Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nobody Flashes: HEY...YO...SLY Does it Again!

Nobody Flashes: "Rocky" has done it again.
He made another great action film, where the good guys (American Soldiers) go in to South America and get the evil bad guys and take them out, in his new hit...The Expendables.
Sly has proven, I would say, that he is truly an American National Treasure. I don't know what he's taking these days...but I want some.
When we got to Rocky 34, I thought...no way can he top it that story...and each time...he did.
Then the Rambo's movies...again...each time...he did.
Do not doubt the power of the man and his talent. I will never make that mistake again.
And now, in this time of "America is worse than the Taliban" ...it's good to see Stallone making a movie which shows how men SHOULD be. (You can tell I like the pictures...sorry, I wanted to give myself a break!)
I can't tell you how tired I am of "girl flicks" and "America is a big bully" flicks ....I guess I'm getting old.
Anyway, if you doubt that there are real bad guys in this world, and we don't need REAL men, and movies reminding us about REAL men...then remember, that just a few weeks ago a band of evil MEN went into Rwanda and raped about 300 women, oh...and their children, which included a nine-month old baby boy.
And yet, (in the words of Dave Barry) the United Nations does...nothing.
So...if you want a lift from the nightmare we see everyday...go get inspired...and you will, like me, be looking forward to Expendable 45.
Something tells me these two guys are going to be looking good even in their coffins.
The closest I would ever get to coping a "feel" of one of those muscles is to wait for their funerals and go dressed as their "grandmother on the father's side" and while no one is looking, grab a bicep.
Hey, I'm realistic...now...GO SEE THE MOVIE! Do NOT waste you're money on the other lame movies...go see an great action film...You'll thank me!



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