Friday, July 02, 2010

Nobody Gets Frock Mania...

Nobody Flashes: This is just a Nobody Rant....

I just read on Drudge that Arnold Schwarzenegger was truly upset today when he heard that an American Flag that was painted on the side of a highway in California by good citizens after 9/11, had just been painted over...right before our Independence Day. And Arnold, like the true politician that he is, made some wonderfully patriot remarks about it...but did he do anything about it? Couldn't he, as governor, paid a few hundred bucks out of his own very rich pocket and had it painted back for the holiday?

Yeah, actions speak louder than words.

The fact that he didn't just goes to show, that he is all talk. That's what they all are, a big bloated bunch of sweet-talking plutocrats. Arnold ran as a conservative, but he has done a complete turnaround and joined the global world of put American citizens last. He is globalist- warming on steroids. And speaking of steroids...
We had Bill Clinton saying at the funeral today of old man Byrd, that the reason he was in the KKK, was because he wanted to be elected...insinuating that all white people loved the KKK.

And these...are our leaders. I know. It's enough to make you cry.
Obama is on TV every single day...full of arrogance...and lies. Every time he says "God Bless America" I'm looking around for lighting to hit him. Flies and rats are not enough.

He might think that the sight of oil gushing out and killing all the beaches and jobs is going give him the excuse to rally the world into global warming taxes...but all it's really going to do is make a lot of people hate him even more. He did nothing...but take a few photo ops and complain.

Yes, I'm starting to hate the man...and I really don't care if it's politically in-correct to say it.
(As I'm writing this, it's after 2 in the morning on a Friday night, and the teens next door are bursting firecrackers..John Adams would be happy.)

Not to change the subject but tonight, my husband and I were watching a fight on TV. Carl Frock of England was defending his Middleweight Champion title against a black fighter from the United States named Andre Dirrell.
Now, you didn't have to know a thing about boxing to see that Dirrell kept going in and just holding on to Frock...every time Frock would take a swing, he would just hug him. This went on for twelve rounds, and there was a split decision, but the title, thankfully stayed to Frock.
Afterwards, they interviewed Dirrell who of course, like a real loser, acted like he lost not because of his actions...he thought he won...and it was unfair, and well, it sounded like the typical thing that dishonest people say if something goes wrong. He insinuated that it was because he was black. Sure he stayed 12 rounds with the champ...but that's only because most of the time he was hugging the guy instead of fighting.
And Frock said just that. The man wouldn't stand toe to toe and fight. What was he to do? He kept trying to get him to stand and fight, but he just wouldn't do it. One in a while he'd punch him in the back of the head because the guy just wouldn't get off him.
Frock was a great boxer, and a hell of a man. I was yelling, "Go on...hit that coward... NOW!"
If they had given that fight to Dirrel, I would have been really pissed, as would most of England.
And you know what? Dirrel reminded me of Obama. Arrogant and incapable of a clean fight.
Recently we had the southern dough boy, Lindsey Graham say the other day, that he thinks the tea party movement is going to fade away. They have no leader. And you know what? George W. Bush said that "these" things just happened from time to time, but they disappear. Don't worry about those tea party people.
They WILL die off. That's what they think. That's what they hope. That's the plan.
Oh yeah? Not without a fight we won't.
Not without a fight.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says..."

Not surprising he's a Champ with a name like Frock. He'd have to be tough. But how would he fare against a contender called Panty.

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