Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bill Clinton---Giving Up the Meat

Nobody Cares: that Bill Clinton, burger boy, is becoming a vegetarian. I for one, think he is telling the truth, which is always a hard thing to tell when it comes to Bill Clinton because as we all know, there is no one on the planet who can change the meaning of any word in the English language with just the flick of his finger, and make a lie seem like a poem out of a Shakespearian sonnet...except maybe Obama---but Bill is much better at it.

He just is.

And why, do I beleive that he is telling the truth? Look at him! He has never looked worse.

He has that, "I'm withering up into a mere bean sprout" look. You can tell his brain isn't firing up to par either.

He's probably doing it for his heart, nevertherless, he is now taking a bad situation and using it to promote the new global agenda for the planet..."EAT PLANTS.>>>NOT MEAT!"

You know. You've heard it. The elites want us to give up our hamburgers, and eat more salads. Michelle is trying to make it into law. Those pesky cows are farting out too much carbon dioxide. What will those poor plants do with it all, besides thrive?

Now, everyone should agree (unless they are liars) that protein is the basis for good health. Any fool will tell you that. If you are familiar with the Palio diet, we should all be eating 60%of lean meat with every meal. It's the bread, sugar and carbs that are ruining our bodies, according to many, not the dear sweet cow.

And why are the rich so thin? They all get the prime steak at the finest New York restaurants. Bill Clinton, loves fast food, and has been scarfing it most of his life...there you go. I bet he's dying for a Big Mac. And if you believe the many food has addictive chemicals in it to make you crave more.

Would they do that? Do we not have a Congress full of felons and tax evaders?

Or...will Paris Hilton EVER go to jail for posseing cocaine?

According to some scientists, our genes are in sychnc with our ancestors who ate mostly lean meat...and fruit. No grains.

But the REAL reason they want us all to stop eating meat is because, meat makes you smarter. Not to mention, what it does to your cells.

How did man jump from being a monkey into the rocket scientist that he is today? He started eating meat and his brain grew three times as big. They WANT you to think that some alien came down and gave us his DNA..and that's why we got out of the trees.

But, until we have some major confessions from Stephen Hawkings, I'm sticking with guys catching and eating meat. There's nothing like a good steak to give you energy.

Trouble is: Lean expensive. Therefore, the poorer you are, the more likely you are to be fat. All you can afford is fast food and Shop-N-Save Cheerios. Go into any city and count the fat cells. You can't. There are too many. Good thing they are held in with big pants.

There would't be enough gutters to carry the fat away.

So, it's no surprise that Bill Clinton is promoting the "plant based diet" along with Michelle Obama...but something tells me...he might not last too much longer on this veggie thing.

I mean...look at him. He's looks like a giant day-old french fry in a pressed suit.

And I for one, do not care.



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