Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nobody Gets E-mail: Hamas Men...Take 7 year old brides

Nobody Gets Email: When I got this from my friend JR...I was more than astonished. Frankly, I really don't know how Iran can call America Satan when they do this kind of stuff. I left in JR's comments because he is a regular Hugh Hefner in real life...and it's good to know that this shocks even him.
So... remember, this might be coming to America...Islam, as our President said: is a noble religion...Hope he's ready to give his two daughters over...
Mass marriage in Gaza and the wonderful world of benevolent Islam. I don't know for a certain fact that the bazaar marriages pictured above are true, but since I've read and heard of this practice on different occasions in the past I assume that they are. I do know for a fact that the photos of Muslim zealots are the real sentiments of those zealots.

Personally, it seems to me that the point American Muslims make, that all the trouble is due only to a radical splinter group, is not the point. The point is that there is a group and it is big enough to kill (only) thousands so far...

As always, in closing an email regarding Islam, I have to say 'these people scare the living hell out of me'! -jR

Mass Muslim Marriage in Gaza

Poor kids - what a terrible fate to be born as a girl in a Muslim country

Muhammad married a six-year-old bride. But Islam has evolved in 1500 years. In Hamas land, in 2009, the brides are almost seven. Mass Muslim Marriage in Gaza

450 Grooms Wed GIRLS Under Ten In Gaza
By Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

A gala event has occurred in Gaza .

Hamas sponsored a mass wedding for four hundred and fifty couples.

Most of the grooms were in their mid to late twenties; most of brides were under ten.

Muslim dignitaries including Mahmud Zahar, a leader of Hamas, were on hand to congratulate the couples who took part in the carefully staged celebration.

We are saying to the world and to America that you cannot deny us joy and happiness, Zahar told the grooms, all of whom were dressed in identical black suits and hailed from the nearby Jabalia refugee camp.

Each groom received a gift of 500 dollars from Hamas.

The pre-pubescent girls, dressed in white gowns and adorned with garish make-up, received bridal bouquets.

We are presenting this wedding as a gift to our people who stood firm in the face of the siege and the war, Local Hamas strongman Ibrahim Salaf said in a speech.

The wedding photos tell the rest of the sordid tale.

The International Center for Research on Women now estimates that there are 51 million child brides now living on planet earth and almost all in Muslim countries.

Twenty-nine percent of these child brides are regularly beaten and molested by their husbands in Egypt ; twenty six percent receive similar abuse in Jordan .

Every year, three million Muslim girls are subjected to genital mutilation, according to UNICEF. This practice has not been outlawed in many parts of America .

Vote in November to keep Muslims-Sharia Law out of Supreme Court and judges, the White House, and politics. People are unaware!

Yes, it's happening in America !!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says....

$%#@@!?/*, ***. !

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It’s a hoax, the children in the pictures are flower girls not the brides.

7:40 AM  
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