Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't Give a Warrior a Rolling Stone

Nobody Perfect: Well, this week it's a no-brainer. The man in charge of the war in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, has broken the cardinal rule of--- you can never, ever, ever, ever, publicly speak out against the Commander- in- Chief. In George Washington's army, you would have been shot.

The rule has very important merits. But then again, there ARE exceptions to every rule.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama is not George Washington. And as the good general has pointed out, our President doesn't seem to have a clue about the wars. Unlike our military men of the past, the closest Obama has ever been to military strategy, is figuring out how to blame his predecessor for every one of his mistakes.

But, that's exactly what the good General did... he attacked--- in a magazine that is read by all the liberals...The Rolling Stone-- showing that the General can think out- of- the- box, and fling a few stones of his own.

Good shot there General.

Most Americans are thankful somebody spoke out about the incompetency -of our President in managing the the war. Why even John Adams, when he was appointed on the war council, studied military strategy day and night in order to be up to the task. Has Obama ever read a military book? Has our Commander- in-Chief given any thought to how to dial a phone to even get a general? We all remember the months that dragged on and on before he decided he would actually send McChrystal the troops he asked for. How many men died due to Obama's taking his sweet time?

Like I said...no George.

Obama's war strategy seem to be...just do nothing. Don't read the bills: don't answer the phone: don't talk to generals: and by all means put off all important decisions. Confuse...and conquer. Leave it to the lawyers.

Play golf.

When I read today that McChrystal had been in charge of the special ops division: the Rangers, the Seals, and Delta Force, I can understand why maybe this President doesn't want to confront real men. Men that he sends to war with the unbelievable insult of "Win a metal if you don't harm anyone. If you happen to get wounded in the process of NOT protecting yourself, then we will grant you free mental health care."

Yeah, I would be scared too.

So...should the General he be fired for his insubordination? Well, as most of us see it, Obama my not even be legally President...so therefore, he is not legally the Commander- in- Chief. He has ignored the Constitution, ignored our history, given our enemies every advantage to infiltrate our country and set up camps while stabbing our allies in the back. He has repeatedly lied, bribed, and put down the American people and our Christian heritage. His actions as President has left us in the weakest state we have ever been in.

In other words, the enemy is in the White House.

It is said that this General really knows how to get the terrorists. When a President commands his generals to fight a war with political correctness, while pumping million to war lords in orders to clear the roads for our contractors to build schools and such...and these war lords turn around and use that money to fund the very Muslims who kill our boys...I'd say...the biggest terrorist is sitting in the oval Office. He is destroying us faster than any Taliban army.

But, Stanley is not perfect. When he was called to the White House to explain his comments, he shouldn't have said he just wasn't thinking, or given a week apology, he should have said,

"Mr. President...it took you over 50 days to call the CEO of BP to the White House. I am honored it only took you a few hours to call me."

But, Nobody's Perfect.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas hopes....:

...that the editor of Rolling Stone will do the right thing and confer a free 'Reverend' title on the General so he can change career with ease.

At the same time, perhaps the General can consult with one of Rolling Stone's Psychic Phoneline operators to see what his future holds.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

They have Psychic Phone operators?

9:05 AM  
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