Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nobody Cares About the Gores

Nobody Cares: The Gores are divorcing. I guess that big new house in Malibu Beach was the final blow in what otherwise was a perfect marriage. Anyone who starts out with a spectacular wedding at The National Church, is bound to be cursed.
Tipper, I claiming bids on the stash in the basement.
(Nobody makes this stuff up)
Personally, I always like Tipper. She played the drums. Any woman who plays the drums can't be all that bad. And if I recall, I don't remember her ever saying anything stupid...which is rare in a political wife.
Good luck Tipper!You have brought hope to many nobodies, because it's nice to see someone in the world has come to their senses. Now, you can finally turn off all those lights!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Playing the drums is a mitigating factor, Joy. And only just ! She married the Gore-bore and has lived off the proceeds of his various mendacities.

12:58 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Smart woman. (ha!)

1:03 PM  
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