Monday, July 12, 2010

Nobody Patrols Citizens Patrol

Nobody's Opinion: Who Knew? I want to know, just when did we agree to pay for this? Is THIS where the stimulus money is going?

Like I said...shock me--- get me a blanket. Bring me some water. Be gentle, I'm having a hard time getting up.

I saw my first "Citizens Patrol Car" today. It looked just like a brand new police car, but it was missing the usual local "internationally accredited" logo on the back.

I had to turn around twice...I could NOT believe my eye. "Oh MY GOD...Oh my God! Citizens are patrolling in AMERICA!?"

And I thought, "How clever. While we have all been paying attention to the gulf oil disaster, look what Obama has gone and done. He has been quietly putting in another one of his agenda's toward a police state...Citizens on Patrol.

The camera's are just not enough to watch the good "citizens" of the United States, oh no...he has gone and done what he promised...put "volunteers" ...basically, no more than a mild-mannered and well behaved KGB force out on the streets, to "help" the cops.

We now have "citizen spies."

The book 1984 will soon be banned, and we're all going to hell.

What? You think this is harmless? Well, maybe not right now...

But you have to he getting ready for his riots? With the economies getting worse, and the gatherings of tea parties, black panthers, communist, La RAZA...Is that why he is putting in this "Obama" volunteer police force?

Some of us think Obama is fanning the racial flame on purpose. Why else would he send his wife out to the NAACP to claim the tea party people are big racists while ignoring the "kill the white babies" rants of the Black Panthers?

Yes, we must remember how we all ignored his wish for a "citizens " police force. When he was campaigning we all just went, "Huh? Oh...that sounds...naawwww."

So, what do they do? You can look it up. Just Google "citizen patrol" and you will find them in cities all over the United States.

I I still can't believe it. (Get me a shot of whiskey.)

If you are older, you get to drive around and play big guy, helping the poor police do things like watch neighborhoods, for anything suspicious. I guess since there will be no jobs for the dwindling older American citizen, they just had to find something for them to do. And if the states go bankrupt, and start laying off cops, and firemen, why the good citizens will step right up and do the job!

And they are selling this program as being "helpful." That's how they sell us everything. That's how they pushed universal health's all for the common good.

And think back: At first, Hitler had Jews monitoring their Jewish neighbors...remember?

Among your jobs, if you happen to volunteer to be on "citizen patrol" are "Vacation Home Checks and Welfare Checks."

Welfare Checks? What? Will they be delivering welfare checks by patrol car?

Do you see how dangerous this is? You will depend on a "citizen patrol guy" to find your check? And then maybe your Social Security Check? Or even your paycheck?

Think of the possibilities!

The baby boomers, who have just been rationed to the dust bin, will of course, get nothing for their service. BUT ---If you are a young student, then 40 hours of volunteer "citizen student patrolling" gets you credits to graduate.

How nice! You might need an education in intimidation in your next government job.

Of course, you can't just join up. You have to finish a small class which includes crowd control.

I want to know who is paying for all those cars?

So, what's next?

Drones. Over American cities. They are already talking about it.

But none of us are paying attention because we are all wondering why it only took 3 days to cap the oil spill, but it took them a whole 92 to finally decide to do it.

This is Obama's dream...remember? He said he wanted a civilian police force. He also just recently said in his immigration speech, that he couldn't understand why nobody believed that he would do all he said he was going to do.

Well this nobody believes it.

Welcome to the new land Obamaland of the free, America.

How do we fight this creeping fascism?

Do not volunteer to patrol anything, but your own life.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas wonders....:

...if those odd people down the street who play poker at night in the garage will qualify for a car to patrol in.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Now...if I get to KEEP the car, and the state pays for all gas, and free health benefits...and my utility bills...

I might consider watching over all the vacation homes...especially of the rich, which I would personally check out the swimming pools...

9:44 AM  

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