Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Prince Charles...Looking Out For...?

Nobody Flashes: I couldn't help myself. I know I'm taking some time off, but since Prince Charles is going all over his country by luxery train....to promote the idea that his subjects should be using less water for their baths...and trying to get them to go green...well, let's just say, I could not pass this up.
For instance, how much ya wanna bet that someone, if not ALL of the Royal family has one of these nifty IPOD "start your bathtub right up for you before you even walk into the castle" gadgets? *And yes...they are real.
And do we all think this guy is going to wash his million-dollar insured (by Head and Shoulders) afro with a bucket of water? What happens if they ration the water and he can't wash his hair?
Will the company collect from the crown?
Prince Charles...less like a King, more like a court jester. Giving his subjects a good laugh!
Or...is this a "I'm asking you nice this time...but tomorrow...I might have to send each and every one of you to the Tower."?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says (of course):

Prince Chuck is an odd sort, very much in the 'English Eccentric' tradition. He is a harmless sort given to raising eyebrows but otherwise quite a funny lad. (That's funny as in peculiar).

As for a gadget: Joyanna, dear heart, he is a Prince. He has a Trusty chap at hand for running his bath. Do you not know what the Knighthood order, the Order of the Bath was all about? When he becomes King he will also get a 'Master of the Stool'. No prize for guessing correctly what that shit job is all about.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

I beg to differ...

Prince Charles will be able to claim that he is saving :green" money on his bath by having his "butler" press the button and put it at the "green saving" temperature that will not contribute to global warming.

I'll bet you two trips down the beach on the back of a aboriginal sidewinder that he has at least TWO of these.

And what? No word about the million dollar hair?

7:12 PM  
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