Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comrade Stone: Never Met a Dictator He Didn't Like

Nobody Cares about Comrade Oliver Stone's comments today:

And why is that? Because he said that America's natural wealth and natural resources are too important to be left in private hands. They should be taken over by the government because they belong to the "people."

Right: Just like how our government handles our great natural resource, Yellowstone Park right now. An American citizen can get a ticket to China before he or she can get a ticket to even be able to visit that great American "resource."

We pay for it, but we are NOT allowed to visit there, without the "government's permission. Soon, we won't be able to turn on our showers without the "government's permission.

So much for the "people."

Mr. Stone wants our government to be more like Hugo Chavez's endeavors in Venezuela...take over the oil, the banks, the electrical grids, the steel...and well, comrades...you must listen to Oliver because he has, you know, TALKED to these wonderful leaders (who call themselves socialists so as to fool everyone into thinking that they won't kill you.)--- and they are all such really nice guys!

Yes, the brain -damaged, cocaine and LSD drug addicted, Comrade Oliver, has such a need to keep his addiction habits I guess, and with the economy the way it is...funding for big movies getting harder by the day since people can't afford the prices anymore...that he is hiring himself out to any communistic dictator that wants to spend their money. What else is a poor capitalist to do?

For Castro, he made the movie, Comandente. For Chavez...South of the Border.

But what do you expect from a spoiled, and really screwed-up rich boy?Oliver had the best education, when he could stay in school. But you could never tell it from his writings, which, by the way, if you have never read any of his writings, trust me...Mel Gibson's rants seem sane in comparison. The man is really off the charts...almost insane.

And despite his mental incapacity, he's managed to have made a few good movies. JFK, was very entertaining...even though we never DID find out who killed him. (Because Oliver doesn't know either.) And I thought he got too much credit for Wall Street. Michael Criton was the real talent there.

Many say that Stone's glorification of the gamblers of Wall Street actually helped raise a
generation of Wall Street monsters, but I digress.

Alexandria would put you to sleepp if not for the stocked-up body of Brad Pitt, and the big ruby lips of Angelia Jolie.

But, I have a feeling that Mr. Stone has just started his propaganda for dictators films. After all, he is never going to run out of dictators...and that's a career move that will keep him in the finest Colombian crystal joint a comrade can buy.

I'll be waiting for his biggest movie..."Obama." right before 2012.

Oliver Stone...a Natural Born...Idiot. Somebody pass him the pipe.



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