Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Well of Dubai

Nobody Cares; I was watching the History Channel tonight...and got very interested in watching this very funny looking building go up in Dubai. It's a convention center.
Here in America, while we watch the three stooges try to figure out how to stop an oil gusher underwater...and nobody has a clue...maybe the real problem is: all the world's best engineer's are working in Dubai at the moment, building the dreams of one particular Sheik or another.
If they are not there, they are in China.
Ever watch these things? Almost nine times out of ten, the contractors and architects are from the West. And if they are not....they were trained there.
This was somewhat of an engineering feat, because, as you can see...it's crooked. The men who were the top engineers on this building were all Scots, Brits, and one Irish. Then you had the poor grunts doing the actual work, who were all from India. They lit a LOT of candles.
The "Sheik" also wanted the building to be hollow so he could pretend he was at the bottom of a well I suppose. Then, when the time was right, he could jump up and out the top and become the new..E-man and save the world.
I have no idea why he wanted a crooked looking building, but..you tell me.
This hollow in the middle thing, of course presented big problems. But, the genius Scots figured it out after much debate and hard work. Still....that wasn't enough. The Sheik decided he'd like a swimming pool sticking out of the side, (after the building is almost finished, mind you) and I can tell you, the Scottish man in charge was exasperated, but somehow he found a way to get that big pool waaaay up near the top, and STILL keep the building from falling over. The pool was held up by really big...steel logs.
THEN...when they were almost done, the Sheik decided...hey...I'd like a heliport on top of the building.
Sure, no problem.
By this time you could tell the engineer in charge was getting a bit fed up with just HOW he was suppose to put even more weight on this flimsy thing, not to mention, wind factors in the desert...but he did it. Somehow, he did it.
And while I was watching this...I couldn't help but wonder....what in world did this Sheik do to deserve to inherit so much money that he could order men who are not even from his country, to do such impossible tasks? Did he get that oil out of the ground in the first place?
So, there you have it.
I say we take what stimulus money there is left and hire some of these great Western engineers to come over here and build a hotel over that disaster...and use the oil to run the place. They could have the first underground ocean hotel, run by oil.
From what I saw tonight, it wouldn't be a problem for these guys.
But, all Obama can think of to send is lawyers. Not only is he turning out to be a terrible President, he wouldn't even make a good Shiek.
America use to be the place where the greatest minds from all over the world would come.
Now, our greatest minds go to Dubai, and Beijing.
And I honestly can't get say anything for a punch line at that thought. I'm just one big empty well at the thought of it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

amfortas says....:

.....er, I hope it didn't start out straight in the drawings.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Nope, the shiek wanted a crooked building...a HOLLOW crooked building

So..one wonders...just WHAT part of his...physical makeup does that building represent?

I'm just saying.

10:20 AM  

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