Friday, September 24, 2010

White Farmer Gets Fined: Black Farmer Gets Honored

Nobody Knows why a white farmer, (Steve Miller) living in Georgia...growing beautiful vegetables on his own (2acre) was charged a $5,000 fine for growing those vegetables.
You think he would have gotten an award from Obama and the first Lady!
And Nobody Knows why a black "farmer" (Will Allen), who was trained at Standford with a degree in City and Regional planning, is NOT fined even though he has over 20,000 plants on a 3 acre farm in the middle of Milwaukee (along with thousands of fish, goats, ducks, chickens, bees and rabbits) ---
Nobody Knows why, not only is he NOT fined, he is listed in Time Magazine' 100 Most Influential People In the World.
It's all who you know, and what the color of your skin happens to be, I guess.
Will Allen is a good friend of Van Jones...the same man who wants communism and has worked with Obama in the White House until he was exposed as a Marxist by Glenn Beck.
With Clinton becoming a vegetarian, and Michelle giving away Okra and cucumbers as White House presents, you can understand why this future concept to revamp our National Arch in St. Louis, with a "green" island, was picked for our future city planning.
Don't worry...even though it's all being given back to nature...somewhere in here will be a place where people can "bathe" ?
Hundreds of bike paths will take you right over into East St. Louis, where the muggers can kill you MUCH easier, and the cops can chase the drug dealers on bikes.
To save the planet.
Van Jones wants all the cities turned into vegetables gardens. According to his thinking "greenhouses in the hood equals less greenhouse gases in the air" because they won't have to go far to get their food.
Everyone will get their own plot.
St. Louis...the new green Cuba....I might have to move.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas wonders.....:

..... if the City Mothers in St Louis have factored in Security Guardeners. When I was a lad, scrumping ( aka stealing) fruit and veggies was a common practice. Mimd you, we did have 'rationing' back then.

So a line in the Green Budget should account for Pitchforks, defense of gardens for the use of; and 'Spades, whacking heads for the use of ( not that sort of spade - the racist term! Oh, no, no, no.)

12:51 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...


Pitchforks? Spade defense?

Tomato busters?

Cabbage Carbines?

I have a lot to think about!

7:30 PM  
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