Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama says...Mission Accomplished!

Nobody Knows: In his great "I've ended the war, but it will continue it under the new name of diplomacy and democracy building" speech tonight, President Barack Hussein Obama, sitting at the very same desk at which his predecessor, President George W. Bush announced the beginning of the war... gave credit to the American soldiers, and praised George W. for his great efforts and compassion to the troops.
And why did he do something that was against all the cells in his DNA? Why did the speech he gave sound almost identical to the speech that George W. Bush would have given?
I can think of two reasons...
1. 9/12...600,000 white people coming to D.C. on Glenn Beck's beck and call.
2. George W. Bush came to the White House and gave him the speech.
The only difference in the two men tonight, were the photos behind them....Bush had a picture of Laura and the twins. Obama..had Michelle, his girls, and him standing at some man's bedside (father?) and---
The most mysterious one...you tell me...is that him and his mother as Muslims? Or Nancy Pelosi going to church with her granddaughter?
He basically said "Mission Accomplished" but because he can't fly a plane...he had to say...
"I realize that a lot of white folks are mad at me...and the blacks are losing jobs too...I'm losing my base. Iran is about to attack...I guess I'd better get off my jive act and at least LOOK like a President...Let's see. I'll fold my hands...I'll say God Bless America...I'll....bore Bill O'Reilly, that should do it. Now, how about some golf tomorrow? "
I would have much preferred to see his birth certificate plastered on his forehead, instead of watching a man reading a speech to further the global agenda, which none of us has a clue to.
But, in the real fantasy world of Washington politics...it was a surreal adventure.
Now...somebody tell me when he moves that desk.
(Nobody Makes this stuff up.)



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