Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nobody Wins: Censoring South Park?

Nobody Wins:
Come on.
You've GOT to be kidding me.
South Park is being censored because the creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, made fun of Muhammad? AND--- just how many idiots did I see on my cable tonight saying...we should RESPECT the Prophet? And it's right they be censored?
Say that again there comrades?
What's going on here? Are we REALLY so scared of the Muslims that we will curtail our speech? Run like rabbits? Ooooooo, I'm so sorry Mr. Muslim.
That's what's happened when you elect a President named Obama. I'm just saying.
I'm not a big watcher of the South Park program, I used to be, but they got a little too silly for my taste and I just would rather watch a movie, but that's me.
It's not because I don't think they have talent...they certainly do. But really, these guys have made so much fun of Jesus and all religions...that they hold the record for practically resurrecting Jesus all on their own. And like they said, how hypocritical would they be to make fun of Catholics and not of Muslims?
This is not good. The government is really taking over and going gangbusters on this agenda they have. We have Tom Hanks and now James Cameron running around being idiots. And just tonight...on the (Conservative? Be careful there.) FOX channel, we had Sweets, the psychiatrist from BONES telling us to all go ride our bikes in a special public service message, and then another character from Fringe...(two of my favorite TV sitcoms) saying some other goggle-gook thing about the "green" planet junk propaganda...and now, we are not supposed to even joke about a Muslim God who has no tolerance ? A God who has so little tolerance that he demands anyone who mocks him, should be killed?
What are we in...the stone age? Do we really WANT these people in our country? It doesn't matter, 'they' are bringing them in as fast as they can, and look what it did to France.
The global elite want us all to mix and all get The global community just has to start being nice to each other...because they say so. What's going to happen? Are they going to have to close down all the Burger Kings in Baghdad if we don't mix and match?
The new Global currency will not go forward?
Well, let the Muslims turn off the program, if they feel bad. I don't like looking at soft porn on every other channel, so I can turn it off, and I do. Let them go home. This is STILL America.
I say, bravo to Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creators of South Park for sticking up for their right to have free speech. Good for them. I'm not afraid for these two guys. This is what made America with no fear.
Our country, on the other hand, is in serious trouble when our leaders are so intimidated so easily by "threats, which if you haven't noticed, is all we hear out of Iran these days, that they simply fold up our free speech rights---in the name of...being afraid.
Obama says...nothing. Have you noticed? Today he was giving a speech on Wall Street, except he lied...he was at a Union Rally...NEAR Wall Street. Our President has become such a God, and lies so much, he should be a regular on South Park. I'd watch it again.
Has he been made fun of on South Park? I mean, is Sarah Palin the only one our satirists are allowed to make fun of?
Good god. This is really...beyond belief. And it's only just begun.
Bring on the pork, and bring on the dogs. If we don't all stand up for our own rights, then we deserve to be taken over.
It's summer, and I'm putting on my shorts...I hope they see me.
On the other hand, this might just be a ploy to get ratings. In any case, it makes a good point.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas wonders...."

.... if he would be cast into the Hellfires of unpopularity for suggesting that perhaps a Muslim invasion of the USA would barely be noticed. One lot of intolerant nutters convinced that their version of God-demanded tolerance is the best for everyone whether they like it or not, and use it as a version of the 'Rules of Engagement' when invading everyone else, would simply be replaced by a more swarthy lot who have a more traditional liking for molesting small boys, cutting people's heads off and dressing their womenfolk's faces in eco-freindly paper bags.

Well done the chaps of South Park. Maybe they can have the little fellows's town taken over by the Caliphat and see if anyone notices an improvement in attitudes.

How many Muslims do you read about promoting Global Warming scares? I have yet to see Mustapha al Gore on a video tour de f*ck-up in our schools. How many Muslim Countries have a version of VAWA and a Family Court that treats fatherhood as a disease? Did the Y2K bug hysterical fantasy threaten all the abacuses in the Souk? Would the average Iranian have voted for Obama?

Talking of which, from what I see and hear the average Iranian is a pleasant chap and chapess with partially screwed on heads who get screwed by their Government only slightly more than their American counterparts in the street. Most, I understand, would like to live a little more like Americans. (Some even want to live like Australians, but not the suntanned ones in the outback).

I wonder if they would vote for Obama as a better option than Ahbinatadmad.

11:07 PM  

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