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Hey Jude...Let it Be

Nobody Wins: Here we see Paul McCartney getting an award from Obama. He could have been his old lovable self and just said, "thank you." But no. He had to make a big political "Obama is God" moment out of it. The "fool on the hill " must have been skipping in his head.
Okay. Now we know what comes with becoming a "lord." There is a moment in time (usually when your career is in decline) when you are called upon by political leaders them out. Lord Paul must believe, like the great globalists, that America has to get downsized into the "no borders," one-- HEY JUDE-- world...otherwise he wouldn't be saying what he is saying.
On the other hand, look at it from his side. Think of the global billions Paul made by that one appearance. The song Michelle should be a sell-out next week in Kenya.
We love ya Paul, but--- "I guess you never knew dear boy, what you have done..."
I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of all our stars and musicians becoming political hacks.
First we had Tom Hanks going on YOUTUBE telling us all to vote for Obama...
Then Gloria Estefan raised money for Obama in Miami... a woman who by all accounts should know the ways of communism and how Obama is a Marxist and shares many of Castro's beliefs. (In fact, Castro loves the guy...just like Paul.)
Gloria, whose own father was imprisoned in Cuba, should have said...NO WAY! I must say, I was knocked out with disappointment with Gloria. But then I tied to rationalized it. I thought...because she is bi-liqual, and depends on record sales in many a socialistic and communistic country, there was some monetary reason she felt she had to do it.
Still, to her credit, we did not see her picture with Obama all over the networks.
But, Paul McCartney--- boy...what do you say? A man who to the delight of all his fans stayed OUT of politics all his life...(except for the Irish song)... what a disappointment!
I, like many Americans, resent some guy who is a musician, even if he was a "god of music, " taking to telling us to quit picking on Obama. As if we are all just mean and spiteful little children....and then saying stupid political things like, "You have billions of us who are rooting for you."
Billions? He's not LORD OF THE WORLD yet Paul...
Here's what I think: Obama was using him, to suck up to the "white" baby boomers who are just about fed up with him, and that includes now...many democrats. And Paul was more than happy to do it.
"Look, Paul says I'm there you go. And for you black's Stevie Wonder"
Stevie Wonder, by the way, sang such a terrible scale of the name, Barack Obama, at the White House party, even I could have done it better. Obama likes to hear his name chanted, over and over, have you noticed? "
Can you say: "Maybe I'm amazed at the kiss-ups?"
Do you remember, the first time the Beatles sang before the Queen? Remember the line that John Lennon said.."Those in the front can clap your hands, but the ones in the back, just rattle your jewelry?" Compare that to Paul sucking up to the Obama for an if he needed another one. He could have said, "Those of you in the TV audience who don't have a job, and are watching your country disintegrate into Marxist can cry. The ones sitting here in the room...throw us your private yacht keys."
Yes, times HAVE changed.
We all know that Paul McCartney is known to have a bleeding heart, which is okay, if he keeps it to himself. If he wants to save all the lobsters in the world, why should we care? But, don't start telling the AMERICANS to stop picking on that good guy Obama, just because he happens to have a wife named Michelle and you can keep your career going another ten years by plugging your Michelle song.
Fame, we are like a drug. Paul...loves it. (so does Obama) And we LOVE Paul...the musician.
And speaking of drugs: Sir Paul McCartney, like Sir Elton John, has done so many drugs in his considerable lifetime, we must consider the source when he makes stupid political statements. It's not the first blunder he's done lately.
Maybe the drug use has finally caught up with him. Gee...think about it. Drugs damage brains. Paul has done every drug known to mankind, and Obama was a cocaine addict...and they both think they know what's best for the world.
Maybe we should start demanding brain scans of our politicians to be posted
I'm trying not to judge the man, but let's just say, for the sake of humanity, that in order for me to deal with this "blow" I'm going to take the attitude... "Forgive him lord, for he knows not what is good for humanity, and he wants some people to buy his upcoming concert tickets...."
And this nobody was a diehard Beatle fan. I put the Beatles music right up there with Beethoven. I was thirteen when the Beatles came on the scene on Ed Sullivan, and my nickname at the time was "Paulie." So, yes--- this pains me. The songs are embedded forever in my brain, like it or not.
Not too long ago, I read that actually, the first Beatles hits were not written by the Beatles, but by a hired songwriter...and after I thought about it..."I Want to Hold Your Hand" does not sound like something four "men" would write after spending eight years in Hamburg playing in strip joints six nights a week. They had the talent as a group to perform it...of course... but the older I get, I tend to think that it could very well be true: those first hits were not Lennon/McCartney.
Later on, I do believe they wrote their own music. But, if that is so, then that makes Paul McCartney full of ....lies...much like a politician.
Yes--- Paul has lot in common with Obama. He has a tremendous god-given gift. Paul has the perfect male singing voice, and is a great musician. One of most creative musician ever to walk the earth. Obama, as he has said himself...has a great gift of speech. not forget. Behind Paul McCartney was John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Brain Epstein, and the incomparable George Martin. Without them, he might not have developed.
Behind Obama is Rahm Emanuel, and a whole fleet of secret powerful people, as Glenn Beck has pointed out. Obama, as we are finding not even as gifted in his field as Paul. Obama is turning out to be...just a partier. A hired orator... implanting the "progressive" takeover. If not for the backing of a Saudi Prince, he would not even have gotten into Harvard.
And now that the globalists are all coming out into the open, what seems more frightening to this nobody is that all these musicians and stars are called on by this" global cartel" to "Do this gig, say this and that, or..It would be nice if you head up this charity.." servants of propaganda---called forth to come to the beck and call of the elites... much as court jesters by the kings of old.
Dancing to the beat of the Lords of Globalization, or ELSE.
If these stars are really so keen to save the world...they should write an intelligent book explaining why they support whatever political beliefs that they have...we would welcome it.
But, they won't.'s my nobody message to my beloved idol...Paul.
Most of the world is living a Hard Day's Night right now, and I know it makes you feel bad...but trust should Let it Be, otherwise, you will become the REAL NOWHERE MAN, and it will be a Long and Winding Road back into ...billions of hearts.
Hey Jude...take a sad song. and make it better...right now.. Paul, to many of your biggest're making it worse.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Oh Dear, I should have guessed that you would have liked the Beatles when you were pubescent. Most little girls of 13 or 14 go gaga over the most dullard boys just that bit older, especially if they screech and warble tunelessly on stage.

The Beatles appealed to girl children, so boy children emulated them and both carried that embarrassing lunacy into their adulthood.

St Paul and 'putting away the things of childhood' springs to mind.

Time to let it all go, Joy. Keep with Beethoven.

These were four young yobbos who could barely speak the Queen's English. They had a knowledge-base established by an education system that was already on a downward slide, and the moral equipment one could expect from the slums of Liverpool.

What the hell did they know?

They never progressed from that.

So the Politicians, as you said, made a 'Lord' out of Paul. In the old days (12th Century) there were Troubador Knights. But at least everyone knew that plunking a lute was all they were useful for and they sat just along from the Court Jester (who was paid more !)beyond the pail. Roy Rogers could not really get the genre elevated.

McCartney capitulated to a one legged, blond, hooker, con artist but at least it was his own money he lost. Now he is extolling the virtues of a man who wants to con everyone out of their money and has a huge political machine to do it.

Obama is little more than the prostitute (sorry, 'Escort') that Sir Paul jumped into bed with for four years. The American people will be f*cked too for the same time.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Well said, amforatas about the politicaL PART...I do agree...

BUT...I do happen to at least know a bit about harmony, counterpoint, melody, and just how hard it is to come up with a catchy tune and keep making each song sound creative and fresh, and then also make it short.

Even most classical hits are hits because the melody is appealing to millions of people. And what they remember is usually the simple melodies or even...four notes.

Try and write a catchy's not all that easy.

So goes the pop artist. We hear enough trash on the radio to know that the melodies the Beatles came up with year after year were almost...too good to pass off as simply entertainment.

It's not easy for a writer to stay short and brilliant and not easy for a musician either. Keeping it simple stupid, takes more than a small amount of intelligence.

But, that's just my nobody opinion.

The Beatles, of course, even though the songs were simple, managed to come up with a remarkable portfolio of creative music. As a drummer, I can honestly say that Paul's bass lines alone were more than surprising and sometimes simply amazing. And each song, from the guitar lines, to the background vocals, to the drum creations, take a carefully educated ear, which only one can get through years of practice.

Having said that, they had the very educated in classical music and George Martin, to help them. The four part harmoney on "Because", is as good as any BACH... the many arrangements with trumpets, and piano parts...were no doubt put in by George...the fifth Beatle who got very little credit, made the songs soar.

So, yes. I always said that whatever you hear in high school, when you reach that puberty stage, stays with you. And I was no differnet than millions of other girls. Paul caught me as a young girl coming into estrogen, but he KEPT me as a true artistic talent.

And I will always be a Beatle fan...

Having said that, my husband did make some really funny remarks..

Like---He should go back to his yellow submarine,

And---He should take his Norweigan wood and stick it up his ...

(That's the testosterone approach, not one I would have thought of.)


9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a grand defense of their music. I will keep my taste but nod to your greater expertise, m'dear.


9:33 PM  

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