Monday, May 10, 2010

Nobody is Calling the REAL FBI

This blog is very serious to me. I have something very suspicious going on in my neighborhood, and nobody cares. It may be nothing...but then, it could be serious. I need to know as a citizen that I have no need to fear what I see.

So, this is NOT meant to be one of my humorous columns. There is an enemy, and he is here. 9/11 was proof of that. So, please, if you read this, and you can help me at the email below.

Nobody Opinion: Calling all cars!!...Calling all cars!!

Here's a question for every law enforcement agency in the United States...and it's not a trick.

It's a call, not only for help, but hopefully action.

Which would the FBI consider more dangerous?

If you saw a small Styrofoam box in the middle of Times Square, would you consider that small container more dangerous to the United States, than a group of hard-core Muslim men, gathering on weekends, in a house otherwise not occupied...and obviously used for meeting purposes alone?

These men are in MY neighborhood...working at night, putting up wires around the yard, and concrete blocks for god's sake, around the perimeter... with all lights blazing while they work. BUT their curtains are ALWAYS drawn, and they have enough satellites to contact Venus, let alone Pakistan.

Would you NOT think that these men, in order to escape surveillance in a Mosque, instead buy a house in the middle of America, where no one questions why no one lives in the house for weeks at a time, due to the fact that the local police department and it's men are busy going to Russia to learn to train how to control riots? They are also internationally accredited which I guess means, they will be VERY polite to you if you want to set up house, and gather to celebrate after every successful jihadist attack, in their very American and peaceful neighborhood., and plan the next attack, because..hey, until the next attack occurs, there is nothing they can do about it.

Would you think a bunch of men keeping clothes and chairs and tables in their garage just a bit strange? I mean, this is in the middle of Leave it to Beaver land. (No women are ever seen there, but there is a really nice kid's jungle gym in the backyard, just to look good and fit in with their American neighbors.)

Something tells me, these guys are up to no good. They gather in sometimes, ten to fifteen men, AND lately it is always right AFTER a successful terrorists attack. this poker night for Allah?

If you think, like me, that these men could be planning the next great terrorist attack on the United States...then you would NOT be in line with MY local authority.

When I noticed a man hooking up a wire and a shoebox like gimmick in his back yard late on a Saturday night, I went right home and called my local FBI.

AGENT: "Hello, FBI."

ME: "Yes sir...there is a house in my neighborhood, and it's empty most of the time, but lately, it's filling up with meetings of Muslims, and they are all tough-looking men. They have been in the neighborhood for quite some time, but tonight, they were outside hooking up some kind of wire at the foot of their backyard fence. Which doesn't bother me EXCEPT it's DARK OUTSIDE and it's almost 10 pm, and why do stuff in the dark? The guy didn't even have a flashlight."

AGENT: "Well, do you wish to remain anonymous?"

ME: " can take my name."Like you don't already have it, ninny.

AGENT: "Do you know what mosque they go to?"

ME: "How should I know? They look at me like I'm dog meat., and the five years I've ever been near any of them, they refused to talk to me. In fact, they look as if they would like to dismember me, after they kill my dog and rip it's head off. I've been ever so nice to them, but they do not talk to me. EVER. "

AGENT: "All I can do is take this down. That's all I can do. Do you ever see the police around the place?

ME: "No, never." Take it down? Take it down? What is this? Get men over there to spy or something.. why do you think I called you?

AGENT: "Well, call them."

ME: "Can you get me the number? Because they unusually don't answer their phone."

And yes, I called them, and yes, just like I told the agent, who could have cared less...I got a recording, and you cannot get a hold of MY local police on a Saturday night. It's the new Obama orders, I guess.Today I told a man at the local supermarket and he said it's even worse where he takes them four days to come out.

Anyway, the next night on my "dog" walk, things were even more alarming. There were about five VERY expensive cars parked in the driveway, which in total were worth much more than the house.. and the smell of smoke and.. explosives was all around. Something tells me, they were not making meth.

So...I called my police... again. I did get the Chief of Police answering machine. I left him a message.

Did he call me back?

Do skunks have a lovely smell? ---Nope.

So, NSA...FBI...HOMELAND Security...if you are monitoring this...(bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb...Did that get your attention?) you'd better get someone to call me, because I plan to go all over the neighborhood and talk about it to all the neighbors, and you, of course don't want that. Americans jumping to conclusions? And a dippy blond at that. Heaven forbid!

But if you are not going to protect us.. I need to know. We need to get ready.

Gee...Obama and Hillary, and all their minions have been talking all week about the "dangers" of the Taliban wanting to harm us...

So when my local FBI, and my local police department couldn't even have the decency to check it out, because...this is not something I do every day....

I'd say...It's a very sad day. To me it just seemed like they had strict orders not to "offend" anyone. They can clear out all of Times Square because of a "little container" but...the middle of America?

Not worth the effort it seems. We are...expendable. But really, why attack St. Louis? Not a lot of money here, but a great place to hide.

If I were a guessing person, I'd say...Chicago. Are you ready Chicago?
(I'm figuring a target would be Chicago because Oprah moved.)

(If by chance there IS someone who happens to read this, and knows someone who can help...please contact me at )



Anonymous Anonymous said...


.... if he was an FBI agent, would take the note but not tell you what he was going to do. He would tell his mate who is undercover in the group that the blond woman down the street has rumbled them.

I don't have many (if any) muslims nearby but I do have quite a few Chinese. Half of Beijing's kids are here and have taken over my local University.

I would not bother calling the cops on anything. I did that last year. I called the cops out to stop a mad woman urging her boyfriend to 'smash' in the face of my next door neighbour. She trampled on his garden beds and screamed at her boyfriend that he 'was not a man' if he didn't beat up my neighbour. When the cops came they would not arrest her. "Too much paperwork to arrest a woman" the Sgt said, but he arrested my neighbour who - in his pain from the punching and kicking he had been given - leaned on the cop's car. I had to threaten to tell the newspapers and make a complaint to the Commissioner if he didn't take the handcuffs off the victim of the assault that was caused by the woman he refused to arrest, and leave him alone. Fortunately the ambulance driver I had also called backed me up.

Bloody cops. Useless.

4:44 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Hey...good new! You were right amfortas, an FBI agent just came to the door...and was he ever a handsome guy! And so, I feel much better about the FBI...

As for the local cops...I have a couple of really fun "cop" stories that I will blog sometime.

I agree...keystones.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did he have a side-kick called Scully?

I have actually seen a picture of Scully, full frontal nude ! Do you know how difficult it is to look an FBI agent in the eyes without feeling guilty when they are naked?

8:56 PM  
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