Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Entitlements of a Truck Driver and a First Lady

Nobody Wins: Omar Thornton...the black man who shot and killed nine of his bosses at the place where he worked because he felt discriminated against reminded me of the whole black entitlement issue. This guy was actually stealing beer from the company, and reselling it, BECAUSE? Someone put a sign up on the bathroom door that said 'Kill the n-."

He went on a murderous rampage because someone called him a "name?"

Gee, if we all did that, no one would be left in the world.

What's sad about this, instead of us all being in mourning about the nine men killed and their families, all the reporters are keeping your attention on is, "poor abused."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we just watch a black man preaching on a street that the black people should kill all the white crackers and their babies? And is that man still alive? Has there been a white man go on a rampage killing nine black men because of what he said?

Not only are we all feeling sorry for this murderer..(I'm sure David Letterman has sent his girlfriend condolences) the insane part is that no one is pointing out that the guy was treated MORE than fair. When caught stealing beer (easy since he was the truck driver) his boss gave him a choice. He could quit or be which he would have collected unemployment and not even had to work.

Pretty decent of the man considering he could have had him locked up for stealing beer.

But then again, I bet old Omar had a pretty nice lucrative outside business selling stolen beer, and that was the REAL reason he went off.

Mmmmmmm, entitlement...stealing...where have we seen this recently...I KNOW!

Our first lady, after eight vacations in one year, decides that she wants to go to Spain, on Air Force Two, with 40 of her best friends, along with 70 body guards, and stay at a hotel that charges up to $2,000 a night for a room.

And we the taxpayers, are paying for this. We are also paying for the 40 million people who are on food stamps, due to the Obama's redistribution philosophy.

Omar, felt he was entitled to that the beer...he was black, and abused. He was just a common thief, and like most crooks, they just get mad when they get caught.

Why is that what Michelle Obama doing any different?

The difference is, Michelle is actually, the bigger thief. And if the American people called her on it...or said "quit, or you are fired," how would the Obama's react? We already know.

They have the ultimate entitlement. The Presidency of the United States of America. We can do nothing, just sit back and wait.

When one race starts feeling entitled to whatever they want from another race...and they have the help of the most powerful couple in the United's not good.

This story will disappear. Whenever a black man kills a lot of white's buried. It's just sad, that the reporters are making Omar, a "victim," as if those white men had it coming to them.

They say Omar killed himself, after making a 911 call, AFTER he played his last race card.
And something tells this nobody, that he didn't kill himself. Because if he was that despondent, he would have never made that 911 call, with such calm authority, bragging about his escapade. Saying he wished he could have killed more.

No, I heard that a beer keg fell on his head. Killed him right off. That's what I think. Good thing too.

He was, as we all know, entitled to it.



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