Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nobody's Email: It's a Dog's Life

Nobody Gets Email: Okay, I have to make this short.
This picture reminds me of the day I had today. (I got it from Pat... thanks.)
There is ONE day a year, when I wish I had a gardener. Yes, ONE day a year, I take the front of my house, and weed, clean, rake, plant, mulch, sweep, and transform what is a pretty pathetic frontal house view, and make it into my own little Eden.
Well...we certainly must compete with the neighbors! The lady next store got two new big planters...can't let her get by with that. I must claim victory.
But today...was one of those "days." I had great plans. Go buy the potting soil, the plants, the hanging baskets, ...and clean the pond, put in the pumps, move the lights...mow the lawn, trim the bushes and the trees...etc....and of course, when I told my husband that he could finally remove the lamppost that he has wanted to get rid of for years...he got so excited he pulled it right out of the ground and grabbed a small hatchet to "cut' the gas line...
Well, you know ....why would anyone take the time to get wire cutters?
I'll tell you stitches, emergency room. Wife has to do all the work the rest of the day. But...thankfully, he can still move his thumb...just enough to play his video games.
So, I can live with that. What I can't live with is my dog.
She won't move. I get in bed, 4 Advil, and a heating pad, and she wants to come up and sleep on my pillow...(leave me alone, I usually let her curl up next to me for a while) BUT..
My back hurts so bad...I cannot move. She wants her spot...I can't move without extreme pain...And so I get up to get some water and....yes, she finds the best spot...right in my side of the bed, and looks at me...exactly like this dog..." got up!"
And that is why...I could never run a country...but then seems not many others can do the job either.
BUT...there is one thing I would NOT do. Try to cut a gas line with a hatchet.
There. I feel better.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says....:

If I win Tattslotto and send you $50k and airfares for you and hisself with the ax, can you come over and fix up my garden too?


9:22 PM  

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