Thursday, July 08, 2010

From Horse, to Cars, to Electric Cars, to Horse, to Camel

Nobody Wins:
Today, the great Sultan of Electricity, Barack Obama, gave a great speech in Kansas City, at a plant that the government gave 32 million dollars to---to make electric trucks.
These trucks were pretty small, but that's not the point...they plug in.
The great Sultan Obama praised the great strides in the new concept of trucks, run by electric, that can go (wait for it).......100 miles before you have to find somewhere to plug them up and wait four hours for the battery to recharge...and THIS my friends of progress!!
Go ahead, vomit here. (It's the newest rage besides Vampire bites you know.)
Right after Obama's great speech which blamed once again, George Bush for all our problems, an Arab man came on and claimed that yes, he had been all over America and was seeing the great electric and green things bringing America into very and riches beyond anyone's dream!
And Sultan Electric Man Obama is going to take all our money and use it to built electric car making factories everywhere!
And by the way...Pepsi actually bought one! Things are looking up!
Could this have anything at all to do with all the money that GE is going to make? Could this have anything to do with keeping people very close to their homes so that they do not even venture out, therefore putting them all in nice little cubby-hole niches?
I wonder...would a horse be cheaper and more reliable transportation that an electric car?
I'm thinking...maybe...camel.
But...this might work out. Think of all the abandoned cars along the highway...and how much money you could make selling these to China?
I don't know about you---but what are you going to do when your battery runs down? Stop by the local McDonalds and say..."Uh...can I plug my car into your French Fry machine?"



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