Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Putting Lipstick on a Wart Hog

Nobody Wins:
If you missed 'President' Obama's energy speech tonight from the oval office, I can sum it up quite simply for you.
Remember when Obama said, during his campaign....
"Well, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig!"...
Everyone KNEW he was talking about Sarah Palin. That remark showed that the man had absolutely no class whatsoever. It was nasty, really low, and proved that the man running for President was basically what we call in many parts of the country..."Trailer Trash." But, all the liberals loved it. And he denied that he was talking about Sarah Palin...acting just like the "swine" he thought he was labeling.
I made myself watch the speech tonight, but do to the fact that I don't like to torture myself too much, I was surfing my e-mail at the same time and came upon this picture. It was sent to me by my friend Janet in Florida, who I'm sure, remembers the nights we went on "boar-hunting" pajama party sleepover in the glades when we were kids. Little did our parents know that while we were well protected in our swamp buggies from the Boars, our ears were NOT protected by the thousands of dirty jokes that kept the Vietnamese lady that took us all, entertained. It's bad enough you don't understand the dirty joke, but try to not understand it in broken Vietnamese.
But, I'm getting off the subject...(or am I?)
Anyway, Obama had his best game face on tonight..and then when he ended it with, "God Bless America" I was wondering just which GOD he was talking about.
And then it came to me, after considering the picture and the speech...I thought...hmmmm
"You can put a patriotic speech on a Tele-Prompter for a Marxist, Islamic, unpatriotic Wart Hog to read...but he' still remains a Marxist, Islamic, unpatriotic Wart Hog.... and even lipstick wouldn't help."
Wait...I'm not talking about Obama? Did you think I was talking about Obama? No way.
On a more important note, NOBODY REPORTS that this Wart Hog was caught in Florida, by a man who works at Sears. He weights almost 2,000 pounds. (the hog) I would have liked to seen his mother.
And you thought the beaches were dangerous.
Maybe that's the plan of the oil spill...get everyone to move into the swamps...with the giant Wart Hogs, and the pythons...and the posionsous frogs and snakes...



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