Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Nobody Drills Kagen

Nobody Cares: If I...Ms. official Nobody, could question Elena Kagen for a position on the Supreme Court, this is how it would go:

Me: Well, MS Kagen, I see here you have no expertise whatsoever being a judge of any kind, is that correct?

Kagen: Yes, that is correct...but I did lead the Law Review at Harvard, which as everyone knows, is where all future leaders come from, as for instance...the greatest President ever..Barack Hussein Obama.

Me: Like I said, you have no experience of any kind in law. You have never served on a court of law of any kind or have every been a judge, is that correct?

Kagen: Yes, but I was the Dean of Harvard.

Me: Okay, let's put this another way. What makes you think that being a dean of Harvard gives you the experience that you will need to make wise decisions about interpreting our constitution ?

Kagen: At Harvard I had to make many decisions. For instance, I stopped discrimination against gays. I believe gays should serve openly in the military, and since the "don't ask don't' tell" policy is still being used, I forbid the military to recruit on campus. I am very proud of that.

Me: But Ms Kagen, you are gay, are you not?

Kagen: I don't see how that has anything to do with the Supreme Court, and I do not need to answer.

Me: Nevertheless, you are actually practicing the "don't ask don't tell" in your whole testimony here at the hearings, are you not? You won't tell anyone about your real beliefs in anything, and are actually hiding not only the truth of your beliefs and opinions, but also the fact that you are gay, therefore, maybe you should be kicked out of this court for discriminating against gays...

Kagen: No, that is not true...

Me: Okay, let's go to censoring. Our constitution gives us the freedom of speech, and yet, you believe that some speech, should be censored, especially about politicians...isn't that true?

Kagen: No.

Me: But you wrote a paper about it...did you not?

Kagan: Well, that was a while back, you can't use that.

Me: Ms Kagen: do you like men?

Kagan: Of course I do.

Me: Well, if you are gay, you prefer women, is that not correct?

Kagen; Well, I do eat Chinese food. (courtroom laughs.)

Me; So, if you prefer women, isn't there a danger that you would want to pass laws about men, that would actually be unfair and discriminate against them?

Kagen: I told you, I am a strong defender of gay rights.

Me: Oh...if the men are gay, then you will protect I right?

Kagen: Yes.

Me: What if they are not gay? And what if the men that are not gay want to recruit men on campuses, would you rule in favor of that?

Kagen: No

Me; Are you NOT therefore discriminating against straight men? Shouldn't they have the same rights as gays?
Kagen: You're twisting what I said.

Me: How do you know that?

Kagen: Because I'm Jewish.

Me: How does your rabbi feel about you being gay?

Kagen: I do feel that some laws are really stupid.

Me: Well, if you don't want to tell your Rabbi your gay, or admit it to the world, then I think you are a hypocrite and should just admit you are gay instead of hiding the fact in order to get on the court.

Therefore, it is the opinion of this nobody, and many other nobodies of America, Ms Kagen, that you will not protect any part of our constitution, and if bad laws are passed, laws that deprive us of free speech, the right to bear arms, and our national sovereignty to foreign will use all your powers on the court to keep them. You will not interpret our beloved constitution, but try to make laws based on your own very liberal, feminist, opinions...and you should not be confirmed as even a Mayor of Dog town, let alone our highest Court.

Kagen: Well, that's your opinion MS Nobody--- but guess what? You're a nobody and I'm not. In fact, I have been picked precisely because nobody could look up my record on anything, and I don't have to tell you or the American people anything, so help me God.

Me: Yes Ms Kagen, I don't need a Harvard education to know that you will put the final nail in the loss of all our freedoms.

So keep visiting those Chinese restaurants MS. Kegan.. in fact, do us all a favor and go run for office in China, where the food is authentic..You will feel right at home.

(Nobody Makes this stuff up)



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Amfortas says.....:

Nobody asks the right questions.

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