Thursday, September 30, 2010

Warren and Bill Can Donate to ME!

"The fact is that income inequality is real; it's been rising for more than 25 years."

President George W. Bush
January 31,2007

Nobody Knows what's up with these two guys? They are on a mission to get every billionaire on the planet to give up half their fortunes to charities. So they went to China and threw a big give your money to charity dinner. After all, it's the least you can do, since we helped show all you Chinese guys how to get rich.

"Chinese people will come to their own conclusions about the role of philanthropy in their culture". ---Peter Buffet

(They will? Are you sure about that Peter?)

Yes- Mr. Warren Buffet (Peter's Dad) and his best friend, Bill Gates, went to China to talk to the 64 billionaires in China (The U.S. has 403) to get them on board the "give that money away" train. Not a lot of them showed up for the "Gates/Buffet donation dinner" and this guy Chen Guangbiao decided to skip it altogether.

Huh? Really? I thought communism was all about sharing?

A few days before, Warren visited Obama at the White House so we would be fools not to think that somehow the government wasn't involved.

And since we are hearing a lot about how Obama wants to tax the rich...I think we can make a few distinctions here: Rich to Obama is, anyone making over $250,000 a year. If that was just one person's would sound feasible(naught)-- but it also includes any COMPANY making over $250,000 a year, which of course is a wonderful thing for all the big multi-national monopolies that have already gone global. Smaller businesses are already choking to death on the new Obama taxes coming their way.. they will be dead in the rice patty fields within a few years.

It is a fact, despite what you might think about the capitalistic system, that a very few people at the very top of the top...the little sliver of the VERY top...1/100 percent (30,000 ).. they get off the most, in paying any taxes. Just ask Warren.

So one must wonder...why? That fact, sadly, makes communists out of too many people.

Right beneath them, where the millionaires start...and on down--they pay over 70% of the taxes, and that's who Obama is targeting...not Warren or Bill.

Who knows...maybe the deal is: "Go on making all that money, we have big plans to get the whole world on the internet, but if you give some of it away before you die...we'll leave you alone."

In 2005, the best off 300,000 Americans had almost as much income as the bottom 150 million. The top 1% , their share of the pie was four times larger than in 1980. Most of the growth is in that top 1%...but that's the people that ALWAYS get off.

Who knows why? They know all the right people.

Of the average income of those making $174 million, the top 400 taxpayers would have paid the government 17.5 percent in income. For people who make $100,00 to $200,000, the tax burden is higher at 20.2 percent. (2005)

Now...get this. The rich have been getting MUCH richer, and they made their biggest gain during the Clinton years. Clinton gave the richest of the superrich a much bigger tax cut than Bush. Under Bill, their effective tax rate fell by almost eight cents on the dollar: under Bush, it fill only five. And that was BEFORE the bailouts, and the CEO handouts...and the vast trillions of dollars that will be owned so that the vast big companies and globalization could survive. The middle class's money was trickling up to the top.

So when the Democrats say they are against the rich...bring up Bill Clinton.

It's not that capitalism is isn't. Or even big multinational companies...they're not. What's bad is when government's thugs get in bed with these big guys, and there are stock options, and trade deals, a private bank called the Federal Reserve...and soon..everyone is in on the crime. It's almost as if the Presidency is now the Godfather that you must kiss.

So, what's a poor billionaire to do?

According to the UN, the number of hungry people globally rose more than 20% in the past twenty years. Warren and Bill, who have never had to pay their share in taxes...are feeling pretty bad about that. .so it seems.

But instead of the world's billionaires deciding to hand out (or being forced) to give half of their fortunes away to save the planet hungry...

It would be much better if they got rid of the income tax, (which by the way, IS unconstitutional) and tax everyone including the top 1 percent, the same.

Let the rich stay rich. Let everyone pass their income to their children. But let the rest of us poor slugs have enough money to be able to practice true free trade (where monopolies are forbidden)

And then,...if Warren and Bill still want to give away their money... I'll be glad to accept a donation.



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