Friday, April 30, 2010

The Master of Disasters...

Nobody Wins when the President of the United States takes a major disaster, and turns it into a wonderful opportunity to announce his soon to be established, new energy thermostats into every's going to be just great.
Just think of the energy we will save.
While the greatest oil spill probably ever in the history of the United States, is demanding his attention, what is he doing?
Talking about how "his" economy" went up...ah...3 percent!
Well gee...this oil just MIGHT destroy Obama's new really great economic numbers by destroying our shrimp industry, our crab and fish industry, naval operations...not to mention...turtles, fish, and beautiful sandy tourist beaches for years in advance...and what is our President concerned about?
Americans---who just cannot be trusted to turn down their thermostats. (They also can't be trusted to want to live past 65, but that's been taken care of.)
Yep, Obama is all dressed up in his "energy" pimp hat, and we haven't see nothin' yet.
He has demanded that mean old oil company, BP, to clean it all up, thereby continuing to play the President trying to save us from all those big evil companies. He'd rather let the country be destroyed just to make a point, that the plan?
Or maybe he's out of money because he has promised the Muslims billions to help their people get into their countries. BP will just have to fork over some bucks, it's all about redistribution, and he has other plans for our "money."
Do you NOT get the feeling, in every action, that he is really out to destroy America? How else can you interpret his insanity? This blow up of an oil rig came just at the PERFECT time. Once Cap and Trade passes, Obama will have control of your house, your electric bills, your water...and all that you do within your house... and that includes the Internet.
What a lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky......lucky break for Obama...for this oil well, to go up in smoke right at this perfect moment in time.
It couldn't have happened at a more opportune moment.
Wait, that would be a conspiracy--- of course, that didn't happen. No way. Nor could it have been a terrorist attack. No, and flight 800 just fell down.
Well...until I hear an explanation of WHY that explosion occurred, and WHY Obama doesn't seem to be too upset about it...I will consider it, just another perfect move in the great chess board of global governance.
If Glenn Beck is right...the organizations behind Obama, especially those sixties guys who loved a good bomb going am I saying?
Maybe it was just good human mistake. Maybe there men on that rig doing jobs that Americans just won't do anymore.
Will we ever know how this happened?
No, because, this weekend, all thoughts will be off the rig, and on immigration. In the world of war and chess...good move.
If you were going to destroy a country in order to rebuilt it would attack from all sides at once, wouldn't you? Now, all we need is for someone to "kill" an illegal immigrant.
A tea partier would be really just very, very, very...lucky for Obama.
"President" Obama...the master of disaster. Obama, take off your hat.



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