Friday, May 14, 2010

Who's Worth the Most: Barbie or IPad?

Nobody Flashes: I told you I was keeping an eye on the are two items off my luxury Google site.
Both of these objects are the most expensive in their line...that is a solid gold IPad with 53 25.5 diamonds, and the Barbie is just her own plastic self, but she has a real diamond necklace on.
Which do you suppose is the most expensive?
If you guessed the IPad (As I would have done, because it at least does something.) you'd be wrong. It lists for $162,000. The Barbie on the other the most expensive ever made, and its yours for $550,000.
Who wants to bet that Demi Moore already has it in her multi-million dollar Barbie collection? (No wonder Bruce Willis and Demi Moore divorced. Who looks more like Ken..Bruce or Ashton?)
But, I'm prejudiced, against poor Barbie. I was a Raggedy Ann fan, because she an had actual HEART on her chest that said..."I LOVE YOU." And you just KNEW she meant it!
Whenever you were lonely, you just pulled up the dress and there it was...SOMEBODY loved you. I still have my old Raggedy Ann Doll.
Barbie on the other hand, costs your mother a fortune in new clothes, which as a loving child, I could not even do that to my own mother, let alone try to put those goofy dresses on her. My old Barbie...I wonder what happened to her?
Let's face it...Barbie was a bitch. (Shopping was NOT in my DNA) I think my brother blew her up one day on the fourth with my blessings.
No, I wanted a Barbie with a heart...but what did I get? MALABU BARBIE!!!! (Just kidding)
Hey, it's Friday.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Being a chap of a certain age, I didn't have a dolly as a child. Not even an action man. I had no little figurine whose dress I could lift up to see if Love was available. But I did have lots of little girls around my neighbourhood who happily stood in for that.

My own daughter when little never had a Barbie either. She had a teddy bear called Griselda Claire, though quite why she adopted that name I don't know. She threw Griselda Claire from the car window quite often which meant keeping a list of toy shops where identical teddy bears might be found.

She was good at names for things, even as a baby. When she was happy she would say' ning ning'. Don't ask ! She would be happy whenever she saw a 'heccicocker' fly over, shouting it's name to everyone. And we had a terracotta elephant called Ralph that she insisted was a helifump.

Females 'communicate'. !

12:29 AM  

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