Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Sarah Fergusion

Nobody's Perfect:
(Picture shows famous Tennis player sending a "you go girl" salute to the famous Sarah...once of York, who now mows her own lawn. Very touching.)

Sarah Ferguson was last week's very stupid redhead of the week, but I must admit, I now have a new fondness for her. I admire her actually for two reasons: for showing the world how the rich and powerful rulers of the world REALLY work, and bringing the fine art of toe sucking back into style. Dick Morris also was known for this fine art which is probably still a favorite art practiced in Brussels after dark. I bet Joe Biden is a favorite, but that's sheer speculation.

I must give a heads up to Rupert Murdoch, who supports investigating reporters for getting the very important undercover stories of how the people that are ruling us really do their business.

Sarah asked for $720,000 dollars for the fine fee of her pimping out her x Prince Andrew. The guy in return would get all the inside information to business deals of the Prince and the crown. She walked out with $40,000 and now..well...gee..the prince knew nothing about this, and everyone knows she is short of money, because she has to keep up her mother's Polo ranch in Argentina..

Argentina...the home of George Bush's new ranch.

It was a reporter named Musher Mahmood who has captured the Sarah's most embarrassing moment, and I for one, hope he expands his vast talents to us. I hope he disguises himself as a Saudi Prince, and comes over to the United States and have a few visits with Obama. Or even Joe. Or Hillary. Or Bill. Or Michelle. Or...the list is endless.

As for Sarah? Don't worry. She will still be adored because she once, married a prince, and that's the fairytale of all little girls. Poor little rich girl. Deprived of royal money, she must make her own way, prostituting her old flame.

Life is hard. So, she mows her lawn and takes care of her babies. What's a single mother to do?



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