Sunday, August 01, 2010

Loose Lips Sink Shutter Island

Nobody's Opinion: After watching the newly released movie, "Shutter Island " tonight, I was wondering...when is it going to come? A movie about how the government is really poisoning the people of the world with the food and water supply.
The plot will be very exciting. Some older woman, who is suffering from an overweight problem, will be working in some Monsanto office and find secret documents on how genetically engineered food is being made to make people fat in order for the drug companies to make gigantic profits. The people in the audience will be going "I KNOW, IKNOW! I don't eat anything and I'm gaining so much weight...and I'm just so TIRED all the time...I'm hooked on energy drinks..." And then she will learn that due to our food supply our thyroids have been decimated, and we are left with a whole generation of fat people not being able to even move away from their TV sets.
The audience will be going "I KNEW IT...I KNEW IT...they are trying to kill us all just to make a profit!"
Then, the big ending will come, and the hero (probably Meryl Strep) will then let it be known that in fact, the government is doing no such thing. She was delusional. In the last scene she will confess, she loves Oreo cookies...and she is very sorry, and she will go to the loving nurse who is sending her letters saying, "Come to me I will help you..", and then she will hand the poor star a joint, mixed with Aqai Berry, and the lady will smile..." and then, fade to "Thank God for Universal Health CARE!"
"Shutter Island" is basically the same propaganda. It's about a man who goes to an island to expose that OUR U.S. Government is actually experimenting on people, doing lobotomies, using hallucinated drugs to make "Manchurian" candidates...(which of course you can see happening) and you do NOT learn until the end that it's actually Leonardo that is sick and delusional. The good doctors on the Island are going to help him with a lobotomy and make him a good man.
Gee...get that lobotomy folks, and we are here to tell you that the US government has NEVER experimented on any citizens...ever...(LSD?AIDS?Virus? Vaccines?)

Now, the government knows many of us see what is happening. We still call a spade a spade, and also do not like the massive social engineering of our very thoughts being so cleverly disguised as entertainment. It's why they hate Fox News so much.
I don't know about you, but if I see one more gay guy kiss another man on the big screen, I'm going to start wearing a tee-shirt that says: "It's okay NOT to be gay..really."
Movies are a powerful propaganda force. It's the simple way they manipulate you. For instance, "The Divinci Code" books and movies were all a real hoot to get you to think that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, the prostitute, and had kids...and all the line of Jesus came down to elite European people. And then, in the last one, you were being fed all the conspiracies of the Illuminati and then at the end, and you are going.."I KNEW IT!!"
You knew nothing. Tom Hanks tells you that the Illuminati never existed...and there are no rich guys who rule the world. Listen to Tom. He knows.
You might think it's just another movie..but I'd advise you to...think again. What kind of message is the whole thing putting out?
Remember, Tom Hanks he had a big sign in the back of him that said "Loose lips sink ships." when he made a video endorsing Obama for President on the Internet.
I've always wondered who he was sending that message to.'s the reason Obama used the words "reptilian and mongrel" last week on the view. Those words didn't just pop out of his head. He needs to get the white single women back under his spell so he said the reason for "prejudice" was because of our reptilian brains (black woman thinks, yeah, they are snakes) and then he said, black people are mongrels (when you hear that world do you NOT think of a dog?) and other very condescending words and that's so the white people think, yeah, blacks are dogs.
And then you witnessed the lovely shot of his very white mama holding him up as a baby, trying to get the white woman's vote back.

By that performance I think we can fairly say that Obama is a mongrel lizard, and that's by his own words.
Meantime we are on brainwash overdrive by fear that the world is going to end in 2012, that Jews are still very mean, that homosexuality as a sexual proclivity is very normal, and we need a one world government ruled by an elite few, who need to tell us all what to do and eat.
And if we don't accept it...they will make a movie to convince you that what you think is happening is not really happening---with all of our very favorite actors and actresses.
America...the engineering experiment for the NEW World. I heard my first complete Spanish commercial just last week. No English was spoken at all. ON ESPN.
In the middle of freaked me out.
My very Christian Midwestern neighborhood, just since Obama has become President, is now half Muslim. We have many nationals moving in every week. Most of them do not speak English. It's like they are letting the whole world come here.
The elites think if they can just create the Tower of Babel here...they can do it everywhere on the planet.
All we can hope is that more people come out and sink that big reptilian mongrel boat of Obama's, and the elite's new world order. As for future movies?
Today, I drove passed the biggest AMC theatre in a very upscale section of town. When it first opened it was packed. It had nineteen huge theatres and was the best in St. Louis.
It's now...empty. Closed down. It's not just the price that keeps us away...
Leo says at the end of Shutter Island, a lobotomy can take a monster and make a good man.
Go ahead first. We shutter to think of what's next.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

I haven't heard an Advert on TV in English for years. There is a garbled argot here that splits infinitives, uses verbs as nouns, hasn't a clue as to the difference between ensure and insure, uses imply when they mean infer, cannot pronounce innovative to save their friggin' lives and uses a rising inflection at the end of statements to coerce you into agreeing with complete nonsense.

How is the Spanish Grammar?

10:47 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Are you kidding? I am the quintesstial (made that up) produce of a typical American education...with dyslexia abounding in every cell...

It takes a REAL genius to even begin to dicipher me..

As you are proof of dear sir.

But if you are talking about everybody else...they might as well be speaking Maruvian.

My Spanish is mostly limited to cussing...and I plan to keep it that way!

1:32 PM  
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