Sunday, August 15, 2010

Buckle Up Your Overcoat...

Nobody's Opinion: I'm sorry. I just cannot act like what I am seeing before me is not happening.

Here in St. Louis, on a hot Sunday summer day, there was only a handful of about four families at the brand new $4-million dollar water park just built last year.
People can't afford the cost to get in, and the park can't afford lifeguards for the rest of the summer.

I came home from my swim to watch General Petraus's eyes literally light up as he mentioned the trillions of dollars worth of minerals just waiting to be mined in Afghanistan. Of course, someone is going to have to get those out, he said. And by the look on his face, he has been promised a nice return on the first returns, and he can't wait.

By now, most of us do not believe we are there for the protection of the AMERICAN people anymore. As we have seen, even in our own neighborhoods, jihadists can train right here in our country. (And 9/11 was proof of that.) That's not why we are there...and I frankly am tired of hearing it. They'd better think up some other excuse.

It should hit us when our streetlights are being turned off, our libraries closed, and camera's going up on every corner...not to mention...the drones above our heads.

It hits me every time Obama attacks Israel and sticks up for his beloved Islam. It SHOULD have hit us when he said Islam is very much a part of American history.

It should have hit us when the Republican Party ran...McCain, after they had lost so badly with Dole. And it should have hit us when the last election was run like an American Idol contest.

It should have hit us when we watch the pathetic response to Katrina--- but let a disaster happen in any country in the world, and we are RIGHT there!

It should have hit us when after nine years, there is still an empty lot on the grounds of the World Trade Center. And now, our President sides with an Imam to build a Mosque, even puts him on our payroll, to insult the memory of that event and all who died.

It should have hit us when President George Bush called brave Americans trying to guard the border "vigilantes."

It should have hit us when we "nationalized" the car companies.

It should have hit us when a whole Congress passed Universal Health Care without even reading it.

It should hit us that the Obama's are just going to milk the treasury for the best fun and most travel a couple can fit into a if the world is going to end tomorrow so they sure as hell are going to enjoy themselves...while millions of Americans can't afford even food.

When BP ruined the beloved gulf coast of our country, and Obama waited over three months to act, and the CEO was just annoyed that he had to be over here instead of sailing on his should have hit us.

In fact, when President George W. Bush waited over nine months after 9/ send over the troops..thereby giving Saddam enough time to remove the WMD...we should have know it. We had to WAIT for permission from the World?

We should have known it when Obama closed down all oil drilling.

Personally I felt I knew it when I found out that our own government, while grounding all flights, made sure that all of bin Laden's families were picked up and flown out of the country.

We should have known it when at the cost of billions, while our country was suffering economically, our government built the biggest and most expensive embassy in the world, in Baghdad.

It should have hit us when a President appointed one man to give billions to the billionaires on Wall Street, without so much of a blink of an eye, and his "illegal" follower continued the mass bailouts.

We should have known it, not when a black man won the Presidency, but when that black man insisted on us calling him Barack Hussein Obama. We should have know it when that black man continues to become a dictator, transforming America, into a third world country as fast as he can.

Yesterday, I drove to a mall, that I used to go to. This was a great mall, had all the big stores: Sears, JC Penny's, Famous-Barr, and about 300 shops. After the mall went up, whole neighborhoods of upscale houses...$250,000 and up around it.

And as I drove to the mall, I noticed whole new neighborhoods of great, clean ...big expensive American Dream houses. Most of the houses are owned by blacks. Most of them drive expensive cars. SO...what happened to that beautiful mall?

It's looks like it's right out of the series..."Life after People" on the History Channel...50 years.

There was an JC penny outlet on one end, which sold clothes for $10 or less...and at the other end of the mall was a MACY's who price range was only the well to do can afford.
A perfect example of America. Rich, and poor, right next to each other.

But, what was more disturbing to me was the acres upon acres of corn field surrounded the area. Corn...America's new ethanol. export.

It was as if, they know...we will soon HAVE no gasoline, and they are getting ready.

This is a picture of men looking for work in the Depression. Last week, we saw over 30,000 people looking for a free handouts in Atlanta. Double dip Recession is just a politicians' word for-- "You're screwed!"

The depression IS here...and we can no longer pretend that we DON'T see anything.

As they say in Hollywood: Buckle up...the world is about to explode.

(At least that's my Nobody's Opinion)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas asks:

Have you noticed what is missing from the line of people in the photo?

Its like the old joke: "Who was that Lady I saw you with last night?" "That was no lady. That was my wife".

2:28 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said... are right. We've come a long

12:16 PM  
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