Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nobody Cares About Royal Weddings...

Nobody Cares: The Royal babes of both the US and Britain are growing up, and getting married.
Everyone is talking about Chelsea Clinton marrying a man from Stanford who now works for Goldman other words, the U.S. Treasury. No doubt he is being trained to run the world's economy at this very moment, so he can be right there by her side when SHE becomes the President her mother eluded. (No?)
The family is "saying" that only 500 people are invited to the wedding, and that Mum and Dad are spending over $3 million for the big party at John Astor's big mansion...but something tells me Chelsea will get presents from every country on the planet, with mom being Secretary of State...and they will get their money back in bucket loads.
As for William...another big wedding at Westminster?
Another wedding to be broadcasted all over the planet?
Do we care?
I think the real question the rich and powerful ever consider how all this ostentatious rub in our faces, of just how really RICH they are, is making most of us feel?
Shouldn't they be sacrificing like all the rest of us?
Nope. The good news is: somebody is going to get paid to bake an $11,000 cake for Chelsea.
If I were them, I'd ask for cash...upfront.
Okay, they both look like nice couples. Let's hope they don't grow up to be their parents.
Let's also hope, that God is listening to me, because I have a feeling that last hope was a one in a tillion shot.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas notes:

That the British Royal kiddies - the chaps anyway - are expected to do their bit as officers in the military. Young Harry has done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are expected to do the hard yards along with their peers and prove themselves at least equal.

They have traditionally and currently done pretty well.

None would be seen in public with a three-day growth of beard depicting sheer idleness. I guess Chelsea has little expectation of manliness in her chap and no expectation of effort is placed on her either.

Meanwhile Myra Higginbottom (single mother pensioner at 17) is to be married to a chap (who cares what his name is) who has his own plumbing business in Rutland tomorrow. The paparazzi will not be there to see if her bum looks fat

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