Monday, October 04, 2010

Is threatining to blow up people...a "hate crime" ?

Nobody Reports:

What would be considered a more hideous "hate" crime:

1. A man who lives in the Netherlands, heads up a conservative Freedom Party, who wants to stop the immigration of all Muslim immigrants in order to save his own country from being taken over...who feels and says he considers the Quran to be a fascist book...


2. Environmental British globalists who are tired of waiting around for the people of the world to get on board their globalist "eco" agenda, and so they threaten with violent example to blow everyone up, in bloody detail, if they don't comply.

Geert Wilders is being tried in his country for "hate speech." He could receive a years imprisonment.

No one we know will be prosecuted for blowing up innocent little kids (and adults) on a video. But if it were up to this nobody....

I'd lock them up and make them watch the video over and over every day for at least three years. This is NOT Monty Python.

I'm just saying.

And Miss Gillian Anderson----should have skipped the nose job and quitting the X-Files.

And she has children---go figure.

So what IS a hate crime? Threatening to save your country? Or threatening to blow and kill, and maim all the people on the planet who will not give in to global eco tryanny?

Pretty sad that they had to resort to this.

(Thanks to Glenn Beck for posting it for all to see.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

'Tis a pity that the 10:10 film was withdrawn. It shows exactly what friggin' lunatics these 'warmists' are. The entire episode is an 'own goal', or a shooting in the foot.

Fortunately the webbosphericals are keeping the warmohystericals in the hot spotlight.

It is a sunny day.

11:19 PM  

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