Friday, August 06, 2010

Nobody Likes Expensive Cars

Nobody Flashes: Sometimes I just sit back, and think of how since I make no money as a writer...I can therefore write just about anything I want to...and so, tonight I offer up two cars for just fun: One is the most expensive car in the world.'
Yes, it's that ugly blue one. That's a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. It goes for $30 million.
The other is one I would prefer...a Mansoy. I'd have to get a gold dress and gold high heels just to get into it.
And if I had only married Mr. Salk, instead of insisting that love should always trump money...I'd probably be driving one at this very moment, somewhere in Miami.
And I blame the reason that I am not driving a Mansoy tonight, with open windows and an ocean breeze blowing in my window on Norman Mailer...and I because I am watching a documentary on sharks, you'll just have to wonder why.
Yes, a full grown bull shark is eight feet long, and they can swim up New Jersey...
as it did long ago, killed two people, and inspired the book JAWS...and that's a whole other blog.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas is.....:

....a chap. Therefore an expert on all things motor vehicular. Why, down at the pub the chaps talk of little else.

The consensus - of those not totally plastered - is that the blue car is a classic shape and would be taken for a spin along Tasmanian country lanes in a flash, but no-one would admit being so daft as to pay $30 mil. Indeed, barely anyone I know is so daft as to be that rich that one can waste in such an horrendous way.

But the black car would not suit either. It is an 'Aspirational' car, but only pimps and drug manor capos aspire in that manner.

Stay with the yellow aeroplane, Joy. (remember?) You'd look even better in a golden flying suit.


10:09 PM  
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