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Free Speech: Use it, or lose it.

Integrity. Character. Respect. Simple words, but what do they mean anymore? Especially in our Presidents?
How did you feel today, when the President of the United States sneered and joked about the great gathering of millions of Americans in hundreds of spots all over our nation yesterday? How did it make you feel when he said we should all be "thankful" to him?
Thankful? For what?
Would you say this man has integrity? Respect for YOU? Character? Decency? If nothing else, shouldn't we at least expect that?
And as if that wasn't enough, how about our X-President, Bill Clinton, trying to convince us all with his "intellectual" glasses looming on his face...that every man, woman, and child who are conservative right-wing Americans, were basically, dangerous thugs, and full of hatred?
Today he said..."Words do mean something."
This, coming from a man who is a master at changing words to suit his own fancy...Yes, coming from a President who stood in front of the whole world and declared that oral sex really wasn't "sex" ----President Clinton selfishly choose his words carefully during his impeachment trial-- just to get keep himself out of jail...and caused incredible damage to thousands of teenagers all across our country--teenagers who took Bill Clinton's very words to be true.
Many a worried parent spend many a heartfelt night wondering if their daughters were giving Clinton's "sex" to local boys in middle- school. In many schools "oral" sex became all the rage. "Hey, it's no big deal mom...everyone does it!" said the middle- school 12-year old young girl to her mom.
Yes, Bill Clinton's famous manipulation of "words" became so repulsive that everyone just started calling any political acts of lies and twisted meanings...Clintonian. And that was the least of his offensives.
Is it any WONDER that 'they' want to fill the world with gay, weak, and impotent men?
Do you see the pattern here? Bill and Obama are TRYING to pick a fight, with people they are being paid to protect, so that they can come in and smash your freedoms with one more big blow.
Well, if they are trying to make us mad...they are succeeding.
Do you feel like me...that you want to find the closest hammer to hit the TV with, when they, these lords and Kings... mock, insult, and treat us all like little misbehaving children? You are worried about your future, your children's future, not to mention another terrorist attack, and they do THIS to you? They laugh and belittle you? Scold you?
And how does it make you feel when you know Obama and Clinton will never be convicted for the many treasonous acts they have committed against their own citizens? How does it make you feel to know that, short of marching them both up to the top of Mt. Everest and leaving them there, we will never be able to get rid of these egomaniacs posing as benevolent leaders, simply because the Office of the Presidency itself has gotten so much power, do to so would mean tremendous harm to you and your family?
Most of us envision the wrath of the government coming down on us, and they have done a tremendous job showing you that you would be powerless. Camera's are now everywhere. Every night there is something caught on "camera" for your nightly news entertainment.
They have nukes, and gas, and the IRS. They have viruses, "accidents" and weather modification. Obama would bring out the military in less than it takes him to say..."tea party." And he is building his "citizen' army now.
And what do we have to fight this corruption? The truth says Glenn Beck.
Well, the Jews had the truth. They would have been better off with a bigger defense.
I happen to believe old Presidents should fade into the sunset, so when I saw Bill Clinton on TV today, all the old feelings came back. What a vile man. No integrity. No character. No honor. That was our President for eight years.
And he has worked relentlessly to rewrite his miserable in which he has put the whole world on the track to where it is now, and has succeeded to a high degree.
The other day, Glenn Beck and many others were making a showing of how Andy Stern was remarking that "the United States won't always be on top." Gee...Bill Clinton made that very same remark, years ago, talking on C-Span. A President...I couldn't beleive it.
No one said a word about it, but this one little nobody was so furious when I heard him say it...he pointed his big finger and said: "We won't always be the big dog on the block (referring to China) and we'd better get used to it." I wanted to take that big finger of his and poke him in the eye, wrap him up in cellophane and send him on the slowest boat to China, without his favorite appendage.
How dare he enjoy sneering out that statement---and he did.
And yes, we ARE mad. Do you honestly think our forefathers would have not been gathering to protest such (I'll be nice) leaders of no morals or character?
The good news is: Bill and Obama would not have gotten together today to denigrate the tea partiers if they weren't just a bit...scared. Or concerned. They need to nip the protests in the bud...and fast.
Can it be more obvious what they want? First: Complete control. Second: the downfall of America...Third: Put the final nails of tyranny on us.
So...the question is: what do we do?
I say we start with a laugh. Call our radio stations and make FUN of THEM about how POWERLESS they are to try to control the American spirit, and how scared they must be to even bring the subject up to mock.
And have some them names...(fun ones) Call them Black Bubba One, and Black Bubba One-Two. Clinton claimed to be the first black president...and Obama claimed to be the first black president...let's give them what they want..proper names. Call them: the race baiters, gong-kickers: nudgemuckers: skankymanks. (Okay, that last one I made up.) Go ahead, it's fun.
Or more to the point; Citizens haters.
Next time they talk about "hate speech": tell them to read the Constitution:
Thousands men have died for that right, and no President, past or present is going to take that away from us.
And if they don't like it.. they can---move--- to China.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas hazards that...."

....Free Speech, like all things 'free' is not valued. Words are changed by presidents and paupers, fools and the sheer evildoer.


We were not ready.
We were distracted.
Battle had taken its toll
But the Family survived.
The children played.

Malevolent Smile.
She was Ready.
Definite. Ordered.
The Blue Pencil, poised.
Flooding in, the swamp re-defined the land,
The familiar, the family, the Form.

The first was FAIR, our childhood’s most cherished friend:
Resolver of squabbles, distributor, sharer,
Fair cared for all:
a string of rubies around her doomed, pale and lovely neck.
It was so sad.
They said it was consumption.
All used up, in tatters, shrouded,
she just faded away.

Next to go was that sturdy, quarrelsome EQUALITY, which surprised us all
as he was so in demand, they said,
by all,
especially some;
aye, and relied upon.
For so many years a staunch friend and fighter.

His burial dressage, a white cheesecloth, yoked neck.
Naked beneath,
his scarred skin a testament.
Burned Beyond Recognition.

TRUTH tried hard.
Was Tried. Hard.
Derided, Derrida-ed,
denied existence;
Falsely accused,
she struggled
as she was garrotted.

Died hard.

Soon after that, JUSTICE
suicided off a nearby cliff.
Lover's Leap, a place then
from which many a couple had gazed out,
seeking the broader vista.
Now has Disabled Access.

Was it in despair?
Perhaps sympathy with the others.

No-one saw her silent fall.
Was she pushed?
Who could gain?
Her handmaids will argue for a time and time,
billing INNOCENCE by the hour,
Kept in chains, for gain.

The old, wise man, HONOUR, lost his marbles, they said.
He languished as the village idiot for a while,
The butt of jokes and calumnies.

His body was found in a ditch one day.
They left it there.

The loss of these good companions all
has been followed now
two noble and leathery old soldiers.

They put on their dress uniforms, immaculate,
faced each other squarely and
blew each other’s brains out.
Such fine shots, both.

They left a note. Signed as written together.
They could no longer support the malignancy of the vile regime,
the note said.
They felt duty-bound to remove themselves
from further abuse,
the note said.

They took DUTY with them.

An Altar was discovered in the woods
On which the charred bones of hermaphrodite TRUST
Were found,
Sacrificed to Narcissus, elevated to the Pantheon.
Tears flowed down Olympus’ stony sides.

Even God cries.

After, there was Laughter, Music, Whine.
High pitched.
So much fun.
The departed were only words
After all.

Oppressive words.
Now dead.
Like Fathers.
Dead, white males.

What, three were maids?
So? Whatever, said the wenches.

No one noticed LOVE fall to her knees.
Her calls for help were drowned by song.
Trampled to death under dancing feet.
The last to succumb.


The surging mob, with popular will,
Tied DEMOCRACY’s hands, and,
fattened and degraded on suet foie gras
trotted it to the abattoir.

The Impostor was on the scene quickly.
Ready, Definite.
By Order. She said.

The PRINCESS of LIES rides
over barren lands.
Long hair her spider-silk, chain-mail
down her back.
Across her breast,
Over her steed’s flank.
Hooves on skulls.

The children gabble and cry.
No words
their pain.

They were

7:50 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

My God amfortas...did you write that?

I'm speechless. Bravo!

9:56 PM  

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