about our own heroes going down there.
It was as if they (our elite media snobs) were trying to hide that fact.
I think God had a hand in this. There was a lesson here. I must admit, each time a man was let out and went right to his wife...there were tears in mine. Time after time the fact hit me.
It was family...that help keep those men alive. The family will save us. NOT...diversity. NOT greed, NOT ego's. Love of our families. PRIDE in our country.
A man, a woman. Our children. Love. And faith in a higher power.
Many a captured soldier has said it was the thought of their loved one that kept them alive when they lost all hope. Tom Hanks in Castaways was a great example of what men can do with the thought of being reunited with a love one.
These men had a lot in common with our guys in Iraq and Iran. Our men don't know if they are coming back. And lots of them have children born while they are away, as one of the Chilean miners did.
But, they do it for the love of their family. Their country.
We need to take a lesson from the Chileans. I am so sick of this one-world, no borders crap.
Love your family, your country, and the rest will come.
So...Mr. Obama...did you see how its REALLY done?
Hey...thanks God. The whole world needed that.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

And thank you Dear Joy.

You called them Men.

In all the weeks of it being on the TV in Oz the ABC and the rest of the lackies called them 'Miners'.

There was a studied avoidance of the simple fact of them being Men.

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Bmiricle said...

What a great read. You nailed it darling. Don't stop doing what it is you do.

6:24 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Hey...thanks to both!

10:30 PM  

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