Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Apple a Day

Nobody Flashes: Update...ah, we are back to the good old days, when Bill Clinton's justice department went after Microsoft. Remember?
Now that Steve Jobs and his new Apple I-Pad has given him the edge over Microsoft, the Obama administration is coming after HIM!
In fact...any company that makes a big profit needs to redistribute. I'm sure before it's over Steve Jobs will have to donate so many of these babies all over the world to the tribes in Africa, the Taliban Muslims in Afghanistan, and frustrated teachers in New Jersey.
Well, of course he will. Any very successful company, that can get thousands of factories over in China to work 18-hour days, with ten minute naps, and pay just enough money to for the young slaves to survive.. AND with only a few suicides in the mix, (probably much less than our soldiers if you wanted to compare)...Steve will hardly miss a few million giveaways.
That's why he is making up for it with the latest model---A solid Platinum and diamond IPad, designed by Stuart Hughes. Steve got a bit jealous when his wife designed the gold Apple IPad, so he thought up this one. It has 173 "flawless" diamonds..and you can have it for $424,930.
Just don't decide you are going to take it flying. It might go in the machine, but there is no guarantee it will come out.
In fact, I suggest... glue it to your hand.



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