Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BP: Advertising Its Own Disaster?

Nobody Knows:
Okay, somebody explain this to me.

If you were the CEO of BP, and your company just suffered the biggest oil spill of this galaxy, and you were not only killing millions of species of wildlife and destroying whole ecosystems for the next decade, AND also putting thousands of life-long fishermen out of a job...(and that includes many people who are foreigners) would you put this video up on every cable channel on the globe? A first: LIVE feed of hundreds of gallons of oil spilling out and into every single living room on the planet, in order to put across in graphic detail--- just what you have done.

I think not.

So, why is one company actually sort of glorifying this horrible catastrophe? Who got that camera down there in such short noticed?

Think about it...how many times a day have you seen this video feed?

Are they trying to tell us...gas prices will go up? What's the message here?

Something doesn't add up in Kansas. We all know that the global government has NEVER wanted the western nations to develop oil. We have been MADE dependent on the Saudis' oil by our own politicians, for much too long... and just WHY is that?

Today, it was put out, well, hey, those government employees who were suppose to be watching the oil wells were watching porn again, and you know--- doing meth in order to enjoy the porn more.

I'm starting to think that the porn stars should be paying higher taxes. (Oh, they don't pay taxes?)

And yes, it's been let out that the inspectors were basically just bribed to not pay attention to the safety inspection of our oil rigs.

You know, Sarah Ferguson could sure use a job.

You'd have to know a lot about the global financial cartels of oil to know what is really going on, but one thing is for sure...the Obama administration, is behind the curtains, and they are definitely not wanting to be disturbed about the whole issue. ( see Obama cat ) They would rather sit back and watch the catastrophe and the whole gulf of Mexico complete destroyed, in order to be able to continue with their NEW WORLD ORDER of GE and Al Gore taking over with new Green products...and on and on...etc., etc.,...

After all, with the earth cooling, the global-warming climate-change in order to effect global change blueprint, didn't do so well.

It's been reported that Obama met with BP regulars right before this happened. He also got the biggest contributions from BP. And the White House has asked everyone to stop just stop asking questions, because ... Obama doesn't think it's his problem, it's BP.

'President' Obama's problems seem only to be what chef from what city to fly into the capital to feed him that night.

In the meantime the disinformation goes out. Someone is putting out rumors among the oil workers in Texas, that it was actually North Korea that attacked that rig.

Sometimes I think the spin machine employees are watching porn and doing meth.

This oil spill comes exactly at the perfect moment in time: The upcoming of cap and trade and the green carbon credits need to be implemented in order to go forward with the plans to put the whole world into one government. And it needs to happen before the next elections.
Everyone knows that Obama wants this very badly.

BP says this might not be contained until the end of August. By then, even the people in Miami Beach will be complaining about the smelly beaches, the dead seagulls, and the poor dying turtles. Beachfront property values will sink to new lows. And who will come to buy all that property up? China? Russia? Cuba? Or the U.S. government porn-watching employees?

Nobody knows...but it just might work.



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